Iranians WON BIG!!

by Jaleho

The Iranian people by their massive presence in the election won on many fronts:

1. Internationally, no aggressor can now dream about an Iran attack when millions of brave Iranians showed their solidarity by standing behind a leader who defended their rights. No dreamer can now hope for a division of Iranian people, or hope to create a wedge between people and their overwhelmingly elected government.

2. Completely opposite to what some people feared, now US-Iran rapprochement will speed up under re-election of Ahmadinejad! Now that US can not continue with a futile dream of a leader that they could possibly push around, US HAS TO proceed quickly with a new friendly Iran policy.

3. Internally, the security felt against foreign threats translated into a more open democracy. The debates opened gates that no one can close again. As a result, the student will be charged up for months and even years to come, and the fracture that was introduced in the well protected factionalism inside Iran will only grow deeper. This is the start of a new phase of maturation of Iranian democracy, and it can only get better from here on!

This was a fantastic victory for Iranians. Congratulations to all participants who frustrated the designs of ill-wishers.

PS. With both camps announcing a "quick" and early win, it is now clear who the real "liar"  is :-)

PPS. To find out about real  sore losers though, you'll have to wait until tomorrow. 


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Thank you

by Souri on

dear Rosie

It seems that you are much more concerned about Iran, than our fellow resident :0)

Nobody (but two friends) tried to get the answer.

I was almost covinced of the same fact, because I haven't seen it no where, especially CNN would diffuse that news, which they didn't.

Thank you so much honey,


rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

I checked. The only thing the UN did was issue an incredibly tepid, lame and rather brief statement from the Secretary General censuring the violence by the Regime.

The e-mail is disinformation.


Thanks dear AF

by Souri on

It was very important you clear up this matter. That individual is going from bog to blog trying to silence people, I already addressed this:


What is important for the readers is to know that: this is not a Christian way, and he/she is especially there to damage the Christianity in the eye of the people.

As Mina already alert us, we should ignore these troll, but you did a great job to denounce them here.

Thank you.

anonymous fish

Lust for blood?

by anonymous fish on

Why Souri... did you say that!  :-0 

I'm only popping in because it was a comment by Cezare and he/she/it has already got my attention, in a BAD way.  I just wanna point out to everyone here that someone like that does not speak for the Christian world.  It's almost  They're doing far more to push people away than anything else.  Like you need to change your ways to begin with!!!   I'm Christian and I'm very content and happy about it but damn... I'd never presume to foster my beliefs on anyone else.  Anyway, I might agree or disagree with many things said here but just wanted to let you know... don't let that bug ya!


Sourie you tried to shut me up!

by puss on

sourie said:  Would you stop it now or you want to go on again?

Sourie, I am not upset with you. I am worried for you. becuase i care about my hamvatan, even I care about Jaleho,

I hope oneday she realized that she is an Iranain too. but I respect her honesty as well.



your English is not worse than mine

by Souri on

Listen, when we say  "you don't get it" it means you don't understand
it. What I meant was: you did not understand anything, no lesson from
the past, and you won't understand anything more, even if we do many

I don't see your wealth trough your writing and to be honest, I don't give a .....about what you have or don't have.

I called you stupid, yes, that was an insult. This was meant to show
you (and the editor) that hate bring hate and we will never end up, if
we start and continu by calling each other names.

Would you stop it now or you want to go on again?





by Souri on

Next time I need you to guide me on what I better do or not, I will send you an official request. Meanwhile, mind your own business! It seems that you still didn't get why I am in this thread. The only thing I am saying from he beginning is that : Nobody has theo right to silence nobody, not even you!!




Mehdi is 100% right Violence

by cezare on

Mehdi is 100% right Violence reaps more violence. And souri, your lust for blood is a shameful calling for these defenseless people to continue their battle against well armed, trained killers. It is better for you to keep silent.

rosie is roxy is roshan


by rosie is roxy is roshan on

it doesn't matter anyvmore wheher AN won by 99%.

