The STINK grows as Dabashi stirs it more!


by Jaleho

The so-called "Iran experts" like Abbas Milani or Hamid Dabshai feel so hurt these days! That is because the only people who got the Iranian election and its aftermath correctly, and are thus the ones who are taken seriously by the political establishment, are the American-Iran-experts: The Leveretts.

Here is Leverett's original article:


And, here's Milani's quick response to them with his subtle rage:


Dabashi and Milani feel so bad for being irrelevant these days that they write with anger about Everett's important observation, and Dabashi goes on to attack Milani and Nafisi (yet again), just to distance himself from the other-Iran-experts-who-got-it-wrong, in order to re-claim himself among the "left" with his typical holier-than-thou-attitude. He almost looks like a clown trying to portray Milani as going left-and right in order to cover his very own going left and right!

Here's Dabashi's more-foam-at-the-mouth rage at the Leveretts, and his attempt to back paddle his own "delusions" about The Great Green Movement: (Thank you DK for a change!)


"If there are folks inside the Beltway who think the Islamic Republic will fall any day now, Abbas Milani will become the American ambassador to Iran, or the Iranian ambassador to the US, depending on the season of his migrations to the left or right, and Lolita will soon become required reading in Iranian high schools, well that's their problem, and yet another sign of their dangerously delusional politics."

He even gets funnier when he started to call Green movement a civil rights movement soon after his high hopes of it being a "revolution" died, which is OK. But then, trying to address the PERSONAL importance he has given to the Green Movement, he now water downs few of Iran's most important uprisings, including the Constitutional Revolution AND Islamic Revolution of 1979 as part of a "Civil Rights Movement":

"This is a civil rights movement some two hundred years in the making, whose course and contours will be determined inside Iran and by Iranians."

No kidding Mr. Dabashi, but we thought YOU were the big fan and defender of Mr. Makhmalbaaf who represented himself as the speaker of the "Green Movement" and went to European Parliament and BEGGED them to interfere in Iran's affair and sanction Iran. Did you forget that little detail?! Now, to separate himself from those who supported sanctions, he blames Abbas Milani:

"There are two sorts of harm: economic sanctions, covert operations and military strikes, advocated by the likes of Milani; or else engaging with the illegitimate and fraudulent government of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, as the Leveretts advocate."

Wait a minute now!!! You just talked about that "civil rights movement" whose course must be determined in Iran and by Iranians. But now, you seem to be wanting other countries interfere with Iran's internal affairs, not only by supporting Makhmalbaaf, but here by criticizing others in US who advocate non-interference in Iran? YOU want the Americans approve who is the RIGHTFUL president of Iran, not the system in Iran like the Everetts advocate? Make up your mind and represent yourself without contradiction at least in one short paragraph, mister!

To cover he himself for being caught by surprize by the huge number of pro-government people who poured in the streets after Ashura, he blames the Everetts of palying a "silly number game":

"The entire argument of the Leveretts dwells on a silly number game, like belligerent teenagers comparing the size of their vanities, all set in a prep school adolescent debating club mentality, questioning the numbers of antigovernment and pro-government rallies.

Mr Dabashi didn't get this "silly number game" the same way that he didn't underdstand  that 25 million who voted for Ahmadinejad is a much greater number than 13 million who voted for someone else! It is not a "silly number game" mister, it is called "the will of majority!"

Another funny thing Dabashi writes on the FAILED Western propaganda and intervention in Iranian election is that he copies Dr. Sahimi's crazy "coup propaganda" by the government, which puts the actual events on its head! That is, they call the western failed AJAX2 attempt to overthrow a massively elected Ahmadinejad via the so-called Green Revolution" which the west thought would be a successful replica of a Ukraine's Orange Revolution, illegitimately crossed with a 1953 Ajax1-type-project, as a coup by the government! No wonder to cover himself here, he now calls the Leveretts who had nothing to do with Iran's election as "Kermit Roosvelts" :

"Mr and Mrs Leverett ought to know they will be remembered in Iranian history as the 21st century equivalent of Kermit Roosevelt if they persist, as they have since the commencement of the Green Movement in June 2009, in actively siding with what in Iran is called "the coup government of Ahmadinejad".

