Iranians at AIPAC +

by Fred

Yesterday the President of the United States spoke in front of the annual gathering of the powerful AIPAC +, the American Iran Public Affair Committee +, he in part said:
Good morning. Roya, thank you for your kind words. You have long been a friend to me, and a tireless advocate for the unbreakable bonds between Iran and the United States. As you complete your term as President, I salute your leadership and commitment.

I'm glad that my outstanding Ambassador to Iran, Dara Shaybani, is with us. I understand that Dara is perfecting his Persian on his new assignment, and I appreciate his constant outreach to the Iranian people. I'm also pleased that we're joined by so many Iranian officials, including Ambassador Mehrdad Omidi. And tomorrow, I'm looking forward to welcoming Prime Minister Irandoost and his delegation back to the White House.”
The audacity of hope allows for wishes seemingly impossible. 

Iran and Israel are historic and strategic allies. Israel has an unbreakable bond with the US, it does not take that much of an imagination to think of the scenario above, it is an eventuality.
Iran has no eternal enmity with the US. Iran’s job one is to look after her own national interests and not that of the Palestinians which some Iranians prefer to do and been done for the past 33+ years.


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"stupid terrorists"

by Fesenjoon2 on

we need to make one of these for an American audience:




Fred is paid by AIPAC and Soros to write blogs?!!!!

by Fesenjoon2 on

Freeeedddd!! baba, give me a cut too! naamard! :-)

But hey, the economy is improving. There's opportunities for everyone! I hear that NIAC is hiring chafyeh-wearing Israel-haters to make more of these car commercials:


Call NIAC for more info:




Dear AO: how could I forget old George S.....

by AMIR1973 on

I hear he's the money man bankrolling Fred's two-a-day featured blogs.  

Anonymous Observer

Amir jaan - you forgot George Soros!

by Anonymous Observer on

He's a part and parcel of the vast "anti-Iranian" conspiracy that threatens to kill us all and make our women prostitutes for U.S. and Israeli soldiers. 


"WHY Fred gets two featured blogs every day" is a VERY urgent

by AMIR1973 on

question facing Iranians and Iranian-Americans. I know the answer: Fred is part of the vast AIPAC-Mossad-MEK-CIA-MI6-Masonic conspiracy. Since that conspiracy pulls the strings at, they would naturally feature Fred's two blogs every day.... 


what "spiteful conclusions"???!!!!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 I only quoted your own comment, asking you for the proof. Is that why you flagged my comment?

Now just stick to the subject, and prove yor shamefull accusations against Iranian Jews:

 "especially the Iranian artifacts that they took from Iran and are displaying them in Israelis museums?" 

If you can't prove it, at least have a decency to apologise... 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Mohammad Ala

Spiteful conclusions . . .

by Mohammad Ala on

Something wrong with IC members who take a portion of one’s comment and draw their own spiteful conclusion.

It seems okay to attack NIAC every day on this site, but when someone speaks against AIPAC, he or she becomes anti- Jews.  So, if you speak or write against NIAC, then you are anti-Iranian.  Take this now.

Before IRI, Israel museums had zero Iranian artifacts.  By any means they have filled up their museums with Iranian artifacts which have illegally taken out of Iran.  No I did not say all the Iranian Jews are thieves.  This is utter lie and as one member said it is blown out of proportion.  Most of thieveries were or are done by Saraf’s who buy these items and take the items out of Iran illegally.

Rozebeh your comments prove that you are not using your own real (last) name.  There are at least a dozen of members on this site like yourself.  Okay with me, but stop personal attacks, especially at those who use their real names.

No one has answered my question WHY Fred gets two featured blogs every day (rain or shine).  Is this question also being anti-Jews? 

For many times, I do not hate Jews and I have more Jewish friends than the majority of  IC members both inside of Iran and outside of Iran. 

Dr. Mohandes

Blown Out of Proportion

by Dr. Mohandes on

As usual.

I think it is utterly unfair of two of the rather astute commenters here, come on guys, stand up...yeahh:) To take this blog as an opportunity to unleash their wrath on Dr. Ala.

pointing out that some of those dear and BELOVED and precious hamvatans of ours may have done such deeds indeeds! is not necessarily an indication of putting all of them on Trial , indicting them let alone resorting to "libel" and "threats" against them.

