Iran tribunal & me

by Fred

Iran tribunal in London has concluded its first phase; the second and concluding phase will convene in The Hague.

Except for short periods mainly due to technical problems, I followed the entire proceeding via net. Here is what the Tribunal did for me:

1- It reinforced my long-held admiration for the unfathomable fortitude of the innumerable victims and their families.

2- It once again reminded me what ills Iran the most, lack of justice. No wonder the great Iranian Constitutional Revolution was instigated by people’s demand for “House of Justice.”

3- It rekindled a sense of survivor guilt.

4- It affirmed my firm conviction that this regime is unreformable and all of it, including “reformist” faction which many of its cadre were directly responsible for crimes against humanity, has to go.

5-In the testimonies of the many victims, I did not detect any desire for revenge. If anything, a sense of pity for their tormentors was palpable.

Finally, that the victims of unspeakable barbarity have not lost their humanity gives me hope for a brighter future in Iran.


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Excellent blog Fred!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I fully agree with everything you said here. This tribunal was a great success. The message of this tribunal to the cowardly murderers and thieves of islamist regime leadership and their mozdoors was very clear: You can run, but you can not hide. 

Looking forward to the next session in hague.

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it was unforgettable

by مآمور on

it accomplished so much just like any other gathering of Iranian opposition after chelo-kaba with kojeh on the side .....!!

Fred, please keep reporting on iranian opposition gathering and their manifesto to overthrow the regime!!u have 33 years behind and the same # of years ahead of u to report!!

have fun!!LOL

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Great Blog with

by Azarbanoo on

Great Hopeful facts for future FRee IRAN. Thanks fred for sharing your thought on this issue.