Long live President Mubarak

by Fred

It seems the uprising in Egypt is subsiding, or at least going into a slower pace than it was billed by some. This is a great development for number of reasons.

1- Haste makes waste. The slowed down pace of change allows time for a more thought-out outcome.

2- Egypt is arguably the soul of Arabic speaking world. If they get it right in Egypt, the reverberation will be welcome news for many, many truly huddled masses yearning to breathe free in other countries in the region. The end of suffering under the yoke of the never ending tyrannies will not only alleviate many intractable regional problems, it will also solve a big chunk of international difficulties.

3- Given the millenniums of historical connections between the two, a democratic Egypt will be an ideal outcome for the enslaved Iranians chafing under the rule of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic.

In the few months remaining of his time in office, President Mubarak has the unique chance to break the cycle of tyranny and leave the stage with his head held up high.

He must not do what the Islamist Rapists did and are continuing to do to the Iranian democracy activists after their peaceful demonstrations were brutally suppressed.

He must abolish all state control over media, formation of political parties, peaceful gatherings and above all, not only muzzle state thugs, prosecute them in open and fair trials.

If he does it, long live Mubarak, if he does not, there goes another chance for making a lasting difference.


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Triple Haji

by Fred on

Triple Haji

All the years in the sane world and staying Islamistly ignorant deserves pity. You are simply clueless, which is the most kind description of an Islamist.


Islamist gofers

by Fred on

Masoud, your time is much more valuable than being wasted on these Islamists with an agenda. I would rather you share your fantastic knowledge of history to educate those who want to learn and leave these clueless gofers of  IRR to their own ignorance.

The crop duster, the NIOC Haji nuke and other Islamist/anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodels of lefty allies are more than welcome to come and attack me, which they do often, some with thuggish Islamist language, others with phony “dear” inserted in their attacks.

The only thing is, when these IRR goefers lie, which is instinctual to them, I sometimes challenge them to prove it. And as you see what they come up with is exactly the opposite of what they claim.

Their problem is with Israel which is Iran and Iranians historical and strategic ally. They use me as a platform to vent their anger, let them. As Roozbeh says below, the people of Iran have spoken loud and clear, “No Gaza, no Lebanon, my life is for IRAN”


Israel/palistine conflict has nothing to do with...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

the topic of this blog. It certainly is of very little concern with the vast majority of Iranians struggling with all the daily issues caused by the  corrupt, fascist islamist regime of Iran. As hundreds of thousands of demonstrators in Iran said laud and clear in 2009 anti islamist regime uprising:

No To Gaza!

No To Lebanon!

I sacrifice my Life for Iran!

Now back to the main topic and interesting comments relevant to this blog!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Fundamentalist Terrorist regime vs. Israel

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on


1. The former President of Israel was forced to resign when the allegations were serious and needed further juridical proceedings. Then the court heard the case, and convinced him. This means that in Israel, the Israelis can enjoy the rule of law. In other words, when their President raped his employees, he was forced to resign, then given a fair trial, and then convicted.

2. Compare this to the fundamentalist terrorist regime. In Iran, the regime has been systematically engaged in mass rape of male and female political prisoners since 1981.

3. Compare how the fundamentalist terrorist regime treats the Iranian people with how the Israeli government treats their Jewish citizens, Arab citizens, and Palestinians.

3a. Israel is a democracy for its Jewish citizens. They can be from far right nut cases to far left communists. They have free, democratic, and fair elections. The Israeli gov does not torture, assassinate, and execute any of its Jewish citizens for the expression of their political views.

3b. Arab citizens of Israel are second class citizens. But they have the right to participate in elections and serve in their parliament. The Arab citizens of Israel have a zillion times more human rights and political rights in Israel compared with Iranian citizens in Iran. For example, an Arab citizen of Israel can be a communist, or whatever and participate in the Israeli elections and become member of the Knesset. Iranian CITIZENS lack the right to participate in elections in Iran if they are democrat (e.g., JM) or liberal Islamist (e.g. Nehzat Azadi, Melli Mazhabi), or Marxist. Heck, even many reformist members of the fundamentalist oligarchy (e.g., Abdolah Nouri who was Minister of Interior, or Reza Khatami, or Alami member of Majles) are barred from elections by the Shoray Negahban!!!!!!   Therefore, Arab citizens of Israel have a looooooooooot of political rights whereas we Iranians LACK those same rights.

3c. Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza. Heck even they have had democratic elections whereas we Iranians lack a single democratic election in Iran. Israel does do torture on Palestinians, especially those that it accuses of violent actions. The torture Israeli do are NOT as extreme as those committed by the terrorist regime. For example, the Israelis do prolonged sitting on small chairs, sleep deprivation and the like. The Israelis do NOT rape female Palestinian prisoners. Israelis do NOT sodomize male Palestinian prisoners.

