Agradeça-o Brasil

by Fred

The “president” of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) is in Brazil, the same country where not that long ago one of the high-ranking IRR diplomats had to flee after molesting little Brazilian boys and girls in a swimming pool.

Apparently the molestation of children and the new president in Brazil have not been good for IRR’s standing among the people and the government.

Apartheid system in South Africa was “wiped off the map” by conscientious individuals and heads of states who had finely tuned moral compasses. The same can be done with the unreformable IRR. This will not only emancipates 70 + million Iranians; it will eliminate a horrible warmongering, nuke acquiring Messianic Islamist regime hell-bent on “managing the world.”

The boisterous demonstrations against the Messianic Islamist, the reported, not yet confirmed, refusal of President Dilma Vana Rousseff to meet with the unwelcomed guest and other actions including those of Rio’s mayor and a councilwoman all add up to, agradeça-o Brasil.


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Everybody out of the Pool!

by Faramarz on



Slowly but surely the Regime's adventures in Central and South America is coming to an end.

With the oil money drying up, the Regime cannot deliver on its promise to build a "Panama Canal" in Nicaragua. Chavez is battling with cancer in Venezuela and on the way out. No money for Morales in Bolivia, so all Ahmadi could do was to promise military cooperation to fight drug smuggling. And then there is the swimming pool in Brasil!



by jmyt17 on


Hope rest doing a same, If you wanna be a real IRI you have to do these in a swimming pool.



Other countries must Learn from Brazil

by Azarbanoo on

Great blog, Fred.  Keep going until IRR/IRI drops dead.