Pre-emptive on Iran NOW!

by Fred

“The destruction of the Zionist regime (Israel) is possible only through continuing on the path of resistance.

Ahmadinejad said Israel is already on the decline and called on all the freedom- and justice-seeking nations of the world to pool their resources to defeat Israel.”

After the complete failure of the much advertised Baghdad meeting over their illegal weaponized nuke program, in a few days the messianic Islamist Rapists are due in Moscow for a crucial and by the looks of it, decisive, meeting with the sane world plus Russia and China.

The above news item from the meeting on Sunday with the uber Palestinian terrorist, Ahmed Jibril, is yet another confirmation of why the warmongering messianic Islamist Rapists cannot have any nuke, let alone tons of enriched uranium.

The “wipe Israel off the map” crowd of barbaric Islamists/rabid anti-Semites and their likeminded lap poodles of lefty allies are using Iranian people as cannon fodder for their dream of Israel’s annihilation.

Israel is Iran’s historic, cultural and strategic friend/ally. There is no reason for Iran to be against Israel, none whatsoever.  This Final Solution revisited plan of theirs has to be circumvented, and one way or another it will be done. 

In order to avoid the war messianic Islamist Rapids are imposing on all, it is time for pre-emptive regime change by the enslaved Iranian people with logistical help from the free world.

Air-tightening the sanctions including air/naval inspections are a must.

Faster please, for love of humanity, for peace, for the sake of Iranians & their ally, the Israelis, much, much faster!


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Mohammad Alireza

To Fred

by Mohammad Alireza on

Can you please explain what "pre-emptive regime change" is?

And by "logistical help from the free world" do you mean military attacks? And if so, on which targets?


War with Iran is the answer!

by Fesenjoon2 on

A cultural war.

Hit them where it hurts.

With women. With sex. With songs about Imam Naghi and poems attacking religion.

She knows what I'm sayin :-)



u and Fred's blogs

by مآمور on

have one thing in common, u both r boring!!

I wear an Omega watch


go to your "local" for a pint.

by mousa67 on

to calm down before having a heart attack in front of your keyboard.

dont warry, i'll not tell haji khadijeh khanoom, that their sweet little shia islamist girl is now sleeping with an elder monarchist ingilishi man, in case she becomes envious.



Mosa, mosee

by مآمور on

since u r the scholar of all zionists,why dont u do the job?

come on old boy!! u can tell us what anti=Semites means??

it means, if zionists confiscate your land, u must not resist

u must not take look at zionists cause they r chosen only god can do that!!

u must not talk to zionists, only god can do that

u must not address a zionist only god can do that

there r 10 of them!!

Iran and its forces including my brigade of cyber are like thorns into zionists' eyes and I m a special needle into yours, as u never fail to remember me whereever u go whatever the subject of discussion is!!

let me stay penetrated into your eyes!! it feels good!!

I wear an Omega watch


mr amir 1973: i agree with you, this is not fair.

by mousa67 on

it should be one  user id per person, even if that person happens to be a west residing "aghazadeh moftkhor".

i bet that is how the voting system in the islamist republic works. one "aghazadeh moftkhor", 12 identities, 12 votes.

but hey, on a positive note, it's 12 times as entertaining. LOL




by مآمور on

 جناب فرد لطف بفرمائید و این کلمه را به فارسی ترجمه کنید!
ضدـسام؟​​؟ سام پسر نوح؟ ضد ابراهیم پدر اسماعیل و اسحاق؟؟ضد موسی؟ عیسی مسیح و پیامبر اکرم؟ به نظر شما من ضد کدام یک آنها هستم؟؟
ًًََُُُُ کلم الله موسی تکلیما  سوره نسا 

I wear an Omega watch


First Amendment/Republican/Pendar/Comrade joon

by AMIR1973 on

Has been defeating not just Israel but Zionism itself since 1948. Another 64 years of such heroic victories over Zionism, and he will have another 4 user names on his tombstone  .-)


"It is a must to defeat Zionism"

by mousa67 on

i'd do it for you myself, just to reduce your blood pressure. only, i can not find the "defeat zionism" key on my computer keyboard. wish you better luck on your keyboard honey.


First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Israel can not be defeated.........It is a must to defeat Zionism.



by Fesenjoon2 on

Certainly one cant be certain.

But I dont think it really matters who runs against Obama. But whoever does, will win, because mainstream white America doesnt want to have a black president for a 2nd term:



Not that I want Romney to win or lose. But thats what I see happening. The silent majority are too busy trying to make it to the next paycheck to notice the big changes coming, thanks to the Citizens United Supreme Court ruling. 

The United States is afterall, the last bastion of hope and freedom that remains standing in the free world. Once the US falls, so will the rest of the free world with it. 

I certainly hope I'm wrong though.



by Rebecca on

Arabs not Jewish people are our historical enemy. Once again we have been invaded by Arabs and the destruction our people, culture and language has been continuing for the last 33 years. I hope Islamic Republic of mollahs will get wiped off the map soon.


 fesenjoon, how can you

by vildemose on

 fesenjoon, how can you so certain that Romney will be elected?


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir


demo_de joon: you should call fred "daddy" from now on.

by mousa67 on

since you called him  "ic's only akhoond". LOL

& thank you dear fred for another good blog, this time written in english for those of us with little knowledge of farsi, like meybokhor, demo-de, myself, (& where is mamooreh joon?) to fully participate. 



Fred, I agree with content of this Great Blog

by Azarbanoo on

Thanks for contributions.  Please continue writing your daily blogs in order to wipe off Islamists from IC.


Moscow then somewhere else

by Fesenjoon2 on

I dont think much will happen in Moscow. More declarations and more meetings will follow. As always.

We'll have to just wait until November when Romney will take over and speak the language of the North Korea aspiring Islamists. 



Label-crazed Akhoondists!

by Demo on



Here comes again the one & only 'IC's Akhoond,' hiding under the disguise of 'Fred,' hurling 'Islamists' @ whoever with a voice other than a 'musing chicken's' voice! Well, what else should one expect from an old chicken with her tiny chicken brain size?


Sex-crazed Islamists

by Fred on

What is it with the Islamists, always with sexual innuendo in everything even when trying to refute the irrefutable facts?


Is it the Ledeen personality

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Is it the Ledeen personality sticking its ugly head of this skitzofrenic entity called Fred?

This "faster" thing must be from his porno years...