Obama's correct Iran Policy, SO FAR!!


by Jaleho

Iran presently is in the middle of the most rapid evolution of its revolution. This new phase has been afforded in parts by the open debates which led to massive participation of Iranians in the presidential elections. A big factor which facilitated this openness was the security Iranians felt against foreign threats, itself resonated by president Obama's outreach to Iran. For the first time in thirty years after the revolution, allegations against powerful clerics on the top of the Iranian power structure has been put on the table for public debate. The healthy fracture that was created in the hitherto well protected factions inside Iran, is rupturing rapidly. However, the real power of this evolutionary phase doesn't not emanate from different clerical factions, represented by Mousavi or Ahmadinejad. Rather, it rests with the Iranian youth who are pouring in the streets for their legitimate aspirations, and is manifesting itself in as a challenge to even some political foundations which has been out of question before. This is a very healthy phase in Iranian revolution and must not be interrupted by foreign powers. Short of a large bloody civil unrest that might erupt because of the very close win of Mousavi in the city of Tehran, and a more pronounced win of Ahmadinejad in the rest of the country, or an engagement of the military beyond  a riot control, these daily demonstration in Iran are a magnificent step forward for Iranian people. It furthers Iranian democracy in leaps, and so far as women's right is concerned, it is high time for those leaps. Unfortunately, there has been already some blood in the streets, and hopefully this will not end by pitting different groups of Iranian people against each other.

At this important juncture, President Obama should not follow the advice of people in the US who have failed to achieve what he achieved in a short time regarding his Iran policy. Let's not get blindsided by the outpouring of the Iranian youth in the streets for their legitimate RIGHTS. Let's not forget that although there are divisions on the internal economic policies, or degree of openness among supporters of different presidential candidates, 94% of all Iranians support Iran's right to nuclear energy which is advocated by both candidates, Mosavi and Ahmadinejad. The main message that the US administration regarding  its foreign policy towards Iran should get is this fact represented by an 85% turnout in Iranian election, and the fact that the large majority from both sides in Iran's presidential election also desire a relation with the United State. The huge demonstrations in Iran from both camp include people who unanimously welcomed president Obama's call for a dialogue between the two countries. President Obama's announced non-belligerent and non-interference in internal affairs of Iran, has already aspired the Iranian people to demand more openness and freedom inside Iran. Any wrong message by US president at this critical juncture, the types of interfering messages that Sen. McCain and his typical crowd are advocating now, would reverse the monumental gains that Iranian people had in an amazingly short period. If president Obama heed to the advice of people like McCain, the chants of the youth in the streets of Tehran from demand for more freedom and democracy will turn quickly back to chants of "Death to America!"

President Obama must be commended for his wise Iran policy by letting Iranians sort out their own internal affair. A US meddling in Iranian affairs will certainly return the clock, and reverse the hard earned gains of Iranian people. 


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Kaveh Nouraee

Interesting Commentary From

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Pat Buchanan.

He is a huge proponent of the U.S. keeping its mouth shut. He has stated that any display, gesture, or words of support, essentially anything beyond silence, from the U.S. will be used by Khamenei and the hardliners as fodder to claim interference in Iran's internal affairs. This will in turn be used to "justify" crackdowns on the people with a potential level of brutality that has hasn't been seen before.

He clearly knows how the IR propaganda machine works.

rosie is roxy is roshan

It' sthe very use of the word f'ractures' itself that

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

is so distasteful and offensive and bitterly ironic and frankly, after having had that already assiduously pointed out to you (by me)..out to lunch..

and now HEALTHY fractures, no less.

Go to the parents of the dead young protester who was shot in the head and had his brains blown out and talk to them about "healthy fractures" in the system..

What'd I tell ya, folks?


The Unsinkable Molly Brown.


new phase of maturation of Iranian democracy????

by more spin (not verified) on

Is that what you call all this? So the IRI killing innocent protestors is a phase of maturation? God help us all!
Dangerous is right. PLEASE people, do not be lulled by the spin this person is putting out now. PLEASE do not be fooled by her empty words. PLEASE do not be sidetracked by her accusations of insult from Mina when YOU have seen the results of her venemous tongue. The vangs of a horned viper are deadly. So is this ones.