Sorry Mr. Dabashi, you better listen to the Leveretts correct early call when they said: "Ahmadinejad got elected, get over it!" The ACTUAL leaders of the Green Movements, Karroubi and Mousavi finally did; the expat leader-wanna-bes should have no problem doing so. Else, the Leveretts will be remembered for their wisdom, not for being Kermnit Roosvelt, whileYou and Mr. Makhmalbaaf (who are lucky that the AJAX2 project FAILED), would be remembered as just another "Shaban bi mokh" cheer leaders. Shaban bi mokh for collaborating with the west to prevent Iran's national aspirations in its oil industry, the modern ones for being the cheer leaders for those who wish to prevent Iran's aspirations on its nuclear technology.


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Vildemose, did you listen to the clip?

by Jaleho on

Or, you're just shooting your mouth off agin without even listening to what you're supposedly answering to?!

In fact, I thought people just like you when they hear some of the slogans that they are parroting NOW, and they probably thought it was created spontaneously in the recent protests, would find it interesting to find out who spread them BEFORE THE ELECTION!




by vildemose on

 Jaleho with Marzieh Dabagh, Vevak, Mois, Savama, Neocons, Hassan Nassrallah, Khameni, Ahamdinejad, Larijani,c Jannati, Khaled Mashaal, Hizb- al Tahrir, Galloway, Shariati of Keyhan, Mohammad Ali Ramin, etc...take your pick...


Substitue Shifteh Ansari for M. Rajavi

by Jaleho on

at the end, after listening to the following clip carefully.


Same difference, no? One was before the election, Shifteh jan's pretty much the same stuff, but after the election. It would be a very illuminating exercise if Iranians , in particular those who left a comment in this older thread, read their own comments, and try to analyze themselves! Others, should just think of how their reactions would have been.


Amir, the Shaban bi mokhs vandalized

by Jaleho on

burned people's shop and tried to incite violence, just like some "shaban bi mokhs" among the protesting youth did PRECISELY during Ashura and Qods Day and few protests before that.

You thought Shaban bi mokh had horns on his head? NO, just like some today, Shaban bi mokh and his gang was paid by the foreigners to overthrow a democratically elected leader in Iran. back then they paid his crew $50 million for AJAX project, these days Americans are more generous and desperate to overthrow Ahmadinejad, so they allocated $400 million for the paid traitors of the Ajax2 project.

Could they mange to use the few thugs who infiltrated the peaceful protest of frustrated youth, and killed 8 basijis to bring out a full force military retaliation? Fortunately the regime has been more vigillant than that! The foreign ill wishers and the Mujahedeen agents who have infiltrated the peaceful youth protest have failed so far, your constant propaganda notwithstanding.



by vildemose on

gooroohban ghandali

 LOL. He sounds more like a programmed   robot by either Vevak, CIA, or KGB...etc. than a human being.


Jalheo talking about

by vildemose on

Jalheo talking about substance.. that's rich??

Parroting Vevak's talking points repeatedly does not constitute substance.

Your huge ego has blinded you to reality. You're in no position to lecture others on anything of substance or value.

You also thrive on being belligernet, so I won't be feeding you your fragile ego by responding to you anymore..


Give it up Marzieh Dabagh supporter.

marhoum Kharmagas


by marhoum Kharmagas on


No I am not Mazloum by any means. As much as I disagree with Jaleh I want to hear her views/analysis, and when in many occasions (from long before the election) I have questioned her views, unlike you and other fanatics like you, she has politely replied to me. You want to attack Jaleh for her polou Albaalou, that is none of my business, but when you try to silence Jaleh because of her political views, that matters to me because I want to know her views.

BTW, don't lecture me about IRI, when likes of me were trying to correct the wrong course that the revolution was taking, your Stalinist party was fully cooperating with Mollas. Your attempt in silencing Jaleh does not come from your "freedom fighting" spirit, it comes from your deep rooted Stalinism, ..., and On the native side, based on what I have seen, you wasted your time reading Kharmagass, and perhaps many other books!


hope IRANdokht is doing fine, maybe visiting Iran/Esfahan and trying beriouni there. Hope to see her comments soon.... I see less postings from the good greens these days. Some like Dr. Sahimi very rarely post here.



