Lets hope Baghdad talks fail

by Fred

Many, for variety of reasons, are rooting for the success of the ongoing Baghdad nuke crisis meeting, I am not one of them; here are few of my reasons:

1- During the past 34 years, Islamists have proven their promises are made to be broken.

2- Messianic Islamists in Iran are expansionist; they’ve repeatedly announced their divine mission is to “manage the world.”

3-As history shows, cost-benefit calculation does not exist in a messianic mindset. Those with pragmatic frame of mind would be dead wrong to think otherwise.

4- The later the sane world confronts the messianic Islamists, the higher the cost, the highest being the military use of nuke.

5- A deal in Baghdad is a worthless piece of paper. After returning from Nazi Germany, at Heathrow airport Chamberlain proudly waved similar piece of paper.

There is still time to head off the war messianic Islamists are imposing on all. Airtight sanctions including air/naval cargo inspection will break their back. At the same time, helping Iranian people with the logistical needs will allow them to overthrow the unreformable messianic Islamists.


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Mamoor joon

by AMIR1973 on

When and where did the Islamist killers, pedophiles, and torturers discover "khatt-e ghermez"? Last month in Brazil? 


عزیز برادر امیر


عزیز جان شما هر چقدر که می خواهی با من شوخی و حتی مثل اینجا توهین کن!! بگو آن چه دل تنگت هست!!
اما توهین کردن به ۴ بچه معصوم که در اینجا حضور هم ندارند در هر فرهنگ و مرامی(به غیر از مرام صهونیستها) کار زشتی محسوب میشود.
من اهل فلگ این حرفها نیستم ولی کامنت شما از هر خط قرمزی که در این سایت ممکن است وجود داشته باشد عبور کرده است.

I wear an Omega watch

Mardom Mazloom

Mister Ma'moor joon

by Mardom Mazloom on

So you were first telling that 53 people were hanged last week in Iran and that made you so happy that you begun chanting mamooti's catchword!

I confused you with Jaleho. She was another sandiss-drinker-mamooti-lover-cyber-basiji-warrior writing stuff after smoking the carpet like yourself (a real ma'mooreh). But at least, she had some intellectual honesty that you don't seem to have, so you cannot be her for sure.



Mamoor joon

by AMIR1973 on

Did you go into the swimming pool too with those young kids in Gilan (you could close your eyes and pretend Gilan is Brazil)....


مسئله چون حل شود آسان شود


excuse me, do your own calculation!! u just copied my calculation added your new discoveries, there are 7 days in week and 24 hours in a day, exactly 7 hours after my post!!

I m a woman, for me to believe in a  statement, u need to have some right numbers and facts. I m not a man to think with my heart and feelings!!

No, those kids are not poor!! check their bikes out!! 

that is why i took pic with them, the relatively good quality of their bikes in a village in province of Gilan.

I wear an Omega watch

Mardom Mazloom

Well said Amir

by Mardom Mazloom on

These shameless IRI henchmen don't even have a third class level. Ma'mooreh joon your populist avatar  (poor children of Iran! that's it?) doesn't deceive anyone here. If you have had just an epsilon of love for Iran, you would have been sorry if your terrorist satanic regime had hanged just even one single iranian last week. But no, you even seem to be happy

جنایت های رژیم ادامه دارد: اعدام ۱۸ نفر دیگر در ایران؛ ۵۳ اعدام در یک هفته

Now look: In a day there are 24 hours and in a week 7 days. So in a week you have 24 x 7 = 168 hours. Your satanic regime hanged 53 Iranians last week. So in average, an iranian was hanged every 168/53=3.16 hours  in the past 7 days

Further, the right slogan was for Mahmood shepesh

دروغگو، دروغگو ۶۳ درصدت کو

You were marked by that one, weren't you


  The talks in baghdad

by vildemose on


The talks in baghdad & the entire "nuclear debate" are really about who will have the ultimum control of Iran's oil reserves. Will it be the fascist dictatorship of Velayate faghih or the western oil cartels? Can they reach a compromise in sharing the results of plunder of Iran's natural & human resources or will this whole thing end in a devastating war which will bring death & destruction to people of Iran & lots of profit to arms manufacturers in russia, china & west.

