No sanctions in 2010


by Fred

Now that the unreformability of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic is beyond reproach, now that the barbarities of the Islamist Rapists are beyond the usual whitewashings, the idea of “targeted sanctions” is being backed.

The very same lobbies and individuals dedicated to finding a “diplomatic” solution facilitating U.S.-IRR rapprochement are now dedicating their efforts to limiting the scope of talked about sanctions.

Just like they never explained what would be in it for the enslaved Iranians should their miserably failed policy of making nice with the Islamist Rapists were to have succeeded-they are not enumerating the tangible benefits the Iranian people will have with the  limiting of the pressure on IRR.

This standard operating procedure of denying the obvious for as long as tenable and then trying to limit that which might end their raison d’être, namely the existence of IRR, is theirs to care about. But when it comes to imposition of sanctions on the Iranian men, woman and children raping, torturing and murdering messianic Islamist regime with clearly enunciated worldly ambitions which is well on its way to be supercharged with nuke, then a single question needs to be asked.

What is the desired goal from the application of sanctions, be it limited, targeted or crippling?

If the answer is anything short of war and to avoid it, regime change, then not only such sanctions would be frivolous, they would be criminal.

The Islamist Rapist Republic is one giant mafia organization with different families not controlling, but outright owning different sectors of economy. Any sort of sanction on any part of the regime will have direct impact on the enslaved Iranian people. There is not a single meaningful sanction target which will not hurt the people, period.

So, unless the sane world intent on helping the brave fed up Iranians get rid of their Islamist inquisitors lock, stock and barrel, they might as well forego the sanctions.

Who knows maybe a belligerent, nuke packing, Iranian raping, murdering  Islamist Rapist Republic with worldly ambitions is just what is needed for a peaceful 2010.  Happy New Year


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Neocons Worried That

by IRANdokht on


Fully agree with the title

by Q on

and thanks for promoting it.

No one asked US or Obama to help Iranians in their internal reform. He's wise to keep his nose out of it, much to the dismay of hardliners and AIPAC agents alike.


You Only Need One Sanction...

by eroonman on

Simply ban Coca Cola from being allowed to bottle in Iran. That alone would drive Iranians crazy enough to change their tone.

The current sanctions on Iran, by the US don't work because Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Korea, Russia, and China don't abide by them.

Let us not forget that Iran doesn't make it's own centrifuges. Germany, and Japan and Korea and Russia make them.

France is known for bad cars, yet assembles Peugeots, Citroens, and Renaults in Iran.

So you can talk about sanctions as if they are real, but they aren't. It's a global joke that everyone including the US is in on. At the end of the day, you might want Iran to change, but not badly enough to stop taking their money for the stuff you can sell them.


Is this a slip of the

by Bavafa on

Is this a slip of the tongue or Fred has got tired of hiding his true wish/agenda?

There has been little doubt in any ones mind about Fred's constant advocacy for "crippling sanction" , never answers readers questions regarding what he thinks it would happen as a result of "crippling sanction" and who's policies he is advocating.

Here is what he has always had in mind for Iran and Iranians:

"If the answer is anything short of war and to avoid it, regime change, then not only such sanctions would be frivolous, they would be criminal."

Fred: the difference between you and MKO members who sided with Saddam during Iran-Iraq war is that … well nothing. You are a miserable traitor.