Shaban bi Mokh was a street thug, just like the Basijis

by AMIR1973 on

In fact, the quintessetial Shaban bi Mokh are the Islamist thugs for hire, who are armed with guns, knives, chains, bats, and electric cattle prods. In other words, the Basijis and their Fellow Traveler cyberspace platoon of the murderous regime in Tehran (they go by the names Pirouz and Jaleho on this website; they choose other names for themselves on other websites).


Marhoum jan,

by Jaleho on

speaking of the things that DO matter, I made a very good tasting "fake" albaloo polo, thanks to you and IRANdokht's recipe, different but both quite good.

And, speaking of things that matter even more, what happened to IRANdokht? She must have gotten realy sick of cheap attacks and cheaper pat-on-the-back-clique-mentality here. Frankly, she is too good for long presence here.

PS. BTW Marhoum jan, I wrote this blog in a rush quickly after I read DK's news on Dabashi's article and just before I head outside, so I didn't even proof-read my-not-so-important-blog. Now that I was looking at it, I noticed that my mind has played a game on me and in many places I have written Everett (like the place in WA) and many others Leverett! Of course Ms. Hojatti is too full of herself to notice that, rather, she contemplates on her own jj, or tt or its dots and crosses ;-)


Sargord Pirouz, you said

by Jaleho on

"Shaban bi mokh"cheerleaders, Oh, I wish I'd thought of that. "

I have not filed a copyright for it yet, by all means, it can be yours ;-)

You seem to have lived enough on IC by now to learn a bit of its habbits. The irrelevant comments DOES get tiresome, but given enough time, you learn which ones to ignore and which ones to read and bother to reply. But, sometimes you just wonder if one in a thousand of a person's comments might actually mean something, alas!

Anahid Hojjati

Marhoum but not Mazloom ! Probably reason JJ discouraged me ...

by Anahid Hojjati on


Probably the reason JJ discouraged me was that in some ways people who still defend murderous regime of IRI are like freak shows that attract others and are good for buisness. Also I decide what matters to me, and you decide for yourself.

If I commented like Jaleho, right about now, I would ask you if you made your comment to just get a pat from Jaleho?

On the positive side, I liked the book Kharmagass and I saw the movie too in early IRI.

marhoum Kharmagas


by marhoum Kharmagas on

Spelling of your name does not matter, what matters is that last time I witnessed  you did some personal attacks against Jaleh, you ended up removing your comment very quickly, and I mean VERY quickly, once JJ discouraged you! I bet you did not do that because you thought what you did was wrong!


I was undecided on Dabashi but have to pause and review

by Hovakhshatare on

when Jaleho attacks which is funny enough but then it becomes hilarious with gooroohban ghandali joining in support. This is too precious.

Sargord Pirouz

"Shaban bi mokh" cheerleaders!

by Sargord Pirouz on

Oh, I wish I'd thought of that. 

Someone had to say it, Jaleho. Thanks. 

And yes, the non-substantive replies are sure tiresome- aren't they? But hey, one gets used to it here at IC. 

Anahid Hojjati

Jaleho, it is Hojjati not Hojatti and I hope I had your blessing

by Anahid Hojjati on


Jaleho, it is Hojjati not Hojatti and I hope I had your blessing for this comment!


Vildemose, can you please

by Jaleho on

come up with a comment with a substance once in a century?!

Why do you feel the urge to just "write" when you clearly do not have a meaningful contribution or something related to the subject at hand, EVER? Just to get a pat in the back from Anahid Hojatti?!

Bahram Gohari

Lets hear from Mr. Dabashi

by Bahram Gohari on

Lets be fare to Mr. Dabashi and let him rebut.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear vildemose, maybe because controversy sells

by Anahid Hojjati on


I think reason we have to hear even now from likes of Jaleho is that JJ thinks by doing this he is serving democracy.  While having a tribune for Jaleho at this late stage is like if progressive forces let Nazi supporters have their say in progressive press.  Another possibility is that we hear from Jaleho day in and day out because controversy sells.