The fundamentalist regime does rape female political prisoners.  The fundamentalist regime does sodomize male political prisoners.

The violent Palestinians accused in Israeli prisons have faaaaaaar more rights that the non-violent pro-democracy students and human rights activists in prisons in Iran.  

In the continuum between the best and most humane system (100) and the worst and most inhumane system (0), I give the following rankings:

Hitler 0

Stalin 0

Mao 0

Khomeini and Khamenei 3

Saddam 3

Mubarak 50

Israel 95 for Jewish citizens, 70 for Arab citizens, 40 for Palestinians

U.S. 90

Sweden 100

Norway 100

We have to be objective and fair. The fundamentalist terrorist regime treats the Iranian people faaaaaaaar worse than the Israeli government treats the Palestinians.  YOU are sooooooooo biased in favor of the fundamentalist terrorist regime and against Israel that you cannot see the actual realities.  The Islamic Republic regime ruling Iran is a fascistic genocidal fanatic extremist regime.  Every decent and moral person has to fight against them.  It is a matter of basic decency for an ethical and moral person.



For the longest time I have suspected some fishy business

by aynak on

going on between Israel, Islamic Regime and the U.S.

Many times in the past I have mentioned the numerous wars of aggression that Israel has started only to be rescued by Islamic Regime sideing with the other side.   The Gaza attrocities of late 2008 was one late example, where Ahamdi Nejad, walked in again and helped the case of Israeli warmongers by suggesting Jews should return to Eruope!

Now once again, while all is going well, Khamanee comes and calls this a Islamic upring.   This is while Moslem brotherhood itslef was trying to give its own position a rather non-religious if not outright secular flavor.

Once again we have to say:

With enemies like Islamic Regime, who needs friend?

May we all have good dreams.

Mola Nasredeen

Would you like

by Mola Nasredeen on

'gojeh with

your regime change order?

If yes, then it will take

fifteen more minutes.

Sabzi is on the house.

And while we are on the subject of

Rapist  and brutal governments

it's good to know

The president of Israel was convicted as a serial rapist

and the government of Israel

has been brutalizing the natives

for the last sixty and any years.

According to the United Nations decisions.


Man, You Need a Calculator!

by HHH on

"If he does it, long live Mobarak?!"

Looks like the 30 years that he "Didn't do it" didn't teach you anything. You can't teach a wolf to become a shepherd, it may gather the sheep for days but then again the wolf in him will re-surface and he'll make a lam-kabob.

Fortunatey Egyptians have learnd their lesson from Iran. I don't think they allow another mullah regime gain power there unless it's a mildly religious democratic regime.

But unfortunately for you, the new Egypt won't be very friendly to your country Israel, actually no truly democratic, free country is.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

Vildemose and GR

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Vildemose and GR,

Thank you for your kind words.



G. Rahmanian

Very Well-Put

by G. Rahmanian on

Dr. Kazemzadeh!


I concur, KM. He clearly

by vildemose on

I concur, KM. He clearly wants a regime change to avoid a war. But many on the left equate regime change with war.

I realized that much later in the debates with people here on IC.

But being apolitical and not being an ideologue, either left or right,  I always thought regime change meant that the US and Israel will not have to resort to war. If the regime changed before the war started upon Iranians, then there will be no need for a war. I think Fred meant the same thing.

Masoud Kazemzadeh


by Masoud Kazemzadeh on


I disagree with about 99% of your stuff (because in MY OPINION, your writings indicate to me that you are a supporter of the fundamentalist regime who tries to hide it).  I might be right or wrong.  But this is my perception and the perception of many others.  I also disagree with about 50% or so of Fred’s writings.

Here clearly you do not understand Fred’s language.

In simple terms Fred is saying that:

1. sanctions should be targeted for regime change;

2. If the sanctions are not for regime change, then those sanctions (of any kind) are criminal or frivolous.

3. He wants sanctions in order to avoid war because regime change (the removal of the genocidal fascistic terrorist regime would not have nukes to mass murder tens of millions of human beings) would take away the possibility of war between the U.S. or Israel with the fascist regime bent of mass murder with nukes.


So here you FAILED to show that Fred is advocating war. The passage you quoted shows that Fred wants to avoid war by regime change via sanctions.


Given the actual proven fascistic and genocidal nature of the regime and given the lying nature of the terrorist regime from Khomeini to Khamanei and Ahmadinejad, in all likelihood the terrorist regime’s clandestine nuclear program is to make bombs.

Therefore, those who oppose regime change and oppose sanctions, would be proven to be the de facto war mongers when the fascist terrorist regime gets nukes or very close to getting nukes and then the US or Israel would use military option to prevent the fascist fundamentalist terrorist regime from mass murdering tens of millions of human beings.

