NIAC victory

by Fred

NIAC Lobby’s latest victory announcement starts by saying:
“Chalk up another win for media accountability. Thanks to everyone who took action at to call out the Associated Press for its misleading article, "Graph Suggests Iran Working on a Bomb," we once again succeeded in stopping the pro-Iran war narrative in its tracks.”
And it goes on by thanking others who made this victory possible:
“The efforts of not just, but also Bulletin of American Scientists, the Arms Control Association, Glenn Greenwald, Lobelog, and Muhammad Sahimi to expose this story, managed to stop another myth from becoming spun into a fact as part of the push for war with Iran.”
The problem is AP has not done what NIAC lobby claims it has done in its clarification, if anything; it has reinforced the message that the Messianic Islamists are after nuke bomb.
Moreover, one of the parties that NIAC Lobby thanks is on the record as affirming the crux of the Messianic Islamists’ nuke program is military:
“The crux of the issue about Iran's nuclear program is, in my opinion, as follows: If Iran has the ability to make the bomb on a short notice, it becomes unattackable. That is not something that the US and Israel can tolerate. They want to be the hegemone of the Middle East. “
What gives with NIAC Lobby's victory claim?


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