Darius Kadivar

Well For ONCE Dabashi Got it Right ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Sorry to Dissppoint You Jaleho but for Once Dabashi's Mumbo Jumbo got it right. All the more that Dabashi is often at opposite ends to Abbas Milani's  ( Whom personally I consider as a more reliable expert on IRan than Dabashi) views.

At least Dabashi seems to have got his priorities Right for the Sake of Saving Iran for YOUR Masters in Tehran who are crushing the Hopes of Democracy in OUR Country. I welcome his change of heart.

Your Palestinian Passport is however available at the Nearest HAMAS Embassy in Tehran. You may recuperate Dabashi's Iranian Passport and give it back to him temporarly while he is on the good track.

I hope Dabashi will progress in his views from now on. It's never late to change ...

For that I would suggest him to take some advice from Abbas Milani to that end ! He may even take some extra courses with Milani as teacher at the Hoover Institute and Leave Columbia for good !


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Who won persidency

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

"Sorry Mr. Dabashi, you better listen to the Leveretts correct early call when they said: "Ahmadinejad got elected, get over it!" The ACTUAL leaders of the Green Movements, Karroubi and Mousavi finally did; the expat leader-wanna-bes should have no problem doing so"

I do not need a CIA analyst to tell me who won the Iranian Presidency. Besides  the whole process was invalid. When they hand pick the candidates the process becomes invalid.

Why do Islamists now want us to listen to CIA agents !! I thought the West was supposed to be evil :-) Get the facts Jaleho! Is CIA good or bad.


Leverrett's article was 7 months behind

by MM on

In June 2009, the voice of the demonstrators was "where is my vote".  However, due to the shear brutality of this murderous/rapist regime, 30 years of frustrations manifested itself in the latest chants of "death to khamenei" and " jomhoori-e Irani". 

There has been plenty of articles written in opposition to the Leverrett duo's distorted views and we have discussed them in at least 3 blogs here in  Where have you been dear?

Anahid Hojjati

Jaleho, you have written a blog full of distortions and lies

by Anahid Hojjati on


There are so many holes in Jaleho blog.  A person has to be totally unaware of her background to waste responding to her point by point so I just bring one example of the holes in her blog. Jaleho at the end of her blog writes:

"Sorry Mr. Dabashi, you better listen to the Leveretts correct early call when they said: "Ahmadinejad got elected, get over it!" The ACTUAL leaders of the Green Movements, Karroubi and Mousavi finally did; the expat leader-wanna-bes should have no problem doing so"

So in above excerpt, Jaleho is claiming that Moussavi and Karroubi have accepted that AN got elected.  That is not what they accepted.  What they accepted is that they live in a country that turns elections first to selections and then after people protest to another excuse for jailing, raping and killing people.  That is what Moussavi and Karroubi have accepted.  They never said that AN became president as result of people's votes.  So this is one major lie written by Jaleho in her blog and the rest of her blog is full of distortions like this.


I feel sorry

by masoudA on

for people like Jaleho - 

they feel so great about the gravy train ride - right now.   They think not much of any potential harm for disseminating such BS, in hope to prolong the gravy, for just a bit longer.   They wait for IR directives so they would know when to attack or defend people like Dabashi or Milani, who happen to side with Green these days.   This ride only takes away their chances at improving themselves, and finnaly finding and injecting some decency in their lives.   It won't be long before IR throws them away like a used toilet paper - and that is when they try to catch the next train ........too bad - this time they are dealing with a whole different group of Eyranians armed with the internet.   A generation of Eyranians that won't forget and can't forgive.   One thing is for sure - it will be rare for these people to ever find or develop a concience and start a path towards decency. 

Good job Jaleho - your long article totally fooled us again!!!  Just like you - we can read right through both Milani and Dabashi -  and know how they got their University posts to begin with.  These guys are on their way back to sanity - the question is what are you doing?  Let me guess - you have developed a skill in humor to hide behind.