Hitting IRR where it hurts most


by Fred

Wikipedia defines it as:

Money laundering is the practice of disguising illegally obtained funds so that they seem legal. It is a crime in many jurisdictions with varying definitions. It is a key operation of the underground economy.

The other day in a The U.S, Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner attending the International Monetary and Financial Committee (IMFC) Meeting in Turkey said:

“We underscore our concerns over illicit finance emanating from Iran and the severe deficiencies in its regulatory regime.  We emphasize FATF statements calling upon the international community to implement countermeasures to protect the international financial system from money laundering and terror financing risks emanating from Iran, and we urge all nations to respond appropriately.  We further urge all nations to implement the financial provisions of UNSCR 1803 by exercising enhanced vigilance over the activities of their financial institutions with Iranian financial institutions – including branches and subsidiaries abroad – and particularly with respect to Bank Saderat and Bank Melli.”

That in tandem with what his deputy, Stuart Levy, first Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, who held the same position in the previous administration, has quietly been doing is where the sane world lead by the U.S. has to focus more of its energies.

Cutting off the IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic from the international banking system, something which does not require IRR’s newest bestest friends’ approval, is a prudent first major step in confronting the gathering threat it poses.

The best example of success of the might the U.S. Treasury wields is the recent news item about the seizure of an Iran originated tractor trailer in Turkey.

According to credible Turkish news media which included video footage, the seized trailer contained a whopping sum of eighteen and half billion dollars worth of crisp U.S. currency and gold bars.

Squeezing the IRR out of the international banking system will force it to hand carry funds for its many nefarious activities and  keeping an extra eye out for its carriers, is one way of weakening the IRR and empowering the enslaved democracy seeking Iranians.

Should for a change political farsightedness prevail, the seized assets which belong to the Iranian nation and been stolen by IRR could be used to help Iranians to rid the region and the world of the Islamist menace.  



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nice and brief Bijan A M!

by kharmagas on

Bijan, It suffices to say that I used to post comments as anonym7. Now go .... **** yourself.

Bijan A M


by Bijan A M on

What a befitting name. Your degree of intellect is that of a “khar” and as a magas your source of nutrient comes from AN (AhmadiNejad). I apologize to other readers to have stooped to your level with this response. But, I couldn’t help myself.

You keep on throwing “Zionist” word around but never had the balls to answer my questions. What is Zionism? Who is a Zionist? Is there such a thing as “good” Zionist? And do you support a “two state solution”?

As they say “put up or shut up”. Consider this as my only and last exchange with you.

Bijan A M

Dear Fred

by Bijan A M on

Many thanks for your untiring efforts to expose the ills of IRI. Especially for this post, which shows there are ways to harm these bastards other than bombing or crippling sanction. You write:

    Squeezing the IRR out of the international banking system will force it to hand carry funds for its many nefarious activities and  keeping an extra eye out for its carriers, is one way of weakening the IRR and empowering the enslaved democracy seeking Iranians.”

While I hope these types of weakening are enough, I believe it takes more to dislodge this cancer. And, when you say:

“…. the seized assets which belong to the Iranian nation and been stolen by IRR COULD be used to help Iranians to rid the region and the world of the Islamist menace.”

I say “SHOULD be used…”. I have always been of the opinion that there is absolutely no way to transform this regime into a secular democracy without bloodshed. Unless a campaign to enlighten the pasdar & basiji to side with the freedom fighters, succeeds (which is extremely unlikely), the defenseless opposition needs arms and international moral support to wipe them out. Any foreign military attack (even if it produces short term relief) will not be effective in the long run and will risk many innocent lives. The uprooting has to come from within, and it looks like it is coming.

Thanks again Fred for your persistence. Please don’t give up.


'shameless welfare abusers in U.K., U.S. and Canada'??

by HollyUSA on

F.F. YOU are the one with GULL Sir! You forget your fakko famil right here in the US hiding their ill gotten riches from Iran and elsewhere so that they can get government benefits based on their refugee status and show up in Eelat market with food stamps while draped in jewels and driving a Mercedes. Would you like me to name names?


Forget the filth in Iran, its all about Israel

by Faramarz_Fateh on

Amazing thing is that these shameless welfare abusers in U.K., U.S. and Canada have the gulls to complain about the policies in the country they are taking advantage of.

It just goes to show the more Islamic minded you are, the more shameless you are.  Someones gotta write this last sentence in Gold. 


Triumvirate's caucus quorum

by Fred on

Counting the multi persona ghaaltaagh one as only one, another Islamist/Anti-Semite and their likeminded lefty ally is needed to have the required half dozen to make their caucus quorum.