Rosie my dear'y', show doctor different fractures, OK?

by Jaleho on

You said:"Well there you go again with the esact same spin term about the fractures from your previous blog Iranian Won BIG only now they are HEALTHY fractures." 

Could you please specify what you find so outrageously different in my tune regarding "fractures" in my two blogs?

Here's the part from My Blog: "Iranians WON BIG," where I describe the "fractures" as part of that BIG WIN:

3. Internally, the security felt against foreign threats translated into a more open democracy. The debates opened gates that no one can close again. As a result, the student will be charged up for months and even years to come, and the FRACTURE that was introduced in the well protected factionalism inside Iran will only grow deeper. This is the start of a new phase of maturation of Iranian democracy, and it can only get better from here on!

This was a fantastic victory for Iranians.

----------------------------------------- NOW

Here's the part which I use the "fracture" again, in the present blog. But this time, you like it since I call it "healthy fracture" for short, since I have already described why it is healty in my previous blog at length!

"For the first time in thirty years after the revolution, allegations against powerful clerics on the top of the Iranian power structure has been put on the table for public debate. The healthy FRACTURE that was created in the hitherto well protected factions inside Iran, is rupturing rapidly.



My dear Watson, could you please elaborate how this spin doctor changed the tune in these two passages?!Or is it the case that you were too busy slandering that you didn't even understand the first passage? (like MinaDavar)

Or did you perchance think that when I said " This is the start of a new phase of maturation of Iranian democracy, and it can only get better from here on! "

 that someone had fever and all of a sudden it got healty??!

rosie is roxy is roshan

The spin doctor fractures again!

by rosie is roxy is roshan on

The healthy fracture that was created in the hitherto well protected factions inside Iran

Well there you go again with the esact same spin term about the fractures from your previous blog Iranian Won BIG only now they are HEALTHY fractures. Even after my satirizing this language saying the fractures are in the students' craniums and the MAGGOTS won big.

There is nothing more dangerous than a propagandist except one that doesn't even know when their propaganda has been shown to be utterly ridiuclous and harmful and still keeps using it.* Because come hell or high water this kind of propandist will always find a couple of followers somewhere and lead them into delusion. There is no stopping a juggernaut no matter what kind of nonsense fuels it.

Same with your "IRI is a democracy babble.

The issue isn't what you have to say about Obama's policy, which I agree with a good bit. The issue is that your chronic unscrupulous bending of language and positing spurious premises are ultimately toxic to any movement you work with, even if it's Doctors Without Borders. And the fact that you're too obtuse to even realize that you do this makes you even more dangerous. Sooner or later, and usually when the chips are down, you will manage to poison the wells,corrupt any cause...

You're dangerous.

Still with the healthy fractures..with all these kids being beaten..omigod U R incredible..



*Except for the type described in a previous post of mine..)


Jaleho-No response to my question. I am not surprized.

by minadadvar on

So far you have not answered my question.  I was going to give a you a 2nd chance to redeem yourself.  Because, I thought , despite your twisted logic you had some courage. It is so sad that, I now realize that you do not know what courage is.  

What I find frustrating, is that your responses are pseudo-responses.  Just like your last response to my question.  You went on and on and one, without answereing me. I guess, you do not have an answere.  You called our youth a group of hooligans.  And AN a hero, who has changed the face of Iran.  Oh boy, he sure has. 

Instead of responding, you lecture,criticize and call people names.This is is called "safsateh" . I admit it you are a master.  But it is like chewing gums.  Your mouth keeps on moving without saying anything.

Keep on chewing, it will do you a lot of good!!!  

P.S.  By the way, you need to know you are not as smart as you think you are.  


Minadavar, don't tell lies now!

by Jaleho on

You said:"I am glad you changed your "Iran won big" blog.  The comment about AN mobilizing the youth is gone.  Thank God.  "

 Why some people have to lie to prove a point that they don't have?!!