No Not all of those 200,000 or so jewish peopel with Iranian background are thieves, But one would absolutely Shallow to not want to believe that at least some of them could have taken things out of Iran.

P.S. Wanna put me on the list too? (not that i am begging for it) feel free and go right ahead.



Jew-hatred, a healthy Iranian tradition

by Fesenjoon2 on

So 200,000 Iranian jews living in Israel are now thieves of Iranian heritage?

Shame! Shame on Mr Ala!

No wonder NIAC has only a few staff and is financially dwarfed by AIPAC. I woudlnt give my money to such haters either. Go on, keep hating the jews. 



"Mr.Ala's comment is correct"

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 so provide the proof that my iranian jewish  compatriots,  have "taken iran's historical artifacts to Israel".

p.s. Frankly, I dont give a hoot  about this little set up with particular affection for Islamist Regime and  hatred for jews, called NIAC, nor Israeli AIPAC itself. I just take issue with anyone who libels and threthens the safety of my compatriots due to their religion or political belief

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Do Not Shoot Me

Mr. Ala's comment is correct

by Do Not Shoot Me on

Mr. Ala's comment is correct. I have not found anything against Iranian Jews in it. 


All Israel haters are products of IRI brainwashing.

by Liberated on

The hatred of Israel is deep in the psyche of anyone that grewup under IRI regime.  For 33 years they have used Israel as a distraction to steal, murder, and ruin our country.  Given their resources, 3rd largest oil producer in the world, and all the money that has passed through their hands, no one, no one could have done a worse job in managing and advancing the country. 

I am embarrassed to see that all the oil producing arab countries are doing better than Iran at least economically, culturally we are getting closer and closer.  Even Arab citizens of Israel enjoy forms of liberties and justice which Iranians dont have. 

So go on and think Israel is your enemy.  If Mullahs got nuclear bombs, like North Korea they will be immune to any real outside threats.  They will continue to remain in power for ever and ever.  Iran as we know it can not survive their rule.  

I also can not support the Hezbollah of Lebanon.  Last we saw them in 2009 Tehran as agents of IRI beating and killing our young people.  Go Isreal, thanks for doing what Iranian people should be doing, bringing attention to this evil regime.


We Iranains are not against our Jewish compatriots...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The following, thinly disguised, disgracefull threat to safety, and completely false attack on Iranian jews, by "mohamad ala" is only his sentiments and sentiments shared by a tiny minority of Iranians who happen to be ruling our land, for now...

 "Given over 200,000 Israeli’s have Iranian background or carry Iranian passports, their well being is important to Iranians.  Why Fred does not mention anything about them, especially the Iranian artifacts that they took from Iran and are displaying them in Israelis museums?" 


Mohammad Ala

How come Fred gets two featured blogs a day (rain or shine)?

by Mohammad Ala on

I do not comment on Fred's blogs because of his attitude and un-conditional support of AIPAC. 

In one of his blogs, Fred should compare number of employees and budget of AIPAC with NIAC which he criticizes every chance he gets.  NIAC with few employees is confronted with AIPAC which has over 200 employees with budget of several hundred million dollars. 

I have wondered how come Fred gets two featured blogs every day (rain or shine) whereas blogs with more comments and visitors do not get featured. 

Given over 200,000 Israeli’s have Iranian background or carry Iranian passports, their well being is important to Iranians.  Why Fred does not mention anything about them, especially the Iranian artifacts that they took from Iran and are displaying them in Israelis museums?  Any destruction to Iran will affect Jews too.  Talking with ordinary Iranian non-Jews and Jews, they have no problem with each other.



by Sean-K on

you can't scilence everyone for ever with your anti-semetic labeling tactics. Time's up my friend. Get ahead while you can and instead of barking up the same old tree that you weren't made to climb, enlighten yourself:



There's more - I know you can figure out how to google it even though...





It's easy. All you have to do is sell your sole to the devil. Fred's world view is aligned with the mass starvation advocates at AIPAC.



by Simorgh5555 on

You may not like Israel but you can peddle your pro-Palestinian sympathies somewhere else. At least Israel has sign posts named after Cyrus the Great and has defied recent fashions by calling the Persian Gulf, the Arabian Gulf. Now go lecture your Palestian Saddam loving budies, who have signed an Arab declaration that the Persian Gulf be renamed the Arabian Gulf and that the islands of Abu Musa and Tunbs be "returned" to the sovereignty of the UAE. Israel pretends it likes Iran but your Palestinian friends rub your face in the dirt and you still suck up to them.

