by Fred

When you hear somebody say the number 67 or see it written somewhere, what emotion(s) does it evoke in you?

Does it make you sad?

Does it open the floodgates of memories, few happy, most not?

No, the 67 in mind is not the 1967 border issue between the Palestinians and Israelis.

The 67 in question is the Persian solar calendar year 1367 (1988). Twenty four years ago around this time of the year, when Khamenei, the current absolute Leader was the President, his relative, Mir-Hussein Mousavi Khameneh, was the Prime Minister, and now “reformists” were part of the regime, crime against humanity was committed by the system they operated.

"No one knows the exact number of those executed a consequence of censorship and severe repression in Iran. But, to this day, there are around 5,000 known names of victims which have been documented by families, political parties and organizations."

Next time you see or hear number 67, think of all those family members of the victims who live with that number every minute of their lives. . Justice for 67!


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by مآمور on

آخ فرد جان!! دست روی داغم گذاشتی! آقا موسی ۶۷ یادته؟ عجب دوران خوبی بود!! خیلی میخندیدیم!!
البته چون سوال فرمودید من جواب دادم!!

I wear an Omega watch



by Demo on

Unless having a Multiple Personalities Disorder, absolutely clueless what the below comment is all about!


Good. here another piece of truth for you:

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

What always gives away the cyber mozdoors of islamist regime is not the stench of their cyber golab, or their dozen or so pathetic user Id's or persona's. not even their anger and frustration when their paymasters are exposed for their crimes,  as in this case. It is their constant desperate resort to attacking ones female relatives with profanity, thinly disguised as "humour", once the mozdoor is caught red handed. Maybe a reflection on the female relative responsible for mozdoors upbringing..... 


"None of the Above!"

by Demo on

in regard to the inquiry below. The 'truth telling' was not the issue, but the ignoring of the grandma's advice of 'going out with the wrong people' & getting caught by her afterward!


Welcome to the 'Wilderness!' Per Harp-Eagle

by Demo on


"If the answer is "YES", welcome or welcome back to "Humanity and Civility", if the answer is "NO"........"

"I could care less what happens to Iraq, Afhanistan, Ghazzeh, Lebenon, or Palestine.  Na Ghazzeh, Na Lobnon, Janam Fadayeh Iran." 

Conclusion: No humanities & no civilities in none of those places mentioned by the IC's resident wild bird, as only & only monkies live in them all!

It is not bad to be named 'moron' after all!


Demo: which bit of my comment annoyed you most?

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 My criticism of the criminal gang of Hojjatieh society?

My Criticism of islamist regime?

My Criticism of SAVAK?

My Condemnation of mass maurder of tens of thousands of Leftist political prisoners by  islamist Regime in 1989?

or all above?


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Hey DemoN...

by Harpi-Eagle on

I am an Iranian, I care first and foremost about my country, and my fellow Iranian, I am not a vatanforoosh Internacionalist like most Islamists, that's why I asked the blunt "Yes" or "No" question about the Satanic Khomeini, I could care less what happens to Iraq, Afhanistan, Ghazzeh, Lebenon, or Palestine.  Na Ghazzeh, Na Lobnon, Janam Fadayeh Iran.  By the way the name "Harpi-Eagle" is a kind of eagle from South America that hunts monkeys "As in AhmadiNejad" and has nothing to do with Harp "A musical instrument", OK moron.  Have a nice day.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


YES or NO Question...

by Demo on

While the site dodgers are entertaining themselves with the Yes & No questions of the boresome Harp player below, they might consider the same question & replacing Khomeini's name with the twin brothers Bush & Blair with their savages acts in Afghanistan & Iraq beginning @ 2001 & 2003 correspondingly. Just as a matter of curiousity, that is all!


Here's a simple ...

by Harpi-Eagle on

"Yes" or "No" question for all the dodgers on this site, "DO YOU UNCONDITIONALLY CONDEMN THE EVIL ACTS OF 1367 AND RENOUNCE KHOMEINI FOR BEING PERSONALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR IT?".  If the answer is "YES", welcome or welcome back to "Humanity and Civility", if the answer is "NO", you're the cowards shahrvand says you are below.

Payandeh Iran, our Ahuraie Fatherland


Phony Lefties

by Demo on

Missed to say a few words about the fake lefties besides the cluelees ones! Hiding behind both the Pahlavis' & Mosadeghis' leftovers & cheering with warmongers when they cheer!

Not only clueless & phony, they are masters of profanities & foul language in writing their worthless blogs/comments!

Here comes one such above from Guilligan Island to scream! 