I did not change my blog, you simply didn't read it, and probably now you recognize that as you confessed yourself, you just don't read things carefully. Unfortunately, you have no problem to shoot your mouth off about something that you even have not read or understood properly before commenting about it.

Do you know that if one changes or edits a blog, it is clearly shown on this site? Simply click on your track or mine to see that all changed blogs are shown as "updated."

I am really only interested to debate issues and don't care for personal spitting fights.You did sound civil and curious about few issues, but now istead of saying "sorry, I didn't read that before," you're saying " you changed something that I thought I have read."

I am done with your petty attempts at personal attacks, rather than discussion of issues.


You Should Be Admitted to an Insane Asylum

by Anonymous111 on

for being a pathological sociopath.  Look at what she says:

"No matter how much some in the US are excited to see some blood in the streets of Tehran..."

"Maybe a counter crowd all around Iran soon will bring them back to reality, even if they refuse to see the other crowd, that would not change the fact that they exist in larger numbers!  Even if they don't celebrate Ahmadinejad's victory, they and the international community will have to deal with Ahmadinejad another four years. Hopefully, cheer leaders who don't have their own skin in the game, wouldn't need too much more blood to realize that fact. "

"too much more blood".  What a sick, bloodthirsty individual.  She's happy with the level of blood so far!!!!  And she doesn't mind a little more so long as it's not too much!!!  How much is too much, Jaleho?  20 more killed?  A 100 more killed?  a 1000 more killed? So that Ahmadinejad stays in power. 

As I said before, you are a supporter--and in all likelihood an employee- of a murderous regime.  Your time will come to be put on trial for crimes against humanity.  You do realize that U.S. courts have jurisdiction to hear those claims as well--regardless of where in the world those offenses occured?  So, keep defending and spreading propoganda on behalf of these murderers.  Your day to face justice will come too. 


Dear Kurush, Nice analysis

by Jaleho on

Thank you very much for your thorough analysis, and the well written format. I do agree with the general premise of both Parts, A and B of your comment, regarding the west's motives and west's plans and the reactions to it.

However, I believe some specific conditions in both Iran and the US of today must be taken into consideration. First and foremost, as much as the overall designs have a typical framework, the different leaders and different time slices, certainly affect those general designs tremendously.

I tried to address the changed environment of Iran today for example from the post revolutionary Iran which was not secure at all regarding direct foreign military intervention and foreign coup d'etats. Naturally despite the internal factionalism, the regime has come a long way, and has a more steady pillar to stand on now; a well defined military and more organized defense complex which is not comparable to the insecure Iran of 30 years ago. That's why I mentioned the security which has afforded more openness inside Iran, for a large group of citizens to excercise their democratic rights more freely, and start to address lack of freedoms whih they have tolerated and put in the back burner as a result of more existential issues.

That's why I believe that short of a  bloody civil conflict, (which unfortunately people who are adamant that Ahmadinejad has no followers despite all the evidence to the contrary)  can not even see coming possibly, the peaceful demostrations are indeed a great step forward. It might afford the women's right a rapid pace unthinkable before. It is high time for that, the conditions are definitely over-ripe for that. It even might lead to a structural change in the system for the better. Unfortunately, if uncontrolled riots or a semi-civil war gets underway, then every advance might be wiped out by a semi-military coup.

On the other hand, you also must include the monumental changes in the United States, and the new international power politics in your analysis. The empire here is quite broken. It is not a matter of NOT wanting to press with the neo-colonial plans as before, it is a matter of whether it can be done any more. My thesis is that it can not be done. US needs to change its policies in the Middle East simply because it can not afford to keep it as beofre. The usefulness of Israel as the "local base" is faded rapidly since the disintegration of the Soviet Union. What has kept the relation is rather artificial remnants of the past due to the power of AIPAC inside the US. That is rapidly changing (historically speaking). AIPAC can not continue to be effective in an America which won't be the sole economic superpower in the world. The military, political, and economic hegemony goes hand in hand, and the break up of one leads to the break up of the other. We have already seen this in Iraq. US simply can not afford to mess around Iran a la Iraq for a new base. Even the color revolutions in the former Soviet block faded after US was unable to sustain them economically beyond the original investment in them.