Oh, and please don't send a reponse that you don't care about the Palestinians  either and hate Arabs too. It doesn't wash.  You have been indoctrinated by IR JEW HATE. 


Israel, a strategic ally of Iran

by Sean-K on

And this is their latest designer lie. I suppose they want a friendly reception in Iran haha that will be the day, regime or no regime.

Freddy jan, khodetoonid. boro, boro khoda roozitoono jayeh digeh bedeh. Maleh mardom khori ham haddo hessab dareh beh Moosa.

Sadegh Bozorgmehr


by Sadegh Bozorgmehr on

I'm curious. How can you, as an Iranian, post favorably about AIPAC yet be so rabid in your hatred against NIAC?


The Truckers of Justice

by Demo on

Hope the 'truckers' keep on loading with their messages of peace & jusice as below until both all the racist 'barakers' (Ehud Barak of Israel) & all the warmongers 'bibians' would depart to the 'darak' with their messages of arrogance & repressions of other races whomsoever.

Hint: The + sign must be the indicative of self degradation with AIPAC & its so called Iranians allies.


Keep on trucking

by Fred on

The usual suspects, few of whom are present and accounted for, keep on trucking!

ps. the late arrival NIAC Lobby response team member, say hi to your team leader and also to the lifetime president of the lobby. 


2 blogs a day, but c'mon

by MM on

We know that your obligation / contract calls for 2 blogs per day on IC.  But, please take a look at what you put out before you click post on your day's talking points.

This speech could not have been said in the best of times amongst Israel/US/Iran relations which was during the last Shah's reign.  Unless, you are suggesting that either Iran becomes part of Israel, or you thought, for a minute, that AIPAC stood for American-Iranian Political Action Committe!

PS, please spare us your usual crop-duster speech!


There are only 2 visions of Middle-East Fred:

by aynak on


1-The current state, which has lasted since 1967, where state of Israel is not willing to negotiate for land for peace and expanding, thereby helping to fuel at time national (1967~1980) and since 80's a religous and all thourgh out a RACIAL war.  In part bringing out the worst of the other side like Al-qaeda and Islamic regime.

2-A second vision, whereby all nations in middle-east coexist peacefully with full respect of human rights as well as a potentially strong regional economic alliance that would create a new ME-financial zone.

In this 2n'd vision that I subscribe too, there is a single strategy and that is to let all countries cooperate, without religious/racial/national supremecy.

Otherwise, your utopia already failed during Shah, and you still have to explain why some of the most hated regime like South Africa (to its last day) and several in Central and South America had such cozy relationship with Israel?

The status quo has two issues:  Aparathied state of Islamic Regime as well as Aparthied states of Israel and Saudi Arabia.   

Saudi Arabia has not come an inch closer to democracy and respect for human rights for getting closer and closer to Israel.   And Islamic regime has *used* the open violations of Israel in international arena to the fullest extent.   Both forms of aparthied need to be fixed.

Get that through your head Fred, instead of assigning posts *ahead of any election* like  fascists.







How could Israel be a strategic ally of Iran?


Before all these mass starvations and crippling sanctions, Israel had a chance to be a strategic ally of Iran. Not any more... A strategic ally cares for the condition of its allies not strategically beating them and collectively punishing them in the hope that they will rise and topple a dictatorship.

Iranians will never forget. They might forgive but they will NEVER forget. 


The Traitors List

by Demo on

Every 'true' Iranian with even a tiny brain size as a chick knows what AIPAC & its asscociate pack of 'persians names carrying' traitors are all about. But could somebody figure out what does the '+ sign' indicate? 


Of Iranian of the day.....

by پندارنیک on

The strategic and historic alliance between the state of Israel and the Iranian people goes far beyond the strategic appointments of some known elements in Zionists' "warmonger hot spots"; a brief look at the Evin prison which was built under the Israeli design and supervision helps anyone understand the bloody and painful common path that our nations have endured. 

And as far as my Iranian-ness is concerned, I take these honorable Jews as my dear fellow citizens at any given time.......