PS: Any protest ever from the blogger 'Fraud' in regard to the on-going mindless murdering of hundreds thousands of Afghanis/Iraqis/Pakistanis by the 'sane world' since 01? 


Hang Heidegger! Free Hitler!

by shahrvand2 on

One would think the cowardly, criminal and utterly inexplicable act of killing thousands of Iranian youths after minute-long trials would be roundly and strongly condemned by the entire readership of IC. But unfortunately, even after 24 years, mindless squabbling continues. Bringing in irrelevant issues like Israel, Palestine, the roots of Hitler's behavior and sins of Pahlavis is absurd. One is  discouraged and dismayed to see more and more absurd is becoming the rule and not the exception here. 



Clueless lefties

by Fred on

Thousands of human beings were murdered by the Islamist Rapists, some of them now “reformers”, for no crime other than having an unauthorized political belief.

For the clueless, stale lefties, even demanding justice for these victims of crime against humanity, becomes another opportunity to unload their usual venom.

Lefties just don’t get it, hiding behind Mossadegh ain’t gonna cut it no more, he was a man of principle, your lot is just rudderless and clueless..


جمهوری اسلامی، فرزند حرام زاده آقای ساواک و خانوم حجتیه!


اولا، یاد تمام شهدای دهه ۶۰، چه مجاهد خلق، چه فدائی، پیکار، راه کارگر، توده و غیره... گرامی.

راه سرخشان ادامه دارد تا سرنگونی رژیم منفور، دزد و آدمکش و وا بسته به امپریالیسم جمهوری اسلامی و برقراری دموکراسی‌، حکومت مردمی و  عدل اجتماعی در وطن عزیز ما.

دوما، وقتی‌ که علی‌ شریعتی‌، در استخدام ساواک، جزوه بر ضّد نیروهای چپ می‌نوشت، و به تمام ایدئولوژی سوسیالیسم لاییکی،  از دید اسلامی حمله میکرد، اگر دقیقا آان موقعه، همه نیروهای چپ، درست مثل رفیق کبیر تقی‌ شهرام ، بر ضّد این ایدئولوژی در استخدام امپریالیسم، ایدئولوژی "اسلام سیاسی" به شدت موضع می‌گرفتند، شاید کار به این کار‌ها نمی‌رسید...... 


You see Fred this is how the mindset of a Mossadeghollahi works

by anglophile on

A typical Mossadeghollahi, like this fellow, is afraid to admit that only a minority Kharabkars of the Pahlavi era who were actively involved in an armed struggle against the government of the time and had killed or attempted to kill security personnel or other people were executed in accordance with law of the land. Indeed a majority of them who survived lived to regret the folly of their support for Khomeini. BUT the overwhelming majority of the victims of the 1967 massacres had not even attempted to take up arms against the Islamic regime and were the new recriuts into the cause.

To a Mossadeghgollahi bassiji such fundamental differences in both number as well as the nature of the victims mean nothing. They use every opportunity to drag the debate into Pahlavi trashing exercise which directly relates to the rise of yet another Pahlavi as an influential opposition leader.

All their drivel is not out of their concern for human rights but out of their fear of another Pahavi to take up the helm.


As hobb_e Ali nist

Az boghz_e Mo'avieh ast! 


Pahlavi propagandists and the Irony of 67

by Arj on

Interestingly, an absolute majority of the 1367 political prisoners who were executed after enduring lengthy prison terms and unimaginable torture, were of leftist groups and members or supporters of MEK/PMOI, who are bashed and insulted on a daily basis as "chapool" by the same Pahlavi propagandists!

The very same political prisoners whose imprisonment, torture and execution in the hands of SAVAK under their favourite regime is either categorically denied or defended as eliminating "kharabkaran" in defence of national security -- ironically, the same tactics and excuses used by IRI and Hezbollahis! Those whose very basic right to have any say in Iran's political scene is intransigently denied by the Pahlavi gang! 

Yet, that doesn't keep the Pahlavi propagandists from desperate attempts to capitalize on the issue nonetheless! Indeed, their shamelessness knows no boundaries!  

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Be fair.........only then you can be heard..............1967 is about occupation, and not a border issue..........we'll talk it out somewhere else.........Now 1367..........due to the structure of the government, or better due to the revolutionary(whatever it means) structure of what was known to be the wartime government back then, the role, the extent of authority, and therefore the responsibility of the prime minister Mousavi in regard to the "executions" is not known........

Our people have the full right to a democratic thorough inquiry........Let's pray for his well-being first, so that he'll be asked next.............

Justice 67, indeed.........Globally.......Remember Hitler was the product of a perverted concept of an exclusive rendition of justice..........