No matter how much some in the US are excited to see some blood in the streets of Tehran, they know that eventually they have to work with whatever is the representative of the MAJORITY of Iranians, as they can not finacially sustain an interference in Iran directly, or through an unstable lackey they might hope to install. It is not going to happen.

The people on Iranian.com who are so sure about the massive Mousavi win, all the "Iran Experts" we see in the CNN the past four days sure of a re-election or giving Ahmadinejad as a sacrificial lamb in the foot of Hashemi, or others who think a revolution will come out of this that will change the Islamic Republic's regime, are going to get disappointed! Maybe a counter crowd all around Iran soon will bring them back to reality, even if they refuse to see the other crowd, that would not change the fact that they exist in larger numbers!  Even if they don't celebrate Ahmadinejad's victory, they and the international community will have to deal with Ahmadinejad another four years. Hopefully, cheer leaders who don't have their own skin in the game, wouldn't need too much more blood to realize that fact.



by minadadvar on

You are not answering my questions?  That is why I keep on repeating myself.  Until afew days ago Ahamadinejad was the saviour, Iranian Youth were a group of  hooligans.  In this blog you say, it is not about Mousavi or AN, it is about  our youth.  A short answere is good enough for me.  You do not need to go on and on and on. Please be brief and to the point.. Did you say/imply that or not.  

I am glad you changed your "Iran won big" blog.  The comment about AN mobilizing the youth is gone.  Thank God. 

P.s. I was not impressed by the quality of your blog.  I was surprized by the change of heart.  If you want feed back about your writing.  I personally, do not long blogs with big words.  I like short. to the point and simple blogs/comments.  In law school they teach lawyers to argue their case in one page.  Anything longer is not accepted.    


MinaDavar, since you're relatively polite

by Jaleho on

I take the time to answer you one last time, but it will be the last time because you also said:

"You are right.  I do not have much time to read everything carefully. "

If you don't have time to read something carefully, why do you allow yourself to write about material you have not read carefully; ask the SAME questions repeadly; yet reufse to read the carefully written answers to you??!! Did you even read the comment I wrote to Mazdak below which quoted my answer to you which you probably didn't even read it the first time? NO, You don't read, and simply repeat yourself. So this will be my last post to you, unless you have a NEW QUESTION.

So now you added:

"The reason I think you have changed your tune, is because your Obama blog sounds very different.  It almost sounds like someone else has written it, or you got some major help in writing it. "

I am glad that you seem to be impressed by my Obama blog ;-) Which Obama blog are you refering to which has a different tune?

If it is the Obama Iran-related blog, "Alternative Iran Policy Advice to Obama," please read it carefully as hard as it might be for you, and copy the parts that you find inconsistent with my later blogs. In fact, I am pleased that Obama indeed removed Iran envoy, Dennis Ross, as suggested in part three (near end) of this blog as many others have suggested him for sure, which reflects his good understanding of what goes inside Iran, and he seems to be listening to voices of reason, within his power.



If you are refering to my present blog, "Obama's correct Iran plocy, so far!!," and the last blog I wrote right after the Iranian election "Iranians WON BIG!!," that one is a very short blog and still on the most discussed,  please specify where is the "different tune," so that I could address it. You just find different tune in different writings without reading them carefully?!


Ahhh yes. The Sounds of Democracy

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

"Shut up!!!!!!"
"Who cares what you think!!!!!!!!!"
"You should be arrested!"

Anonymous1111 - are you sure you're not some charismatic leader hiding behind that lovely chatter?


Jaleh-O - Do you Want More Iranian Blood?

by Anonymous111 on

Let me say this in the simplest way so that the little brain of yours can understand it: your ideology is evil.  Your leaders are evil.  Your government is a mafia style band of murderers.  By supporting them, you are one of them.  You and your government are anti-Iranian.  You and your government, the IRI, are universally hated in the world, in Iran and on this site.  Your only friends on this site are the other IRI apologist Irandokht and the imaginary one that you have created in your head. 

