The shameless + video

by Fred

It is now beyond a reasonable doubt and no longer possible to deny the fact that the Messianic Islamist Rapists Republic (IRR) is knee-deep in the ongoing crime against humanity in Syria.

While the feckless, shameless wet-rag Arab league, Turkey and the sane world stand still twirling their thumbs issuing asinine statements, IRR is openly bolstering the murderous Battists by continuously pumping in funds, arms, special operation troops and its terrorist houseboy Hezbollah killers from Lebanon.

Neighborhoods after neighborhoods are being pummeled by Battists and IRR who are using tanks, artillery, helicopter gunships and jet fighter-bombers.

Syrians are human beings too, in the name of humanity, why no tangible help is given to the victims to at least have a fighting chance?

Why no-fly zone is not imposed on the mass murderers?

Why safe zones are not established for the defenseless people?

Another related video here.


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