Celebrating own son’s execution

by Fred

It seems there are many in the sane world which surprisingly includes a good number of Iranians who are still not that familiar with the main movers and shakers of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

Take for instance the mini-uproar Ahmad Janati, the chairman of IRR’s Guardian Council has caused by publicly thanking the “judiciary” for executing two young Iranian protesters and compelling it to do a lot more of the same.

Janati who was leading this week’s Friday prayer which is broadcasted nationwide went further and cited Quran verse 33 (The Combined Forces) and also praised the historical instance where “Imam Ali” as Janati told it “killed seventy at one fell swoop”.

Given IRR’s nuke acquisition, 9/11 and all, not knowing the historical background and justifications these Islamist Rapists use in their daily savagery against men, women and children, is highly alarming.

If  people of the sane world were familiar with the true story of Mr. Janati fasting for forty days to celebrate the capture and execution of his own son, Hussein, they would not have been surprised to hear him rejoicing the murders of two young Iranians he didn’t even know and wanting many, many more of the same. And perhaps all the “peace lovers” would then have to confront some inconvenient truths.




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by yolanda on

Hi Pedro,

    What did his son do?


Absolute Monster, Inside and Out.

by pedro on

What do you expect from a person who was beaten and mistreated in chilhood maybe even molested in Akaber by Mullahs. You think he is going to have nice fuzzy cuddly feeling for others? he celebrated his son's arrest and execution, his own flesh and blood. May god have mercy on us.

 یا رب مباد آنکه گدا معتبر شود / گر معتبر شود ز خدا بی خبر شود               stop execution of iranian prisoners.

Maryam Hojjat

Janati represents the Islam e nab e Mohammadi!

by Maryam Hojjat on

He even brought verses fron Quoran.  This is a religion which has ruled a country with 2500 yrs of civilization more than 30 yrs. 

Down With Islam & Akhoonds

Payandeh Iran & true Iranians

maziar 58

say NO to mollas

by maziar 58 on

Feb. 1st on anniversary of jallad to enter Iran.

In a free Iran of tomarrow hopefuly every personal belif will be respected AS LONG as it's not mixed with the politic of running Iran.

thanks Mr. Fred for the link&I hope that jennati is not looking to get to be a ghazi al ghozat like khalkhali.          Maziar


Is good to know that our Fred attends the weekly Friday prayer

by Bavafa on


Kill Mouse Traps

Thx Fred, aside from the usual rhetoric this is a very good blog

by Kill Mouse Traps on

People like Janati are animals, they only appear to be human.  Thank you for the link, also.



by yolanda on

The guy rejoices the murders of 2 young Iranians.....and he wants more executed......the guy is purely blood-thirsty....