As I said to you in the other blog: NO ONE GIVES A S**T ABOUT WHAT YOU SAY OR THINK.  The only thing that we care about are the Iranians that are being slaughtered in Iran by your bosses.

GO AWAY!!!!!


to Leili

by to Leili (not verified) on

Isn't it the truth!!!!! Doesn't it just make you want to puke!!!!!

Shazde Asdola Mirza

ابلیس فقیه است، گر اینان فقهایند

Shazde Asdola Mirza

ژاله تو و ارشاد؟ حیا کن سر جددت!


رو ماست و خیار خور سر قبر خر لنگت!


خون ریزی ملاّ و خمینی چو عیان است،


لکه بنشیند‌ به قبا و به سرشتت!


ابلیس فقیه است، گر اینان فقهایند


شیطان نبود بدتر از این رهبر زشتت!


"mokhlesim ;-) "

by SamSamIIII on


Bet she is !!!. mokhless to the hezbeh baad .

2 bad, it,s 2 late & cards are played .






Jaleh jan

by IRANdokht on

My two comments on your blogs were different. Sorry if it wasn't clear.

I had initially written about the election here then I removed it an only spoke of the dangers of any foreign power meddling the way I see it.

mokhlesim ;-)




by minadadvar on

You are right.  I do not have much time to read everything carefully.  However, it seems I understood you correctly regarding AN/Mosadegh.  Right there, you lose credibility with me.  You are insulting me and many other Iranians by even comparing AN to Mosdadegh, a great man in our history.I am glad that you have enough guts to admit it, though.

Do you also have enough courage to admit that you called our brave youth, who are being slaughtered by this brutal regime, a group of hooligans? 

The reason I think you have changed your tune, is because your Obama blog sounds very different.  It almost sounds like someone else has written it, or you got some major help in writing it.  Until acouple of days ago Ahmadinejad was everything.  Iranian youth who disagreed with him, were hooligans.  All of a suddent you say, it is not about Mousavi or AN.  It is all about the Iranian Youth.  Which one is it?  Maybe you mean, the youth that you approve of.  Right



Jaleho and Irandokht, two peas in a pod

by Leili (not verified) on

Your new alliance is so transparent. We saw your true colors right after the elections.Stay with that image, it suits both of you better and your new attempts at showing yourselves different don't work anyway.


Divide and Rule

by Kurush (not verified) on

It would be a mistake to fall into the trap which the West , especially, the US have laid down for Iran. It is a fatal mistake equally to accept US pronouncements at face value. No colonial power has ever abandoned any of its colonies without a massive protracted war. Vietnam is a good example. The French suppressed the Vietnamese ant-colonial movement for the 1st half of the 20th century and did not abandon Indochina until they lost the battle on the ground. Even then, the Vietnamese had to fight another 25 years to finally kick out the American colonizers. Algerians had to fight the French after WWII for 15 years before they were able to convince the Western thugs to leave their homeland. While Iran was not formally colonized, yet it was de facto an Anglo-American colony., until 1979. The US has profound geo-strategic interests in Iran. That is why no matter how much the Americans say otherwise , they are intervening de facto.
Let us look at their real motives first and then the way they have devised their schemes.

A. The Western motives:
1-The oil of the ME is of course is the most critical. 80% of the world’s proven reserves lie between the Persian Gulf & the Caspian Sea. It is not just the obvious importance of petroleum to the West , the fact that the West is now totally dependent on the imported oil, even for their military operations, that all their military hardware would be useless without the imported oil from the ME, etc; but also the petrodollars that are deposited in the Western, especially US banks, denominated in the Dollar, which keeps the dollar as world’s hard currency reserve. If the petroleum producing countries demanded the Japanese Yen, then the world would switch to the Yen as the reserve currency, as simple as that. Americans are desperate to prevent that. There is a huge behind-the-scene, out-of -public-sight struggle amongst the rivals with the Chinese & the Russians preparing the world for this final move to switch to a reserve currency which will bring about the collapse of the American Empire. That is why the Iranian plateau is the more important geo-strategic region in the world

2-Iraq & Afghanistan are the new frontiers of the Western attempts to re-colonize the world Without an alliance with the reactionary forces within the ruling factions in Iran, this attempt is bound to fail. The Americans & their NATO partners know this and are making attempts to destabilize the Iranian socio-economic equilibrium. The Americans have no intentions in leaving either Iraq or Afghanistan. These are hard-earned colonies and quite a bit of capital & crime has been invested towards this goal.

