Ye Esfooni may be running Israel soon

by Faramarz_Fateh

Shaul Mofaz, the current defense minister of Israel, whom was born in the City of Esfahan in Iran is the front runner candidate for the position of the next Prime Minister of Israel.

Its true that the past president of Israel, the guy who stepped down due to a sex scandal was also Iranian born.  But this is different.  In Israel, the President does not really have any powers; specially when it comes to war, attacks on other countries or foreign policy for that matter.

The Prime Minister on the other hand is the guy who gives the marching orders to the military.

This guy Mofaz, is an Amercian trained "soldier turned politician" who is definitely not in love with Iran.  He as born there in 1948, left at age 9 or 10 and does not have any known ties with Iran.  It will be interesting what transpires in the next 6-8 months between Israel and Iran, especially if McCane is elected.

If the old dude and the Esfooni guy are elected, you can be sure of an attack on Iran which would also mean $6.50 a gallon gas here.


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Yeah Right, why so?

by Jaleho on

Why do you think that one should be disturbed or Palestinian to see Israel for the DIRT that it is?!!

Almost all good universities in the US have an Israel divestment campaign. That tells you that most educated Americans despise Israeli crimes.

Also, if you happen to go to Iran ever, you'll see that MILLIONS of Iranians hate Israel, its land theft, apartheid policies and its blood thirsty policies. I am one of those MILLIONS.  Who are you, an Israeli apologist?  



Jaleho sounds to me

by MargBarIRI (not verified) on

Like a big supporter of Ayatoilets of the IRI. The most theologically racist scum on the earth today. What people like this Jaleho don't get is that at least the Zionists do not treat their own people the way the Mullahs treat us Iranians. Nations have been at war and conflict with each other for centuries. The case of Pals and Israelis is not different than any other conflict in history. The claim that the Zionists are racist is as valid as calling the IRI a democracy. Both claims are non sense. I, as an Iranian Muslim, would rather live under the Zionists any day of the week rather than living under the scum that is called the IRI.

If as Iranians we really cared about any peace of land, it should be the lands stolen from us, in very recent histroy, by the Russians and Arabs.

Jaleho, please stop offering your sigeh services to the Ayatoilets for free. You are entitled to charge something under Shria.


Jaleho you are really disturbed

by Yeah Right (not verified) on

What is your beef with Israel?
Are you Palestinian? So you want us to believe Iran is governed by a better, more just and moral government?

First get your own house (Iran) in order, then worry about Israel and how Palestinians are treated.

People like you disgust me.


Good travel ban

by Jaleho on

Iran used to ban travel to apartheid South Africa, Bali, when Bali was used as a whore house functioned by teen age girls and tourists supported that policy, and Israel racist apatheid Zionist STOLEN state.


A perfectly moral policy. I'd say in about two hundred countries, these three stood out as a legitimate DIRT to avoid. When you walk, you try not to step in dog poop. Israel is a touch dirtier than that.



Sorry it was dark, I did not see your sibil

by Alborzi (not verified) on

They do have to go through a third country (there is no direct flight) but even on your ticket it states Tel Aviv as the final destination (I have done it) and I think you can call it (I have not done that), still I think its mostly because those who are left do not pose a threat to IR.


He sounds like bad news for ME

by Esfooni (not verified) on

He left Iran at the time of the Shah, not after the revolution and now he wants to attack Iran for the sake of Israel, not Iran or Iranians.

I don't know, but he is just as much an Esfooni as George W Bush.


Faramarz, please read this

by YourBuddy (not verified) on

Iranian Jews travel to Israel through third countries, like Turkey and Cyprus, and then return to Iran. The Iranian authorities know about it, but are willing to look the other way. That being said, travel restrictions are stupid and pointless. I oppose Iran's official ban (even though it is not strictly enforced and applies to all Iranians, not just Jews), just as I oppose the U.S. ban on travel to Cuba. In fact, it has been reported that the state of Florida plans to impose a ban on travel to Iran.


He used to be the Defense minister

by Anonymous09 (not verified) on

He is currently the transportation minister.


yah this guy is a major traitor

by Ali Sefati (not verified) on

and he has major ties with Jewish community inside Iran. He is one of the Israelies pushing for a war with Iran and he was among few first ones who accused Iran of making Nuclear bombs back in Clinton era.

I really don't want to sound anti semite but it is well documented many Jews choose Israel over their mother land.

Its a shame.


Alborz....your post made me laugh

by Faramarz_Fateh on


The Jews in Iran are not as badly off as believed. They can travel to
Israel and call/mail.





He is not an Iranian, an

by Fatollah (not verified) on

He is not an Iranian, an Iranian wouldn't promote death of hundreds of thousands of his fellow compatriots or total devastation of his native birth place Esfahan! He might have been born there, but that is it.


Its a complex issue

by Alborzi (not verified) on

The Jews in Iran are not as badly off as believed. They can travel to Israel and call/mail. This is some what due to fact that many Iranian Jews either emigrated to US, Israel or other countries. So what is left does not present a threat to IRI. At the same time the ones who left remember the old mullahs and the treatments. So if anything a European Jew, like Shimon Perez is more open to dealing with Iranians than one who might be under old assumptions.


""who is definitely not in love with Iran""

by samsam1111 on

Did you mean ""who is definitely not in love with Mullahs""?


"He as born there in 1948, left at age 9 or 10 and does not have any known ties with Iran"

you were born in Iran and now live in the what are you? He is as much Irani as me and you by his birth right.

lets hope this wastefull hatred doesn,t grow into fruites of,s our job as Iranians to stop the hate rethoric by mullahs looking for their armagedon and prevent war.