In conclusion:

1. Regime change means no war. Sanctions helps undermine the terrorist regime thus empower and enable the Iranian people ourselves to overthrow the terrorist regime.

2. No sanctions means the regime would be able to remain in power and finish its nuclear bomb. Then there will be a war between the fascist fundamentalist terrorist regime immediately before the terrorist regime can make its nukes operational or a nuclear war between the terrorist regime and either the U.S. or Israel. In this case, up to 70 million Iranian could be killed. If this happens those who oppose sanctions and those who oppose regime change are directly responsible for the war and the deaths of millions of Iranian people.

Therefore, it is people who oppose sanctions and oppose regime change who are the de facto war mongers and the murderers of the Iranian people. Do YOU see this logic? Please either "yes" or "no."




I will make an exception this one time to leave a comment

by Bavafa on

This is Fred's challenge to us:

"prove, if you can, by using my own words, that I am a “warmonger""

Here is an example of your word, in your own blog,

"What is the desired goal from the application of sanctions, be it limited, targeted or crippling?

If the answer is anything short of war and to avoid it, regime change, then not only such sanctions would be frivolous, they would be criminal."

now I dare you to deny these are not your words or it is not a call for war on Iran.

Now go ahead and call me an "Islamist, Palestinian, crop duster, anti-Semite" or what ever name calling you are accustom to.

But let it be known you a lair and a cheat


G. Rahmanian

Iranians' Demand For Democracy

by G. Rahmanian on

And the brutal suppression of protesters by the murderous regime of IR, persecution, imprisonment, raping and lynching of Iranians of all social ranks and status, in the past 32 years, AND the terrorist regime's death squads which have turned many countries into their killing fields, toll the loudest in the world. But they seem to fall on the deaf ears of IR's paid apologists.


"[May answer Iran's historical "what if.]" and selective memory

by comrade on

1979 was too late, way too late. Shah had passed the point of no return long before that. The Resurrection party, Haj Seyyed Javadi letter, mass imprisonment of prominent industrialists....Do they ring a bell?  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.


G. Rahmanian

IR Apologists!

by G. Rahmanian on

It hasn't even been two years since the fraudulent presidential elections and we are witnessing historical facts already being revised and distorted by the regime and its army of propagandists of all shades and colors. Following the so-called "presidential elections," In Tehran alone three and a half million people took to the streets demanding democracy. But like their masters, these paid IR apologists use every chance to downplay the magnitude of the uprisings.



by Fred on

Forsat Pahlevoon, thank you so very much for the invite. However, from what I hear, there are many on that site with similar views as me which makes adding one more useless.

Besides, I ain’t gonna deprive the local lovelies of their chance to unload their venom on me here at the good old Iranian.com, the humanitarian in me would not allow it.


The manner in which change occurs doesn't matter

by Pahlevan on

"Reform" or "revolution" are merely tactics for social and political change! the result and outcome of that change is not as much related to the tactics by which it's brought about but rather ideology and goals of its leaders and the masses who support them!

any change that is brought about by following Islamist criminals like Mousavi and the rest of the Rafsanjani-Khatami Mafia is not a positive change, be it by reform or revolution!! Going back to the "golden era of Khomeini" might actually make things worse in Iran! 

Iranians need to change the whole facistic system of IRI along with all the Islamist criminals (be it Khamenei, Rafsanjani, Khatami OR mousavi).

P.S. Oh Oh, looks like Islamists have declared Jihad against this blog and are swarming to it!

marhoum Kharmagas

Wise words Ari!

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Wise words Ari, good to see the comment of a moderate pro Israeli in blog of an AIPACi, however I don't agree with part of your comment. Soon after the election I asked a green friend in Tehran if he did keep track of where the demonstrations were, he said yes, because he wanted to avoid that part of city. I think Mousavi and Karroubi were shaky for the right reason.



by Fred on

Rokhsat-Pahlevoon, whatever your question is, if I can and choose to answer it in private, I can answer it publicly as well. However, if you insist, my email is, fred1359@gmail.com

Ari Siletz

May answer Iran's historical "what if."

by Ari Siletz on

What if in '79 Iranians had taken it slower and kept up a dialog of reform with the Shah? Can any Middle East dictator be sincere about kicking his addiction to power? If in Egypt reform happens in an orderly fashion, we can apply the lesson to reform in Iran. What we know from both '79 and Egypt 2011 already is that if reformers want to be taken seriously, they better field large protests in the streets projecting people power. The Mousavi-Karoubi legalistic approach to reform is proving to be a dud. 