3- With Iran as its military ally, willy-nilly, the Americans would achieve a major strategic goal of surrounding Russia‘s vulnerable Southern and Western frontiers with hostile & pro-Western satellite states. Russia is the nemesis of the West, and its destruction and/or subjugation a Holy Grail of many a Western hegemon, from the Teutonic Knights, to Sweden’s Charles XII, France’s Napoleon, Germany’s Hitler. All ended in grief for the Western invaders. The West has never given up hope.

B. The West’s plans

A normal presidential election, in which the voters go to the ballots box to cast their ballots peacefully & in orderly fashion, was hijacked & subverted by elements in the Moussavee campaign. into a ‘color’ Revolution by those who have aligned with the Americans . The timing was critical.

1- A few days before the election day. The so-called reformist Moussavee camp sent out its supporter into the streets of Tehran, they were wearing green outfits, headbands, scarves, etc. The color revolutions had been an effective tool in the hands of the Americans & their NATO allies to turn the former Soviets states into the West’s satellites to impelement the encirclement of Russia by hostile pro-Western satellite states. They made a human chain, clogged the streets defiantly & boisterously . The unusualness of this move did not escape the Iranian authorities. The commander of the Revolutionary Guards sent a stern warning to the Moussavee camp. If that had been a feel-good ‘spontaneous’ move by the reformists & their supporters, it all would have ended there. The operative word is ‘spontaneous‘. Nothing in this was spontaneous but well calculated. The reformists had already achieved a crucial psychological victory: they got away with it.

2-The next move was done subtly but significantly, perhaps the most significant move in this cynical scheme to destabilize Iran. While the votes were still being cast on Friday night, Moussavee declared himself the winner, What was the rush? Candidates in every country wait quietly & hopefully on the day of the election, but, NEVER, NEVER declare themselves the winner prematurely while the votes are still being cast. Moussavee had an ulterior motive. Now any other outcome (Ahamdinejad’s victory) would automatically be put in serious doubt as impossible and/or fraudulent..

3-When Ahamdinejad’s victory was announced, the third phase went into motion. This phase appeared spontaneous just like the first phase, but in fact was calculated well in advance. In fact the first ‘spontaneous’ pouring out into the streets & making human chains was a preparation for this pre-planned phase to show a massive street protest in order to precipitate a crisis. A crisis, they did precipitate. One that is in open defiance of Iran’s sovereign national government and its overthrow by elements within the Moussavee/reformists camp

4-A few days before the election day, in the Seestan-Baluchestn capital , Zahedan, in a mosque no less, a bomb was planted and detonated. It claimed at least 15 deaths & scores injured & maimed. All innocent people going about their daily ritual of worship. The saboteurs were supposedly caught. But the dirty war against Iran had taken a new turn just when the presidential election was about to take place. It is no secret that these saboteurs are trained and armed by the CIA & Mossad.. The timing was no coincidence either. The saboteurs will continue to create waves of bombings as the protest continues, just like in Iraq’s mosques bombings which set off the fratricide in Iraq, until the threshold ushering a civil war is crossed.

The modus operandi is of course to divide et imperia, the Western way of dividing nations and ruling over them. The West has successfully brought Iran to the precipice of a Civil War, They will not settle for anything short of a Civil War in Iran. All the protestations of neutrality by the Americans & their NATO cohorts are mere dissimulations.


Mina davar, I repeat myself one last time

by Jaleho on

If you like. That's right, I did say that Iranians won because Ahmadinejad won, and because they ALL took part of the election, and I did say that I believe future history will keep Ahmadinejad with a higher esteem than Mosadeq. What's the contradiction with what I am saying here?

