Discoloration of US-Soros Revolutions


by Jaleho

Following the disintegration of the Soviet Union, there were many "Color Revolutions" in Central and Eastern Europe and Central Asia. The lure of oil and gas in the Caspian basin and a pipeline policy to control the world's energy, prompted US into installing puppet governments and US bases all around these unstable areas.

George Soros who has made the bulk of his billions fishing in the muddy waters of instability and currency crashes in which he has been a decisive element himself, found fresh grounds to harvest and reap fruits of the central asian instability following the fall of Soviet Union. His billions started to work towards the color revolutions like the Rose Revolution and the Orange Revolution. It helped bring about the US puppets  Michail Saakashvili and Viktor Yushchenko in Georgia and Ukraine.

Of course in the case of Iraq and Afghanistan, US oil and pipeline hegemonic policy took a more direct military interference. But, those invasions were followed after initial attempt at supporting dictatorial regimes like Saddam and Taliban had failed and needed to be overthrown. Oil interest being the main reason for US interference in Iraq is by now clear even to the most brainwashed Americans. However, there are still doubts about Afghanistan invasion, and installing puppets like Saakashvili of Georgia to facilitate Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline, and thus squeezing Iran and Russia.

With US losing its international clout because of its unsuccessful and expensive war policies, so do its puppets. Add to that the awakening of masses around the world to US hegemonic designs and the rise of China and gradual coming back of Russia. That's why after the Rose and Orange revolutions, the Pink and yellow of Tulip revolution of Kyrgyztan was faded from the start! In Uzbakistan and Tajikistan they even closed Mr.. Soros' Open Society Institute to preempt another joke of a revolution.

This week's crisis in South Ossetia makes one think about the future of Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan and the future of US pipeline policy in Central Asia in general. US has spent billions to isolate Iran and change its regime, weaken Russia, form military bases all over Central Asia, and years of aggression in Afghanistan and Iraq to solidify its control over world energy distribution. Two years ago, the Orange revolution started to crack and now it seems Georgian puppet has made a fatal mistake like that of Israeli invasion of Lebanon last summer. Millions of dollars of US expense and military training of Georgian army by American and Israel forces is coming to a disgraceful end show in which Georgia might officially lose not only South Ossetia, but also Abkhazia.

It is interesting to watch if  the IRRATIONAL Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline would go to full production in 2009  as planned, and if the Zionist dream of its expansion to Ashkelon and Eilat of Israel would be fulfilled. My bet is that all those extra expense and mayhem committed by US will end up to be a Zionist wet dream!

US is better off to abandon its unrealistic effort of ignoring Iran as a regional power, and Russia and Iran as an energy supper power to reckon with.


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USA should nuke Russia and its illigitimate

by American (not verified) on

ally the Islamic Republic of Mullahs!


Who said Russia is the Leftist Fatherland?

by AnonymousAnonymous (not verified) on

Actually, Putin and Medvedev are Russian nationalists and right-wing figures who have extolled (some of) the glories of Imperial Russia. The petty fiefdom of Georgia, just one of the many U.S. puppet states around the world, should not have initiated hostilities; by attacking Russia, it bit off more than it could chew. As far as "no blood for oil", what do I care what the leaders of Russia and Georgia do? I'm a U.S. citizen, and I care about what U.S. leaders do. The U.S. should stop sticking its nose in other nation's business. That should be our main concern as U.S. citizens of Iranian descent, not what the Russians are doing.


Where was George!

by farokh2000 on

Did anyone notice how George was sitting at the Basketball game between China and U.S., eating Popcorn when all of this was happening?

Just like when he was sitting reading the Goat Book to kids when 9/11 was going on and had no reaction to the News when he was told about it.

What a guy!


you have got it right when

by Sadaia_qesa on




You know you have got it right when the in-house Zionist resident totally for go putting up any argument and goes for the jugular (personal attack) by asking for IQ.

