The good Islamists

by Fred

The Wall Street Journal reports Obama Administration is tilting toward backing the “Green Movement”.

Provided it does not mean what unfortunately most signs point to this is fantastic news.

Since the lion’s share of press coverage and access to halls of power have been given to representative of the “pragmatist” faction of  IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic headed by Rafsanjani; it stands to reason that is the faction Obama people want to back.

If so, then they would be making as monumental a mistake as the Carter Administration made with its regional policy. It so happens Brezinski the main architect of that disaster and some of his disciples including a controversial lobbyist are active in shaping  the current Iran policy.  

This much talked about bogus theory of good Islamists being a pragmatic lot and if done right could be a model for the entire troubled Middle East is a sure recipe for disaster.  The magnitude of disaster will easily top the one Brezinski’s Green Belt policy brought about which the world been burdened with ever since.

Iran is crying out for what is due her, that which will solve a whole lot of regional and some global problems. Anything but a genuine run-of-the-mill democracy, any tweaking the basic tenet of a democracy will not do. The sane world has to stop thinking of Iran as their laboratory and Iranians as their Ginny pigs. Iranians deserve better and as history has shown will not tolerate for long anything less.





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RProshan jan: Calm down. I

by vildemose on

RProshan jan: Calm down. I meant it's common sense for the US adminstration and those who delineate overall foreign policy. There are historically two camps: The realists and the right wings...The realists are in charge right now and given their track record, it's safe to assume, their next move, though it might be nonsensical to us iranians.


Vildemose: UNcommon sense

by rpRoshan on

I'm sorry, but are you serious?? You write: "it is common sense by the Obama Administration that the US to seek a deal with Iran rather than foolishly strengthen the regime by attacking Iran."

For the love of God, is this really what you mean or did you mis-spoke? I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt, but how about it being "common sense" for the Obama Administration to back the Iranian people's aspirations for freedom and democracy? Why is it "common sense" for America to make a faustian bargain with the Devil? Would it have been "common sense" for America to make a deal with South Africa and keep the system of Apartheid in place, when it was teetering on the brink of destruction?

If this isn't a remarkably defeatist attitude, then what is it? And please don't tell me you're just being a "realist!" By the time-line standards of the 1979 revolution, we're only at the half-way point (just think back to June 1978). God only knows what the next few months will bring. Why isn't it "common sense" for America to stand true to her own ideals, i.e., democracy, liberty and pursuit of happiness? 

Think of it this way, Obama will never attack Iran, he's too much of a pu**y, and his base will never allow it. Sanctions (smart ones or dumb ones) will just not work, not with Russia and China around (just look at North Korea). And we all know: the IRI is hellbent on acquiring nukes to give themselves a life insurance policy.

So, the only COMMON SENSICAL thing for America to do is to fully enable and empower the Iranian people to remove the rapist regime from within! No one else but the people of Iran has the courage to stand up to the IRI. So, again, common sense dictates that America NOT make a 'deal' with the IRI, which is not an honest broker anyway, but rather, a cabal of murderers, rapists, and cheaters. Just consider the sham elections in June... the IRI will eventually CHEAT their way towards nuclear capability, ala North Korea, to be sure!

In short, the clearest definition of "common sense" dictates that America kill 3 birds with one stone, i.e., by supporting the true aspirations of the Iranian people, we can finally be rid of the world's NUMBER ONE sponsor of terrror; second, we would stop the IRI's acquisition of nuclear weapons; and three, Iranian people would finally achieve their 100-year pursuit of secular democracy. That's common sense, my friend. Everything else is half-ass and 100% futile. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I don't support an attack on Iran by any foreign power. But do not underestimate the US. Even in its present form it could wipe out the whole Iranian Basiji & regular army in a matter of days. Their problem has always been governing an unwilling nation after the initial victory.


Given that the US Armed

by vildemose on

Given that the US Armed Forces is totally exhausted and over-streched by the demands caused by Bush-Cheney’s reckless waging of two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the general wearyness of the US public towards continued military involvement in both countries, it is common sense by the Obama Administration that the US to seek a deal with Iran rather than foolishly strengthen the regime by attacking Iran.



by Fred on

I think it is not prudent to mix what admittedly is in the hearts of most at least that is my hope, which matches nicely with what you describe to be the essence of the “Green Movement” with what is being talked about by its official reps which are diametrically different.

While we are talking democracy the out of power Islamists are talking a kinder gentler IRR with a term limit for the Supreme Islamist Rapist and going back to the tenant of their Imam Khomeini's teachings. And of course the mass murderer' lessons are being dutifully applied to this day at all Islamist rape /torture/murder centers.

With great regrets, the Islamist reps and oil-powered lobbyists have access to decision makers in centers of power and the Iranian people do not.

Now if you want to call me a cynic, guilty as charged and proudly so. It is whole lot more realistic than the charges by the usual bashful Anti-Semites who use me as their virtual punching bag and for practicing the loutish language they have been raised with.  


And for mien Führer:


You are so enamored with your passionate dislike of others; any version of the current Islamist Rapist is fine with you.


 BTW if you know another Iranian Chalabi, he has Iranian roots you know, please do tell.




Nothing short of a

by Bavafa on

Nothing short of a distructive war against Iran and Iranian will satisfy Fred and company. 

He wishes for Iran and Iranians what was served to Iraq and Iraqis and of course that sounds like music to the ear of Zionsit.


Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

Call me a day dreamer, but, I think you are not giving enough credit to the heart of this current movement. This is a movement for establishment of a secular democracy in Iran. It may have started with support of reform, but now has turned into a full force removal of Velayate Vaghih. The true secularists are now driving this fight. No Rafsanjani, Mousavi or Karroubi will stop this tidal wave.


Yes, lets support the rich "secularist" "persian" chalabis!


Yes, lets support the rich "secularist" "persian" chalabis!


very good idea fred! you will get far!