Hossein Khalatbari's Haunting Words

Hossein Khalatbari's Haunting Words
by JahanKhalili

"I cannot spend night and day in Switzerland, when the enemy's fighters do not leave my countrymen in peace."

- Hossein Khalatbari, IRIAF F-4 Phantom pilot (in reply to the question about why he had prematurely returned from Iran's delegation to the international court.)

"If even a piece of my country's soil is in contact with the boot of the enemy, I
will wash it with my blood and I consider such a death to be an honor,
and if I had something more valuable than my life to give to my people, I
would give it".

- Hossein Khalatbari,

 IRIAF F-4 Phantom pilot

"نمی توانم شب‌ها و روزها را در سوئیس با آرامش طى کنم درحالی که جنگنده‌هاى دشمن آرامش را از هموطنانم گرفته‌اند."

شهید حسين خلعتبري

اگر ذره ای از خاک وطنم به پوتین سرباز دشمن چسبیده باشد، آن را با خونم
در خاک وطن می شویم و مرگ در این راه را افتخار می دانم و اگر ارزشمندتر از
جانم هدیه ای داشتم، حتما به این مردم خوب تقدیم می کردم.

شهید حسين خلعتبري


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Roozbeh jan you said it my friend

by anglophile on

They were/are both in the pay of the IRI. 


Its Bad to Argue Like Little Children Here

by JahanKhalili on

We should be ashamed to bicker under the photo and words of this great man.

If you wish to criticize my translation, that's fine, but please leave petty nonsense out. 

I can be like that too, of course - i.e. getting side-tracked with petty nonsense.


Sorry to Disappoint You, Anglophile

by JahanKhalili on

But it turns out that the Hakim I had met isn't a relative of your favorite Hakim family.

I had carelessly assumed that he is (just as you carelessly did).

Why don't you just forget about politics?

You call yourself "Anglophile". Why not show us an example of how to be an Anglophile by thinking like an Anglo instead of an Iranian? 


"Good People"

by JahanKhalili on

I don't know exactly what Khalatbari meant by "good", but if I were to guess, I'd say that he valued the ability of Iranians to do for each other, and to pull together and to be "yek parcheh" when their country is in danger.

He might have also meant the kindness and graciousness that is emphasized.

We can't know exactly what he meant, without asking him - and that's impossible.

But "my people" convey's a better understanding of what good he saw in Iranians.

I don't think that Khalatbari could have made an analysis of every people on earth and have been comparing them to Iranians.

No, what he probably really meant was that he loves Iranians and calls them good because they are home to him - they are his.

Otherwise, there is plenty of good to be found in other people - Iraqis, for instance.

But he obviously didn't mean them, and obviously wouldn't have switched allegiances if someone could prove that there is a people somewhere with more "good" than Iranians. 


This Post is Really For an American Audience

by JahanKhalili on

The goal is for them to understand what Khalatbari meant.

Khalabari loves his people because they are his.

Iranians are full of all kinds of faults, of course. There are all kinds of misperceptions about them, as well - and some Americans may have trouble thinking of Iranians as "this good people". We cannot simply take for granted that Americans will share Khalatbari's opinion of Iranians.

But "my people" conveys something else. It says that whatever possible faults Iranians have, they are his people. I think that is far easier to understand from an international perspective, because it leaves out completely the need to describe Iranians or to place an absolute value on them.

Every man loves his mother, regardless of whether she is wrinkled, talks too much, or cannot cary on an interesting convesation, etc. The value he places on her has nothing to do with the value others place on her. 


Thank you very much anglophile for the info...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I was wondering who this Hakim Fellow you've been referring to was. 

One more question: Is hakim part of the fat boy Moqtaba sadr's criminal gang or does he lead his own shiat mafia?


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Thou Shalt Laugh :))

by anglophile on

Soosan Khanom


Thanks for the the biblical quotes but I don't think JK would get it or even appreciate it, My beef with JK is about JK's best friend simply known as Hakim. He is the best pal and source of JK's Islamic/Arabic/Farsi knowledge. This Hakim fellow, belongs to the notorious Iraqi Hakim clan who were close allies of the Islamic republic against Saddam Hussein and were responsible for the elemination of the moderate clergy Majeed Khoee.

So Jahan Kiddo is a disciple of Hakim and recycles his ideas as his own (in a nut shell).   



Soosan Khanoom

The translation is fine

by Soosan Khanoom on

anglophile, is that all you can say about this post?  What about the actual point of this blog which is the heartfellt words of a brave person? His intentions and the sacrifice that he made.

Besides, the term " my people " should be fine.  This term has been used numerous times when translating the old scriptures.  

Do the words " Let my people go "  ring any bell?  HELLO 

ok ok ... let my good people go  ...... Geez 

and one more thing ...

Could you please for those of us who are lost in the translation explain who the hell is Hakim?  Seriously ... I have no clue.






Jahan Kiddo!

by anglophile on

Translation is not your forte mate! You are clearly a novice. This ia common expression used in many speeches. Example:

What a stunning, beautiful reflection on the good people of America." - John McCain Stump Speech (//www.toberight.com/2010/08/new-version-of-mccain-stump-speech/)


or Ron Paul (if you know who he is):

Victims of disasters should get any and all help possible, and there is virtually no limit to the generosity and compassion of good American people after devastation hits."


And there are thousand more examples on the web.

So kiddo, my advice:


go back to what you are good at:

copying Hakim's ideas - LOL 


We Could Say

by JahanKhalili on

"This good people of mine", to make it more elaborate, but simple is powerful.


Yes, But Translation Is an Art

by JahanKhalili on

"This" good people is indeed the literal translation, but which people does he mean?

An American reading this might not understand without further explanation.   "Good" is something an Iranian would say, because Iranians add lots of praise that is considered to be superfluous in the West.    I'm really translating this for Western audiences. Iranians should already know who Khalatbari is, and what he said (even though many of them problably don't). 


to "good" people

by anglophile on

not: to "my" people (last line). Get Hakim to translate it for you properly :)


Please Feel Free...

by JahanKhalili on

.... to correct any inaccuracies.


OK whose translation is this JK?

by anglophile on

Is it another Hakim's job?:))))