The things they;ve done..the things they've done to their own people...

how can such a government be legitimate



Another point....

by Souri on

Although I am not a political analyst, but from what I know:

In order for a real revolutionary action emerge from a movement of the protestation, it first takes three step. 

1) Jonbesh (protest, which has started from the day after the election)

2) Sarkoubi (what  Khamenehee has said on Friday prayer)

3) Youresh (which is now taking place on the street by these young people who still resist the sarkoubi) 

BTW: how you say sarkoubi in English ? :)

Usually a non consistent, non organized, non supported movement will just die somewhere during the sarkoubi or between the phase 2 and 3.

What is amazing now is that the movement is still alive. Maybe they are better organized than what we suppose or because of the international support they are getting....... I don't know the reason, but I am hopeful.

If the  IRI had stopped before shredding too much blood on the ground, maybe all this could end better than this. But now it's just too late for the IRI will never be able to keep that peaceful Islamic image anymore. 

Mardom Mazloom

Koor khondid

by Mardom Mazloom on

The solution is not to accept the unacceptable Fraud. The only solution now (and not till the end) is to cancel the elections as the guardian council admitted that there were 50 cities in which more than 100% of people voted ending to 3 millions of extra-votes.

If you had an epsilon of decency you would not have come here with different pseudonyms and spread lies and contempt.

You and your masters are the biggest problem of Iranians preventing us to reach the truth and peace.

‫چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد



by Souri on

Whether the UN is legitimate or not in our eye or in the eye of the IRI,  for the time being it is the highest organization in regard to the international diplomacy. IRI just can't ignore or overpass them.

On the issue of the Oil company and Bazar joining the movement by a big strike, well,  that is in fact a key point into this matter. The revolution of 79, succeeded only because of the support of these two important element.

Now, I am not sure about the Bazari, although they are mostly with Rafsanjani, but in the Oil company, I have no idea what is going on today. At the time of the Shah, the majority of the people working for the oil company  were either Toudehee or Jabehe Melli. Which was a grand help to the revolution.

Don't forget that the Islamist won  the battle against the Shah because they have been supported by one superpower, who was indeed our neighbor. Even if you would not admit it now, but this is an undeniable fact.

But that superpower do not exist anymore.
This green movement today, unfortunately do not have the material and ideological support that was available to the revolution of 79.

But in time they will succeed, I hope not only for a change of president (that I never supported) but for a total change of regime  .




by Souri on

Rosie : This is an email I've got today. It says that the UN gave an ultimatum to Iran, if they don't stop the attack on the people before 48 hours, then the UN will no more recognize the IRI as  a legitimate government.

I'm wondering if this statement is true.


Souri jan, that's a great question!

by Jaleho on

First, even if the news is correct, the UN has no legitimacy wrt. Iran. Its actions during Iran-Iraq war, and Iran's nuclear programme speak for itself. And, it lost its legitimacy not only with Iran, but just look at the recent events in Lebanon, Gaza, or Georgia, etc.

However, your point regarding the countrywide strikes are the litmus test of legitimacy of continuation of these demonstartions! That is, if indeed the working class and baazar and merchant class join the youth, then you're talking a valid wide majority of Iranian showing a discontent.

The Islamic revolution has been fisrt and foremost an anti-colonial revolution in nature, mixed with a classic revolutionary class struggle. That's why you had every strata of the people taking part in it. That's why people don't get when they call this a "revolution."

This discontent is wide, but is limited to intelligentsia. If there is any wider base than that, then it calls for reconsideration. However, i don't believe that is true!

Ther mere fact that oil price has come down very much today and recently is proof enough, I believe!!

rosie is roxy is roshan

Souri, briefly,

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

what does it say?

rosie is roxy is roshan

How many dead?

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

How many lost their eyes?

Is anybody counting?

What is all this martyr crap?I thought this was such a  SMUGLY

"secular" site, Listen to all these people talking about martyrs.

What is this, Ashura? Martyrs for a secularizing democracy?


We don't use this concept. 

Heroes, yes, but not martyrs.You have the girl. She's a SYMBOL.