 Can you kindly go back to the other blog which is still available, read my anwers to you, and cut and paste MY WORDS which you find in contradiction to what I am saying now?!

I'll be gone for a while, so please take your time and read carefully before writing.


Dear IranDokht,

by Jaleho on

I also wrote this in the other blof for you. But since you have it here also:

 "Like I have been saying though, I have not seen a credible evidence proving the fraud in Iranian election. All I have heard is unsubstantiated rumors, many of those rumors going against each other, and BTW are quite idiotic I might add!

For example, people tend to believe what they see on the internet as a letter written by interior ministry to "rahbar" about how votes were fraud and then the correect votes are then followed!! I mean, even if the copy going around had done a better job of covering the "physical cut and paste," I still would throw away that kind of rumor with a laugh. yeah Right, ministry would give a hard copy of that nature to rahbar, or who ever else likes to distribute it on the internet :-)But, people tend to buy it!

Not only that, they never ask themselves why they accept the data that some ministry worker apparantly "sneaked out"  which claims Mousavi won the election by a huge margin , yet that data was reported in the same short time that they claim the legitimate data was reported, and they have a problem with the short term used to report the data :-) :-)

Or many other rumors or claims. Yet, I have not seen one logical argument refuting the result of two year study of Terror Free group which strongly validates the result of Iranian election, in different regions of Iran, and in different age groups! The only argument I heard was that of Mina Davar stating that she personally believes that somebody "manipulated the center for public opinion." Niloufar also said that the report only states that Ahmadinejad was about 34% and Mousavi about 14% , with 27% who said that they are still undecided, and that 34% is not a win for Ahmadinejad. I just don't understand how she translate that figure to a huge win for Mousavi :-)

Well, there are people who act based on belief in ghosts, I prefer hard data and correct statistics.

And once more, I am not refuting the HUGE number of people who are coming out for Mousavi. 13 million IS A HUGE number, and i am sure many who loved the system being challenged are joining in too. What I am saying is that  24 million is a bigger number, which god forbid if you see them as angry as the 13 million who lost! Because then you'll have civil war. "


To minadadvar

by Anonymous46465445 (not verified) on

You said to this "Jaleho" character "The change is too dramatic to be believed."

I say you understood me perfectly well!


Very nice article. Your

by Anonymous2 (not verified) on

Very nice article. Your enthusiasm showed and gave me goose bumps.

I am not Iranian and did not know the importance of this election as I heard it in NPR radio just a day before the election. Good luck Iran you guys have some great civil engineers here!


Jaleho you have changed your tune

by minadadvar on

Until a couple of days ago, AN was your hero, the best, "valatar az Mosadegh".  Iran won because AN won!!!  You called Iranian Youth, a bunch of hooligans.  What happened?  Are you able to see what is really going on,  or this is an attempt at changing your persona (how you come across) ? The change is too dramatic to be believed.

I agree with Obama's approach.

Dear Anon:  I do not understand what you are saying.    


Very true - Obama should also lift sanctions and ask for talks

by Mehdi on

Obama's foreign policy is working, probably better than even he expected. We can see very clearly that when the foreign powers clearly stay away from Iran's internal affairs, it directly empowers Iranian people and gives them courage to stand up and ask for civil rights.

Lifting sanctions and asking again for talks would render hardliners almost completely vulnurable! They will have no excuse to clamp down on civil rights. 