Isn't it amazing

by IRANdokht on

Isn't it amazing how vatan foroushi has changed its meaning in some circles...  

In the old days people who sided with the aggressors who wanted to destroy our country and bomb it, would have been called traitors.

Thanks to the western propaganda, now the ones who side with the enemy are calling others all sorts of names and wishing misery and death on our people.  The worst part is that there is so much hate and grudge out there that they may actually get away with it!

Oh well...


Iraneh Azad

Good Job Fred

by Iraneh Azad on

Once again the IRI apologists, fake reformist and evil good for nothing ahmadinejad supporters try to divert the issue with their typical barking methods.

The Iranian people don't by these lies and excuses anymore. Especially from the people who support the shit hole called the Islamic Republic.

Sanctions against hamvatan killers all the way! The pressure is on and they can't take the heat.


Good Link Q, thanks

by Jaleho on

"Combined with $555 million in assistance included in a recently passed emergency supplemental bill, the foreign aid bill fully funds the administration's request of $2.775 billion for Israel to fulfill the second year of the 10-year U.S.-Israeli Memorandum of Understanding signed in 2007. Please thank your members of the House who voted for the bill ..."

This perfectly clarifies the MoU that the Israeli-Occupied-Congress keeps on passing:

This Memorandom of Understanding makes American people  UNDERSTAND how their tax money is being stolen by their own sold-out congress members, and is given to Israeli thieves at a time they need it themselves most! They are told to thank their representatives for that too :-)



Speaking of money laundering

by capt_ayhab on


The prosecution is expected to call up to 280 witnesses in a trial that activists hope will shed light on what they believe to be systemic
corruption at the top level of Israeli politics.

So far this month, two former cabinet ministers have begun prison sentences for corruption, while Moshe Katsav, Israel's president until 2007, is standing trial for rape.

Further convincing many Israelis that a culture of impunity exists among the political elite, Avigdor
Lieberman, the present foreign minister, is under investigation for fraud, taking bribes and money laundering.

End Excerpts




Q, you will even laugh more at Bijan A M .....

by kharmagas on

Q, that extremist Zionist, and supporter of preemptive war also talks like a super nationalist Iranian these days!


LOL, AIPAC is "on the side of the enslaved Iranians" ???

by Q on

keep on dreaming Mar Fred!


Islamist grandpa

by Fred on

Thanks for the link Islamist grandpa; it only goes to prove to the detriment of your Islamist rapist brethrens there are those who are on the side of the enslaved Iranians.

Knowing airtight sanctions in addition to the Islamist rapists will also cut off the salary of many Islamist propagandists, their concern and monitoring its progress is understandable.  


Interesting comment from

by vildemose on

Interesting comment from Juan's blog:

"Wag the dog is the name of the game. Ignore the man behind the curtain.

Iran's strategic position (including nuclear development) is more in opposition to Arabia than with Israel. Mr. Nijad uses Israel as rhetorical leverage, but like the AQ/Brotherhood, the real target is the Saudi hold on Gulf power and policy. Even Iran's aid to Hez-Lebanon is as much about Arabia as israel. Note the hot Shiite-Sunni war in Yemen.

Likewise Israel rattles their huge nuclear-tipped saber against Iran, and may even go postal, with an impossibly long range attack of limited effect. But their real imperative is to maintain their primacy in US politics and economics. They already live with Arabian and Pakistani nuclear islamist states.

Given that Iran is close-threatened on 3 sides by US land and naval (nuclear) forces, and that she is struggling for strategic depth against nuclear armed Arabia and Pakistan (both US allies), her strategic need for nuclear arms capability is almost overwhelming. (Obama may be followed by a neocon admin that is no longer pinned in the current Asian land wars.)

That puts the already-nuclear states of Israel, Arabia and Pakistan in a good position to fan the flames, keep the pot percolating, and the arms-aid flowing."




Also, support "security aid" to Israel

by Q on

Fred Jan,

Next time you parrot an AIPAC memo, don't forget the money shot! It's what it's all about, gotta bring it home at the end.



Obama should thank the

by vildemose on

Obama should thank the Iranian people.

“Presumably the régime in Iran is being so forthcoming because it needs a win on the international stage to shore up its flagging legitimacy at home, in the wake of presidential elections widely viewed as fraudulent...” we should rightly give credit to the courageous Iranian people, themselves for their sacrifice = this gift: making any semblance of détente between IRAN and US possible.