What's a martyr?

Some of're a bunch of closet Shia. You're devout.

You don't believe in houris.

But you believe in Karbala.


Mammad, Those who don't have their skin in the game

by Jaleho on

have been pouring fuel on the fire of Tehran's civil strife and DO get excited by every news of  more blood in the streets of Tehran! As much as Wolf ZEEV Blitzer and NYTImes editorial board!! They confuse the passion of some frustrated youth who found a venue to voice their legitimate demand for more freedom, with a revolution!

The western media is abusing the situation to the max. and Mousavi thinks he can pull a Yushchenko out of this by risking the lives of these youngsters. No one in CNN asks if the police should simply let a riot go on and people's stores get burned by rioters?! Did Iran ask a regime change in the US after Rodney king riots which led to 53 killed and 2300 injured, by constantly showing the face of the killed people and the riot police?!


Mehdi, have you read this one?

by Souri on

I asked everybody if this new is true. If this is true, it means people should continue their battle only a few more days, to get over with this government. Things have gone too far to be stopped now. I wish it could be stopped peacefully, but there is too much blood shed for this cause. They just can't stop now and they shouldn't either.



Those who advocate violence are not a friend of people

by Mehdi on

They disguise their venomous purpose under the cover of crocadile tears for the "martyrs" but in reality they want more bloodshed. These are not the friends of people in Iran.

The demonstrations must stop now!

It is clear that Mousavi does not have a majority of people behind him. While there hs been some police interference, there hasn't been a heavy interference to account for the weakness of demonstrations.

Some people want to push for more force. There are even people who are giving tips on how to cause more violence and how to kill people. People should know who these animals are. Enough with the violence. Stop demonstration and stop encouraging such. 

rosie is roxy is roshan

May they rest in PEACE.

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

May they rest in



Anyone supporting this

by Mitra Khuzestani (not verified) on

Anyone supporting this regime in any shape of form is criminal just like the regime in Tehran. Now the whole word knows your true identities, you have no shame. So Khejalat bekesh MOZDOOR. The Blood of our brothers and sisters is on your hands. You think everything is a joke just like your Ahmaghinezhad, you are all comidians, undermining the peoples efforts. So khejalat bekesh MOZDOOR. With one sack of POTATOES your leader got some votes but not all. So Khejalat bekesh MOZDOOR! YOU HAVE NOT SHAME AFTER ALL THE BLOOD SHED, BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM.



These guys won big as well.

by Anonymous111 on

rosie is roxy is roshan

Thank you dear American

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

for your beautiful words. It's a little awkward because we're here bickeirng. I guess you must've found us because we're at the top of the most discussed box It's just that...we're all so upset we must be taking it out on each other.

Thanks for undertanding that this is not the true face of Iran.

Just a family spat.



your English is not worse than mine

by Souri on

Listen, when we say  "you don't get it" it means you don't understand it. What I meant was: you did not understand anything, no lesson from the past, and you won't understand anything more, even if we do many revolutions.

I don't see your wealth trough your writing and to be honest, I don't give a .....about what you have or don't have.

I called you stupid, yes, that was an insult. This was meant to show you (and the editor) that hate bring hate and we will never end up, if we start and continu by calling each other names.

Would you stop it now or you want to go on again?


Souri you are civilized.

by puss on

Yu claimed you want to stay civil and others through wrods and are not civil.. but you are the one who called my stupid..

You are right about I have nothing. becuase I really have nothing.. no big bank accounts, no home top of the hill, I do not gossip or I am not prentencoius like many other Iranain living outside of Iran.. I do not lie and I do not insult.. I am you are right that I have nothing.. oh girl you have eye of a hawke.. how did you see my appreance through this blog... But I have love of my people and my country... they are all my love, my family..

This boy should not be there you are right again.. but why a basiji who used to went on 'min' to defend his country.. now is beating a 7 y/o child.. is that his mother's fault that those "adam kosh ha" beat a child.. NO.

