Shafting Iranians


by Fred

It appears Karubbi along with his coworker, Khatami, both ultimate insiders of IRR, the Islamist Rapist Republic and two of the three purported to be the “leaders” of the opposition to IRR have shafted their supporters, again.

With his repeated declarations of love and everlasting adherence to the goals of the murderous founder of IRR and its constitution, aka, the rape and murder manifesto, the other “opposition leader”, Mousavi, has already done the shafting of his supporters, again and again.

The questions remains, while Iranian men, women and children risk being raped, tortured and murdered by the Islamists and yet openly ask for an “Iranian republic”, i.e., regime change, why some Iranians in diaspora are so hard of hearing. The lobbies are duty bound by their clients to oppose it, what about others?  

It could not be that they do not know the background of these murderous Islamist Rapists; it could not be that they have not gone though this “reform” within the IRR nonsense and hopefully it could not be that they like to be at the receiving end of the shafting exercise. If not regime change, then what? What is it that they want?    




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Keep on trucking

by Fred on

The attack from the aged Islamist Rapists’ cyber stalkers and worriers is perfectly understandable and expected. Keep on trucking !



by Q on

I'm sure you were in love with Karroubi and are currently in love with Mousavi who hasn't shafted anyone!

Please... don't try to BS others with your fake "betrayal" story. Your words lack even a modicum of authenticity. No one cares for them.

"They" say exactly what they want in every interview and numerous articles: PEACEFUL reform.

YOU don't like this because it doesn't fit your own agenda, so you pretend you didn't hear it, but you only make yourself look foolish.

One thing they don't want is sanctions.

Hey, why not ask AIPAC for the solution? I heard from a far-from-wise man they are "really on the side of Iranians!"


I agree with Fred

by masoudA on

The worst thing the Green can do is to invest anything on people like Khatami, Karoubi, Moussavi, etc..   So far they have been followin the Green and have done some positive things as well - but if it ever gets to a point where the decisive action would have to come from them - Green would be quiet dissapointed. 


Breaking is hard to do

by Fred on

Mien Führer says:

 “A brouhaha kicked up by journalists over comments by oppositionfigure Mehdi Karroubi may be put to rest after the cleric-politiciantoday issued an unambiguous denunciation of the disputed June 12 elections and subsequent crackdown.”  

No mien Führer, coming from the same person who as Speaker of the Islamist Rapists’ ersatz parliament shelved a bill with the same excuse i.e. the Supreme Leader’s order, it “may” not “be put to rest”

BTW, all the ones who disliked the news and subscribe to  mien Führer's point of view that:  "Fred must be again doing IRI’s work by spreading lies” should apply the same asinine view towards Karubi's son who broke the news followed by every credible news organization in the sane world.

For some, breaking from the Islamist Rapists is hard to do.


mosirvapiaz: thanks for

by vildemose on

mosirvapiaz: thanks for the link. Fred is out of control these days...


Well said shekafjo

by Bavafa on

"The lobbies are duty bound by their clients"

And Fred's daily activity on IC speaks volume and provide a great example for that statement.



Fred once again doing IRI's work by spreading lies...




A brouhaha kicked up by journalists over comments by opposition
figure Mehdi Karroubi may be put to rest after the cleric-politician
today issued an unambiguous denunciation of the disputed June 12
elections and subsequent crackdown.

"The more we go ahead,
the more I'm convinced the election was massively rigged," Karroubi
said, according to his news website (in Persian). "I
get new information every day, and it is regrettable to see certain
officials tampered with people's votes in this way."

In the
meeting with supporters, he later added: "I say it firmly that I'll
never compromise on the nation's rights, notably the votes they cast in
the ballot boxes. I'll stand by the nation up to the end and I'll try my
best to remove the hurdles to a free and fair election."



سوزن شکسته


به نظر می رسه   سوزن شما روي صفحه گرامافون گير كرده واین آواز فغان تکرارمی شه  

که الرب العالمین چرا آش اسرائیل بهتر از ال حلوایه  ایرانه 

این سوزن  دوهزار ساله که شکسته