How Iranians can bypass censhorship


How Iranians can bypass censhorship
by freenet

As you know IRI is trying hard limit and block access to the internet and the flow of information

1. A good way to circumvent this is to use your internet connection (outside of Iran) as a connecting point to the computer of your friends and relatives in Iran. This way if they want to visit a censored site they connect to your computer and through your computer they can connect to their desired site. In other words your computer acts as a router for them. The trick is to keep your computer on and connected.

Here is a site that can give you more information on how to do this.


Remember quick access to information can save lives in Iran. Please share this information with other friends.

2. Send letters to UN and IRI officials expressing deep concern about torture of people that have been detained and demand theirimmediate release. Here are couple of links with more information.



3. We can also send letters to the media and governments all around the world asking them to condemn the killing and urge them not to recognize Ahmadinejad’s government as representative of people in Iran. Widespread international diplomatic pressure could force the IRI regime to think twice about pursuing its murderous path. It would also help people around the world to differentiate between the will of majority of Iranian people and this repressive dangerous government.

This regime has plans and capabilities of committing mass murder. Their arrogance in the blatant "election" fraud and the way they are repressing our people indicate that they had been preparing for this, while trying to lure people into voting and creating more legitimacy for themselves by claiming the votes for Ahmadinejad.

Please be creative in any thing we can do and share your ideas to help our hamvatanan. Let us turn our hope for a free democratic Iran into actions.


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Group effort for more effective sharing of events in Iran

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By the way. friends  can divide up the task of  sending OP-EDs to newspapers and major online publications or letters to governments.

This way it would be a more organized and group effort.



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