I am stupid, you are right again.. I do no tthink about my retirnement, nor seeking my own safety..

It is not a suprise that you do not feel you have to care about that boy.

 God gives you peace in your heart..and please feel free to laugh at my English too :) I do it myself sometimes :)

peace & freedom


I am American and not

by trinkie (not verified) on

I am American and not religious. I just feel really bad for what you are going through and wish you nothing but the best. May you and your families stay safe. A lot of people in the US are watching what is going on. You are a very brave young people. Our thought are with you. may we all have peace in the future.


What was he doing there?

by Souri on

Why a 7 years old boy should go to the manifestation, to begin with?

They don't know what is happening there? Their own parents don't care about them to let them assisting in such a violent scene, and you are asking other people to care about them?

I hate the Bassiji FYI.

Stupid guys like you never got anything and will never get anything, no matter how many times we do a revolution.



by Souri on

Do you see what I meant ?

Deleting comment is not a solution dear.

Now every single news from Iran comes with an insult to jaleho or/and the people who try to stay civil.

This blog is not productive anymore, just a place for the hatemongers to come and shot their offensive words to others.


Basiji beats 7 year old boy - Tehran, Iran (June 20th 2009)

by puss on

Iranian "Jaleo, Souri, .." Won big!!!!!

Basiji beats 7 year old boy - Tehran, Iran (June 20th 2009)






Dear Souri, all hate is because I was RIGHT!

by Jaleho on

Souri jan, Thanks for the very nice comment.

Like I told Mehrnaz, I don't even want a single one of these comments removed or flagged. The reason is that when emotions are cooled people can look at their true selves and see what mob mentality can do to them. That's what happens when independent thinking is absent. Those with independent thinking and opposing views can argue politely.

I would also arrogantly add that all these hatred is coming from the mob because I have been CORRECT in my analysis and they were wrong! Their belief that Ahmadinajed has no popular support was so deep rooted that their "ghyias be nafs" and frankly buying the western propaganda of the past 4 years have made them convinced of a massive defeat of Ahmadinejad way before even the debates started! The fact that incumbent president everywhere has a tremendous advantage, and in Iran has been a 100% phenomenon,  never was even raised in their mind!

Many of these people actually started to know the Ahmadinejad they hated all this time, only a bit just through the debates!! 

So naturally, they can not accept that there are millions in Iran country sides that they have never seen or known, who are passionate supporters of him. The Iranians who have access to cell phone or internet are 1/3 of the population. The people here don't see the quiet majority, they see their relatives inTehran or Paris. But, America has to deal with that majority or else it would be another neo-colonial policy whose time expired in the middle east with Iranian revolution. Of course that's what the AIPAC and neocons want to bring back precisely.

The mob here which is so wrong gets mad when they see someone whom they though is quite off, actually had the correct analysis on not only the election, but despite all the experts on the TV thinking that the leader is going to sacrifice Ahmadinejad for saving Hashemi or regime or making THEM happy.... I knew Khamenei will not cancel something which is not his to cancel: majority's vote! So the mob gets mad at me for predicting that obvious outcome after the riots correctly again!

Also, many in this site don't know what they really want when they ask US for "support," in the streets of America. But when I call "Obama's correct policy, SO FAR" (not sure if the AIPAC and neocons won't affect it later), the mob goes and yells in that blog too, because it was again correct, and that frustrates them! I don't think many among those who yelled in that blog really disagreed with what I wrote there, but the mob yelled because Jaleho wrote there, they found it right, and got frustrated again for being WRONG ;-)

To correct the abrasive arrogant tone of this comment I should add that although I am among a small minority in this site; a symbol whom everyone who was WRONG can take an aim at, among Iranians inside Iran I am just a humble element of a huge majority who got it CORRECTLY.

Mardom Mazloom

5M voted for Mahmoud Olagh

by Mardom Mazloom on

And guess who were them? Jaleho like olaghs...

We are talking about IRAN not the Republic Islamic of Dayoosan -- aka RID

‫چو ایران نباشد، تن من مباد