I concur. However, Velayte faghih is a client state of both Russia and China. The cold war is heating up.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir



by مآمور on

 دروغگو! دروغگو!
۵۶کشته ات کو؟

I wear an Omega watch


u r angle, I m evil, BBC said so

by مآمور on

 گفتم فرشته این کارها زشته
شیطون ولش ده! شیطون ولش ده

I wear an Omega watch


"smugglers, murderers, pedophiles", i.e. IRI's "khavass"

by AMIR1973 on

Killers, pedophiles, and thieves are the cream of the crop of the IRI's "elite". 

Mardom Mazloom

Ma'mooreh jon

by Mardom Mazloom on

Whoever (man or woman) serves this satanic regime, has served Satan, not Iran! Jalilli is a spineless wimp; a patriot cannot be silent in front of atrocities that Khamenei and his henchmen inflict to Iranians. Last week, an iranian was hanged every 3 hours! What do you say about that? That they were all smugglers, murderers, pedophiles, ...?


Nothing to do with Iranian people.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Never mind the Baghdad talks. The entire "Nuclear debate" is irrelevant to Iranian people. This whole debate is a smokescreen for something else. The west, armed to teeth with nuclear & conventional weapons  can obliterate Iran at any moment, within hours,  with or without iran having a nuke bomb. 

The talks in baghdad & the entire "nuclear debate" are really about who will have the ultimum control of Iran's oil reserves. Will it be the fascist dictatorship of Velayate faghih or the western oil cartels? Can they reach a compromise in sharing the results of plunder of Iran's natural & human resources or will this whole thing end in a devastating war which will bring death & destruction to people of Iran & lots of profit to arms manufacturers in russia, china & west.

When are we going to learn that Iran and it's people will only achive democracy & rule of law, which would benefit not only Iranians but the entire region, including Israel, through their own actions, based on their own will? This Fascist Velayat faghih dictatorship has lost all it's popular support. It is only surviving through terrorising Iranian people. This can not go on much longer. There will be one spark, one day, which will create such a fire which will burn down this entire fascist dictatorship of Velayate faghih through a mighty popular uprising.

 learn to believe in yourself and your people!

No to war & warmongers. No to islamic republic. No to yet another puppet regime.

Long live peace, democracy & social justice. Long Live Iran & it's great people, our people. 



Thanks MM jon, u put smile on my face too

by مآمور on

A man who has lost one of his leg in a war with an enemy country goes back to the same country and call its people 'brothers'!!

strong personality, high mental capabilities, and a love for his patriot( he lost a leg to prove that) make an official(man or woman) as effective as Mr Jalili is!!

yes indeed, according to your sexist dictionary, I would be no 'man' in front of him!!

I wear an Omega watch

Mardom Mazloom

The first one who was praying for that was:

by Mardom Mazloom on

Maamooreh! I was puzzled about her silence these past days but laughed a lot when I found the reason.

Who could imagine that this satanic regime is able to bring together the wishes of two different extremes?

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Still waiting for a response ha?...

think they are looking for some new couches to hind behind. 

Dr. Mohandes

Oh my God .

by Dr. Mohandes on


Veee eeeranians teraade eeen uuuuro okay???? Understandish?

hooo karez eeef ryal or dolar goes up and down and up and down and love one another all around!

Ahh. Jeeez veez Louise. my tonge grew hair from the many times i repeated dees.



Well, the Talks Ended

by Faramarz on


The talks collapsed in Baghdad tonight. A request for a meeting next month in Geneva was rejected. The Dollar and gold went up against Rial and a barrel of oil is under $90 ($89) for the first time in a long time.