For some background information:

According to some commentators

"Ossetians are an iranic people like kurds, tajiks, …"




Zion, you and Mahthir Mohamad

by Jaleho on

seem to have the same opinion of Soros, let alone the Thai nationals. From Wikipedia site on Soros for you:


In 1997, during the Asian financial crisis, then Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir bin Mohamad accused Soros of using the wealth under his control to punish ASEAN for welcoming Myanmar as a member. Later, he called Soros a moron.[14] Thai nationals have called Soros "an economic war criminal[15]" who "sucks the blood from the people".[16]


And Zion, don't let the conflicting financal interests of Cheney and friends with that of Soros confuse you. while you're on wiki site, check this out:

Soros foundation and U.S. influence

Opponents of the colour revolutions often accuse the Soros Foundation and/or the United States
government of supporting and even planning the revolutions in order to
serve western interests. It is noteworthy that after the Orange Revolution several Central Asian nations took action against the Open Society Institute of George Soros with various means -- Uzbekistan, for example, forced the shutting down of the OSI regional offices, while Tajik state-controlled media have accused OSI-Tajikistan of corruption and nepotism. [4]

Evidence suggesting U.S. government involvement includes the USAID (and UNDP) supported Internet structures called Freenet, which are known to comprise a major part of the Internet structure in at least one of the countries - Kyrgyzstan - in which one of the colour revolutions occurred.

The Guardian[5] claimed that USAID, National Endowment for Democracy, the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute for International Affairs, and Freedom House are directly involved. Information[citation needed] on these organizations' websites (of which the first four are funded by the US federal budget) is consistent with these claims.


What I am saying is this Zion: It maybe true that US could spend $50,000 to overthrow Mossadegh and bring out its puppet Shah in Iran fifty years ago, or spend about $50 million in Ukraine or Georgia to bring other US puppets in power in recent times....but it requires 100 times more than those paltry amounts to keep those scums in power!!



The Leftist Fatherland,

by anti-toudeh (not verified) on

The Leftist Fatherland, Russia, seizes Georgia base, opens second front.

Do you hear any 'blood for oil" slogans from our usual fifth column???


Facts for Mensa

by mrlayl on

From what I saw in the reports, according to the Georgians themselves, before the Russian bombardements began, there were approximately 2,000 casualties of which Georgia claimed 300 were Georgians. This means Georgians had killed about 1,700 people, on some accounts mostly civilians including children.

So instead of accusing others of having "flawed idelogy", please pay attention to the facts on the ground.


Thank you.



Just one question dear Jaleho

by Zion on

Actually I loved this piece. To accuse a jerk like Soros of secretly promoting the US agenda is truly an instance of poetic justice.
Seriously though, What is your IQ level?


ummmm Mensa! I beg your pardon,

by Jaleho on

But did you forget by any chance  that it was the US puppet  Michail Saakashvili which attacked South Ossetia, leading to so many killed and displaced?

All I am doing is just wondering WHY the IDIOT did such a suicidal act! And the best that comes to my mind is the same idiotic reason that Saddam attacked Kuwait and to a lesser degree Israeli attack of Lebanon last summer. Hoping that the big boss US would consider it kosher and would bless our act of aggression, which they would, but to what end?! 

Or did Saakashvili really think that people would be too busy watching Olympics while he gobbles up Ossetia and creates the mayhem, another Mensa?!

Nah. My bet is that the same Israeli trainers who helped train the Georgian army, and the same Zionist elements who are in extra-super-cycle of PUSH to foment a US war on Iran and are being disappointed about US reluctance to engage, found a best time to ignite A fire that could hurt China, Russia and hoping the fire would reach Iran too.

But, all Georgia can do now is to whine and request the  2000 troops they sent to Iraq following US orders to kill Iraqis, back in Georgia with the hope of killing Russians instead.

That help, and some extra bickering of US in the UN and the Zionist media that you seem to be getting your news from, would get Georgia a cup of coffee.





by Mensa (not verified) on

Its so interesting that your warped since of reality which is fed by your hate-filled failed leftist ideology actually allows you to accept this aggressive and barbaric act by Russia towards civilians and a democratically elected government, while the rest of the world is condemning it.

Its truly amusing how Russia's aggression and China's aggression toward its own and others is ignored by these fanatical ideologists. The same leftist liberals who condemn every move that the US makes in Iraq or Afghanistan as aggression and acts against humanity, suddenly become deaf, dumb and mute toward their fatherlands actions. As long as it is the left doing it ...then its OK!! Its people like you (hezbe-tudeh)who have allowed IRI to stay in power for thirty years.

You can hang on to your failed ideology...how sad!!!!
But please DO NOT take pleasure and satisfaction in the loss of innocent lives in Georgia....shame on you!!!