Manuchehr Khosrodad
by Manuchehr Khosrodad

How come the IRI's officials make such Hypocritical and Outragous comments and requests?

Today marked another milestone in the IRI's stupidity, when their stupid speaker Larijani said Obama should appologize for other peoples views that he doesn't agree with and he himself has never personally expressed. He was referring to appologizing for the movie made to mock Islam and its Prophet Mohammed, not understading the most Iranian Muslims wish for Freedom of Expression Today in Iran. The Stupid Mullahs in Government are not representative of Islam, but representative of corrupt clerics who are Extremists and ths is unrepresentative of the consensus of Iranian Muslims

Most Iranians Muslims are not Extremists and they agree that the IRI and Its Filthy Actions and Views, starting with Khomeini the leader of the corrupt clerics, give Islam and being a Muslim a Bad name. Iranian Muslims did not need Larijani to remind them of what they have and are suffering for over 33 years at the hands of Iranian Clerics and their Corruption. If Obama should appologize to anyone for a piece of work he had nothing to do with, in a country with freedom of expression, he should first start by appologizing to those who paid 5 million for such a movie and got cheated out of their money and the lack of protection by the government.

This coming February will be the Anniversary of the Martyrdom of many Real and Good Iranian Muslims to the Corrupt Islamic Authorities under the Leadership of the treasonous Khomeini. Thousands of Loyal Iranian Muslims were executed under the charge of Corruptors of the Earth. Defined as a person who contributes to spreading and expanding corruption on earth. People who were executed had strived in spreading prostitution, circulating heroin, opium and licentious behavior, murder, betrayal etc

Today Most Iranian Muslims Know that by the Islamic definition of Corruptors of the Earth, Khosrodad and thousadns of others sent to face death squads by corrupt islamic authorities were and are Innocent. The conspiracy committed by the Corupt Islamic Authorities in control of Power today, to overthrow the shah by using lies and to seize power for personal profit is not a secret any longer among Irans True Muslims, who oppose the IRI and support Irans Secular Tradition. What gave away the IRI and its illigitimate revolution was the proof. Since the IRI came to power, stupid comments and views have increased and sanity has decreased according to most Iranian Muslims. Prostition, theft, drug sales of opium and other hard substances, murder betray, poverty have all increased and continue to Increase so long as the Islamic Republic of Corrupt Clerics continues to remain in Power. The End Of the IRI at the hands of true muslims and all groups of Iranians can not come about soon enough.


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This article makes similar points as above and gives proof.

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