No spare tires for Boeing jets!


mamooreh joon: relax my sweet heart :)

by mousa67 on

you'll give yourself a heart attack my fluff ball :)

where should i "bring it on to"? directly to your london apartment or to demoo joon's LA residence? do you want it to be served with a hot fresh caffe latte?




Keep on Hopping

by Demo on



34 years passed with the delusional 'hopes' of the scheziophrenic
Shah's run aways! Keep on hopping 2 or 2000 times a day over such hopes!

PS:The ironic part is that the children of Israel have no 'hope' in their
dictionary. It is rather all about their exclusive 'right.' Their
'right' to own the world, to occupy others' homelands, to murder/torture
others indiscriminately, to remove/replace others' leaders, to possess
WMD. among any other possoble known 'rights.' And anybody protesting
with such is immediately being labeled as Islamist Terrorist, Anti Sema,
Nazis, Anti Israel, and You Name it!


Attacking Iran

by مآمور on

US and the rest of western world will not attack Iran, period!!

it is too costly, their economies are in shamble and the last but not the least, Iran is too big to be attacked!!

that would leave Israel alone in her mischief to attack Iran!!

hey cyber Zionists tell your yaboo, BRING IT ON

I wear an Omega watch

hamsade ghadimi

let me ask the cyber

by hamsade ghadimi on

let me ask the cyber basijis: do you disagree with iri and other countries boycotting south africa during apartheid?


Junky Russian reactors that have produced little to no power

by AMIR1973 on

In almost 10 years of ongoing "construction" are the birthright of every Iranian man, woman, and child. Khodetttti, Comrade/Pendar-e Neek/Republican/First Amendment.


Made up "facts"

by AMIR1973 on

Cuba has been under a US embargo, not sanctions. The regime of the Castro Bros is not under international sanctions (as S. Africa and Burma were) and gets plenty of money from its tourism industry and doing business with all and sundry. That sort of opening with the Cuban dictatorship has worked wonders in achieving democracy in Cuba, not to mention Commuist China (talk about being "open for business"!). But, if you want to believe that democracy and "prosperity" will flourish in the Islamist terrorist tyranny if and only if sanctions are lifted, then you are entitled to your own fantasies.

First Amendment


by First Amendment on

I think Iran's capability in nukes is now beyond the reach of anyone's reasons or sentiments.........It's more than obvious that "talks" are now about the technicality of Iran's next step but not about pushing her back.......Our nuclear ability is a tangible irrevocable, irreversible fact that rest of the world has to learn how to live with it. There's no way, absolutely no peaceful or non peaceful way for the Iranian people to give up their national right and legal property.............Get over it, and stop being a burden to the American tax money and blood. Go back to your pre-67 international borders and sign the NNPT.


facts show otherwise Amir


For nearly 6 decades or more, west residing exiled groupies wanting to topple the commie cuban system tried to persuade the west to topple the regime with the aide of sanctions. at every opportunity for diplomacy they have tried to torpedo any talks or communications between the countries.

 after 60 years+, what good did it do other than making ordinary people's lives miserable? 

 the people who stand in the way of prosperity for iran and iranians are biggest traitors and will be know as such in the history books.  their names will stand along side regime personnel as the biggest obstacles to iranian democracy. 


"good to know"

by Fred on

In order to make it possible for the Iranian people to overthrow the Iranian raping, murdering, warmongering messianic Islamist Rapists, I’ve been on record openly advocating airtight sanctions a la S. Africa model.

It is a pity you just realize my position, particularly since in defense of the status quo in the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR), you used to attack me all the time.

Either you did not know my position before and attacked it just out of habit of attacking IRR opponents, or you just realized my position, either way, deal with it.


Lets hope you're right

by Truthseeker9 on

but I have a feeling IRI will get away with their lies and all their delay tactics will succeed.  


I Agree with You %100

by Azarbanoo on

Noone must trust IRR/IRI( Akhoonds+thugs).


#1 Source of Iranian suffering is IRI, O West-residing Groupies

by AMIR1973 on

Let the record show.


You are on record wanting iranian people prolonged suffering


good to know.