Dear Amir and Fred

by Pahlevan on

Amir jan, the Islamist ideology is based on lies, deceit and fallacies so what do you expect! We have a saying in Persian that goes like this: "seer beh piaaz migeh boo midi!" ... but in this case, it's not seer that's accusing piaaz of being smelly but rather taapaaleh that's accusing piaaz of being smelly!

Dear Fred, could you send me and email, I have question I wanna ask you: siamak.jahani@gmail.com



Golden Age of Emam

by AMIR1973 on

The number of Iranians executed during the "premiership" of Mousavi from 1981-1989 is many, many, many times greater than the number of Egyptians executed by Mubarak's regime in the last 30 years. There literally is no comparison whatsoever between the brutality of the Islamic Republic and that of Mubarak's dictatorship. So why are the Islamists getting so worked up?


NIOC Haji Islamist

by Fred on

Being attacked by NIOC Haji Islamist nuke lobbyist for the Islamist Rapists means nothing to me, as being called a “warmonger” by NIOC Haji sack of Islamist liar mean nothing to me either.

NIOC Haji sack of Islamist is a follower of the charlatan Ali Shariati and among his heroes are clueless Bazargan, charlatan Khatami and Mousavi who has yet to answer for his responsibility for the mass murder of thousands of Iranians.

So being attacked by such Islamist means nothing to me.

However, just to prove to NIOC Haji sack of Islamist what kind of sack of Islamist liar he is, for the zillionth time, prove, if you can, by using my own words, that I am a “warmonger”.

The rest of your nonsense mean nothing to me, you are a bitter NIOC Haji nuke lobbyist for the Islamist Rapists and that will be your legacy, learn to live with it.

BTW, how is the clueless’ son doing Haji!



by Souri on

Hi dear;

I just read your name in the recent comment list and came here by curiosity. Have two questions for you:

1) P.S II.: Israel has announced that it supports "conditional democracy" for Israel, the condition being that Egypt should continue being a puppet of Israel!!

I think you meant "Egypt". This was a typo mistake (?)

2) I am all with you about Moabrak being a total dictator. but do you think that the solution lies in "an Islamic Republic" brought by the Ekhvanol Moslemin or another similar force?

I don't think so.


The reformist Freddo Coreleon

by Mammad on

Amazing how Freddo has discovered a democrat and reformist in Hosni Mubarak, one of the worst dictators around. The man has been in power for nearly 30 years, ruled by emergency rule. The man made his nation where the victims of extraordinary renditions disappeared. The man had jailed 20,000 people at one time. Torture, rape, corruption, and cronyism are rampant in Egypt.

During the entire time, or at least the time that Freddo has been hired by AIPAC to preach war and destructiobn for Iran, we never heard him saying a word about Mubarak, the democrat and reformist.Hay, all he needed to do was carrying water for Israel, which he did "admirably."

But, now that the Egyptian people have their feet on Mubarak's neck, Freddo the war monger has become a reformist! Freddo wants reforms by none other than the dictator himself! Wow! If Mubarak has served humanity just once, it is that he has turned Freddo into a reformist!

So, does that mean that Freddo Coreleon believes dictatorship can be reformed after all? I suppose Israel's lackeys can be!


P.S. I: Wash your face with cool water to make it look less red! I know it is embarrassing. But, then again, you are so shameless and such a liar, one who can be a reformer one moment and war monger the next moment!!

P.S II.: Israel has announced that it supports "conditional democracy" for Israel, the condition being that Egypt should continue being a puppet of Israel!!



"residents of south of Tehran, didn't return the favour "

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Maybe not that obvious from far far distance of Toronto or London, but residents of "south of Tehran" not only massively participated in the glorious uprising of Ashura day 2009 against the fascist islamist regime, but also paid  a very high price for their deeds by having their children beaten up and murdered during the revenge attack of the islamist regime's thugs (the real ones, not the ones on cyber space!) on Tehran university's student dorms soon afterwards (anybody with faintest knowledge of Iran would know that Tehran dorm university students are almost entirely from poor neighbourhoods of south Tehran or provinces).

The residents of south Tehran owe no favors let alone the British "favour" to anyone. They are the ones who in due course, under the leadership of their own revolutionary party will topple the islamist regime and send them and their nuclear bomb wet dream to the dustbin of history and form solid friendship with people of middle east from Jews of Hifa to sunnis of Falluja!

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Good literature, bad geometry

by comrade on

Haste makes waste, indeed. But, in my humble opinion, the historical parallel that you are trying to draw is not valid. 

What we're witnessing in Egypt today is comparable to the Iranian Revolution, and not what happened after the highly disputed so-called election.

It is a bitter reality, dear Fred, that residents of south of Tehran, didn't return the favour to the north Tehranis after three decades when it was really due.  

Never increase, beyond what is necessary, the number of entities required to explain anything.