Happy anniversary


by Fred

It seems at long last, couple of weeks to its 31st anniversary, the sane world is about to take IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic seriously.

Save a last moment about-face by the Islamist Rapists, they are about to find out what it means to have the combined economic might of the sane world saying no to them.

France will be assuming the rotating United Nation Security Council presidency on February first. She has already announced IRR case would be on top of the agenda, the opposite of what China did during its just ending presidency of UNSC.

Additionally, unlike years before when Germans talked the talk but never walked the sanctions walk, they have begun doing just that, as some other amoral EU business entities have begun to feel the pressure and are quietly exiting the Islamist Rapists’ market.

The feckless U.S. Senate too is gearing up to do what it should have done long ago, namely offering a stark choice to international businesses, that is, do business with Islamist Rapists and lose the right to do business in America. Apparently, at first the Senate Majority Leader Reid is going to go for chocking off the exportation of gasoline and the fact that U.S. businesses are antsy about it, see the news link below, only proves the effort is on the right track.

The only nonviolent way to weaken the nuke acquiring, war craving Islamist Rapists who do literally rape, torture and murder Iranian men, woman and children is through squeezing them economically.

At the same time empowering the beleaguered Iranian people who have proven their bravery and willingness to finish off this beacon to Islamist menaces everywhere by open unrelenting material and moral support is a must. Time is of the essence.



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Keep on trucking

by Fred on

The attack from the aged Islamist Rapists’ cyber stalkers and worriers is perfectly understandable and expected. Keep on trucking !


Sanctions are "nonviolent" ???

by Q on

Shame on you. Either for being a heartless enabler of violence, OR for being too ignorant to understand what you're really saying. Either way, it's a damn shame.

There's your "airtight sanctions" you have been personally advocating every day for months now.

Go ahead and make fun of my age, religion and profession if it makes you feel better about yourself.