The gift that keeps on giving

by Fred

For having the inventiveness to constantly top their last atrocity, one has to hand it to the folks at IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.   

If you thought just raping, torturing and murdering Iranian men, woman and children would do it for the Godly folks over at IRR, or that the limb chopping, eye gouging, tying up Iranians to trees and lashing them to a pulp was the end of it, you, me and the rest of the humanity got another think coming.

These Islamists, their ideology and creed have a lot more in their inventory, some of which not even their barbaric cutthroats of founding fathers did not practice over a millennia ago.

In a first of its kind, credible human rights and Democracy activists in Iran report:

To witness the official act of voiding their birth certificate, signifying death, two condemned prisoners have been taken to the local registrar office.

Their date with the Islamist Rapists’ hangman being some ten days or so away, this has no redeeming value except witnessing the extra suffering the condemned are put through will do it for the Islamist Rapists. "bear witness" this too! 



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