Go Green!

by Fred

Ever since the recent lull in the mass peaceful protests and the intensification of savagery of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic a new wave of opinion pieces are landing on the American shores.

Not that there is anything new in the substance of the pieces or their authorship, the newness comes in the approach.

The authors are the same. The ones who never got tired of blaming U.S. for not being willing to seat face to face with IRR to sort things out.  The very same would be peaceniks who bemoaned the carrot and stick policy recommending a hand of friendship approach. The lobbyists who advocated unfettered business as the way to get the well established and not going anywhere Islamist Rapists to play ball.

But since the U.S. has met face to face with Islamist Rapists resulting in not a thing, now that a stretched hand of friendship has been dangling in the air for a whole year with no interested Islamist Rapist in sight the approach has changed color.

Now everything is Green. That is put everything on ice, seat back and let the Green do it. No sanctions, no material help of any kind to the beleagured Iranians, just "bear witness" and talk about human rights till you drop.

In the meantime grab a bag of nachos, a six-pack and watch the Islamist Rapists on the YouTube doing their Islamist thing to the hapless Iranians. Go Green!


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If we could have your way Fred...


Iran would eventually turn into another disaster that is Iraq.


So yes, go green! 



by Fred on

The “no sanction” reference was in the context of the lobbyist’s wish list. Although there are some weak sanctions, none on medicine as the lobbyists erroneously claim, the ones with teeth have yet to be enacted and vigorously enforced.

Unlike you I see sanctions, the airtight kind, as plausible and the very last chance to avoid the war the Islamist Rapists are itching to impose on Iran and Iranians.  


Hi Fred, No sanctions?

by DM on

Hi Fred,

No sanctions? The US already has imposed unilateral sanctions on Iran. The problem is they don't do squat. Here's a link to a US Treasury Dept. posting that lists current US sanctions.


Regarding the likelihood of real sanctions being imposed on Iran by the global community, I offer the following observations: Iran sits on top of a shitload of oil. China wants that oil, ergo China will not ever support meaningful sanctions. And with China out, any attempt by the global community to impose tough sanctions is pointless. 

So grab your Doritos because it's going to be a long haul. The Greens will have to do this largely on their own.