Islamist Rapists come a-knockin

by Fred

The news of human rights violations by IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is getting grimmer by the hour.

Except for few tepid, mostly feckless statements from the sane world leaders lead by President Obama, the wholesale arrests and the subsequent raping, torturing and murdering of Iranian men, women and children have not triggered any meaningful reaction.

Worse yet, by sending secret unsolicited letters to the Head Rapist Khamenei begging for his friendship in the midst of his barbaric crackdown, the Obama Administration has given the Islamist Rapists a de facto green light.

In light of the undisputable, beyond a shadow of a doubt, well documented and publicly know facts of the ongoing massive human rights violations by the Islamist Rapists, the sane world and the Obama administration’s laxidasical attitude are in the least Srebrenica revisited and at worst a Rwanda redo.

Before it gets out of hand and the nuke acquiring Islamist Rapists come a-knockin at their doors too the sane world has to wakeup.  It is way past the “bearing witness” nonsense, do something, anything and do it NOW!




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