The point you seem to be missing, Jaleh

by Mazdak (not verified) on

is that the process cannot be trusted. As I challenged you on your other blog, which you didn't reply, even Mohsen Rezai has challenged the validity of this election results. One party has serious doubts about the election and you apparently expect them to just say 'well, let's move on' like it was a football match. They haven't waited 4 years to be dismissed with a rigged election. You have blind faith in the soundness of this election, but many don't. Btw, the jonob shahris that you talk about (and of which I know very well. I was born in Javadieh and raised around meydoon-e raahan, and that is as Jonoob as you get) are organized Basijis that are part of a system of patronage. Many of them are lumpens, and lumpens have always been part of the rank and file clerical establishment. Again, I know them first hand. I attended more tekieh and Ashuras than I care to remember. And don't forget that many a fascist regime has been built on the back of populist pro-poor policies. Bottom line, neither side is black and white. Mousavi should have reached over to the urban poor and working class. Instead he left that arena to the demagauge AN. And yes, AN has done certain things that has benefitted the poor but what remains is that his overall handing of economy and his abrasive foreigh policy (the sanctions which are very real) has brought double digit inflation, and that has imacted the poor the most. And he is not lilly white himself. His own Interior Minister is a multi-millioner. At this point, the only way to avoid further bloodshed is to stop harrassing the opposition, order new elections which will be fairly overseen. If AN wins then fine but there is no going back to being cowered by the fear machine. The game has changed. Either a permanent national security state or evolution of Iran towards a truely democractic society.


Mazdak, NO Back-pedalling, you missed the point

by Jaleho on

This is what I wrote before in my previous blog, which I simply repeated here with regards to what Obama's policy should be. But, maybe you missed it: 

"3. Internally, the security felt against foreign threats translated into a more open democracy. The debates opened gates that no one can close again. As a result, the student will be charged up for months and even years to come, and the fracture that was introduced in the well protected factionalism inside Iran will only grow deeper. This is the start of a new phase of maturation of Iranian democracy, and it can only get better from here on!

This was a fantastic victory for Iranians. Congratulations to all participants who frustrated the designs of ill-wishers. "


 The reference to sore losers was to people like Mousavi himslef who refuse to accept their loss gracefully, as I addressed in my comment on the previous blog again to comment by Minadavar:

" "Even if IRI is being truthful, people have been deceived so many times, that they have completely lost their trust/confidence in this government.  I am sure you know the story of Choopaneh Dorooghgu. "

That is why the open debates were so important and charged up people so much! That is one reason that powerful clerics who were accused by Ahmadinejad are so riled to defeat him. Also that's why  3 million youth in Tehran who have had no hope in the past 30 years were so charged up by the openness that they were afforded for the first time. Add to that, the actual result from Teheran is:

"In the cities of Tehran and Shemiranat, Moussavi beat Ahmadinejad with 2,166,245 votes to 1,809,855 and 200,931 to 102,433 votes respectively. "

No wonder the youth in Tehran can not believe that they didn't win!! They are not exactly the Shabaan bi mokhs of the Mosadeq era, rather a passionate youth with legitimate demands who truly believes it won. Mousavi however, should know better than pitting 2 million youth in confrontation with almost 1.8 million other Tehranis, many of whom are the rough jonoob shahris who can't tolertae what they call bunch of "soosool" destroy their votes!!

If Mousavi doesn't accept his defeat gracefully, there is the possibility of either a mini civil war or a mini military coup. That would be sad and a complete waste of the recent openness that was gained through debates. "


What is most insulting is to

by insulting (not verified) on

What is most insulting is to see these two NOW pretending to be in support of the protest. No worries, people know who they are now. There is no going back, especially for JaleHO who represents EVERYTHING bad about Iranians. Thanks god that those proud hamvatans IN Iran can't hear their insulting lies.


Back-pedalling by Jaleho

by Mazdak (not verified) on

So the youth pouring out in the streets are no longer sore losers who will be crushed by the real Iranian people, right Jaleh? They have a right to ask for basic freedoms that you and I take for granted, correct? No matter if they are middle-class, up-town or educated twitters or blogers, right? And how do you classify the black-clad, club wielding thugs of the Basij, the same ones that beat up the protesters savagely? Nothing wrong with accepting your errors. Better late than never. Ps: I'm all in favour of Iran being left alone. We can do without John Bolton and MacCain but let's not make a fetish of this "leave us to ourselves" thing. When your government's storm troopers are closing down news outlets and imposing a virtual black-out on people they have to get their news and support anyway they can. Just watch Makhmalbaf's speech available on this site where he enourages people to talk to anyone including VOA, and Makhmalbaf is no neocon stooge.