The Deadly Deceit Of The USA, Israel, the UK, France, Germany and Their Allies........


Manuchehr Khosrodad
by Manuchehr Khosrodad

including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, Holland etc.

These Countries Governments are Pursuing A Policy that causes their goverments to commit clear and obvious criminal Acts on a scale that even their media and secret services are having difficulty covering up in entirity.

In a Nutshell, they are opposed to the Freedom, Justice and Democratic Development of Certain Countries du jour, listed in their own University, Research And Foreign Policy Circles.  This is no longer shocking News.  The Secrecy of this Concerted Policy became public Knowledge in the early 1990's, though it was started in secrecy by US leadership in the early 1970's.  The Policy was entirely based on the scientific findings of the "Club of Rome" when researching the subject, "limits to growth".   

Many non-educated Iranians, in foreign policy and how it is created and how it changes, today are entirely unaware that they the victims of present and ongoing US Policy. Iranians, Syrians, Libyans, Egyptians are listed in the Countries du jour.  In Iran's case they have largely won for 33 years now.  Since the Iranian Public can not see the tree's for the forrest, let alone distiguish friend from foe.  Iranians will contnue to be the victims of untold criminal activities perpetrated against them by the so-called Leaders of The Free World, which betrayed both the people of Iran and the previous leaders of iran, for example those working with the Shah.

In Syria, we see the actions of the USA/UK/France and their controlled & corporate media elected leaders giving their unsurprising full support to the so-called forces of "Freedom, Justice, Democracy, Human Rights" even as their Media conceals the activities being done in a brutal fashion against the Syrian People by those the West is supporting.  Groups of Tyrannical, Despotic and clearly Criminals disguised as Freedom Seekers. 

There has been Zero reporting done on the findings of the UN on the Hama Massacre, findings which have supported the Syria Governments claims that the majority of those executed were in fact families of Syrian Goverment Supporters.  Video's of Syrians that support the Syrian Government being thrown out of 5 story buildings to their deaths are not being given any media attention, neither are the masses of video's of taped executions of government supporters captured by those armed against the Syrian Government.  Sadly the bias is intentional and the game is not even clear to many viewers. 

In Iran, the west already succeeded in its aims, they achieved ther goal of installing a despotic, tyrannical regime after intentionally misrepresenting the previous Monarchy and portraying it in a dark light.  Now the west is gambling with Iranian lives to choose between terrible and worse, IRI vs other mullahs vs war, while aiming to keep Iran retarded as per the findings of the club of rome, with no real choice to have a hope for.

It's Time Iranians constructively address the deadly deceit they are facing as a society.  Those who support the Freedom, Justice, Human rights and Progress towards Democracy for Iran need to become collectively Aware of what they are Up against. 

The unimaginable harm and brutality that human beings can inflict on one another is being played out on many countries, for Iran the people have to contend not only with the IRI that the west helped bring to power by exploiting the ignorance of the people of Iran, they must also face a west that is united in committing todays crimes against them and many other middle eastern countries, using the peoples desire for democratic government to impose extremists.

The West has shown, since they Killed the Shah of unnatural causes and misrepresented him and his government that human rights, freedom, justice, democracy are not ideals they are sincerely pursuing in their policy for Iran.  The USA has shown it will do everything in its power to prevent these qualities from taking root in Iran, so with this I'd like to end with "God Bless America," since it should be clear to all one can't call themselves a human being and also bless the America of today, one needs to be god.


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DK listen to this interview about Libya

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

About the hundreds of people killed in the last month we don't hear about, about the dozens being killed every week for the last few months we don't hear about, about the 47 people killed in the last few days not reported ad so we don't hear about.  This is what happens when a society and can happen to iran when NATO countries unite to meet their interests.  Why the distraction and non coverage of what Nato has done?  // The intervewee knows the wests definition of democracy and knows about foreign policy because his answers are no conspiracy theory, they are based on the research done by the club of rome as Manucher Khosrowdad has clued you into.  Its shocking that a person who says they support the Monarchy of Iran is entirely clueless in terms of definitive foreign policy basics, under the circumstances Iran is in, No?  By the way did you get any information on what happened to the promised international trial for the brutal murder of the former dictator of Libya while in custody of NTC forces, themselves being under the direction of former US Special Forces (no longer in the employment of the USA for legal reasons, so the USA could plausiably deny ground involvement) (a fact also not publicly discussed anywhere except in a few of Putins speeches).  What is happening to the wests sincere concern for the International search for Justice, by the Free world LOL????????  The answer is, the search for Justice is right next to The US Pact to defend the Government of Iran, signed with the Shah.

Democracy, ooo-la la, great excuse, n'est pa? In Irans case all you have to do is sell and convince people the late shah was not the most democratic leader and not helping the democratic progress of the people of Iran, which is easy to do if you just paint him as a dictator.  Though had the shah lived, Iran would likely be the democracy the USA today does not want to see.


Manuchehr Khosrodad


by Manuchehr Khosrodad on

APFSM, you showed a good example which shows that you see the difference between what is said and what is done.

DK, I'm not sure how I could have been more clear, I see that it may have disturbed you on some level and the facts do not fit with your thoughts. I noticed some confusion in your thoughts, between the definition of the word theory and facts.  If you were to research the club of rome and limit to growth, you could then understand that there is no theory behind what I said, just a vast community of Iranians who are ignorant the existence of such an important scientific document as well as the decisions made as a result of it.

Unlike APFSM and You I don't have the luxury of earning credibility, because yes I am hiding behind an avatar, in a terrifyingly sadistic country was once loved and honored by khosrodad and today is sadly encircled by the corrupt and their thugs. As things are going in Iran, few people posting on this website are safe traveling to Iran, since your views are not enslaved to IRI.

Azarbanoo, the people here are against the IRI and swear against it among each other, yet there is no one even daring to organize against it outside Iran, even when it is obvious to anyone here if there was a revoluton against this regime it could and would encompass almost everyone in Iran agains them far larger than the one that brought them to power.  The issue is the people want to back a team of people that are good, like the members that served the old regime (of course not exactly because they are not alive or young but people like them who care for Iranians and knew what vatan parast meant), not the other mullahs led by khatami the west clearly has hopes for because it can divisively use the support left with them by some Iranians to keep mullahs in a position to continue harming Iranians. So Instead of backing the people, the USA works against us by a) supporting other mullahs or b) dishonestly supporting a war. both harm Iran. Not to mention the Mek, a dangerous and unpopular group.


Somehow I agree with author

by Azarbanoo on

Some evidences indicated that Western power are biased toward ME countries particularly the one with Oil.

Darius Kadivar

Simplistic ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Your Confused man ...


I'm afraid Hiding behind a Great Patriot's Avatar to express your conspiracy theories won't earn you more credibility as an objective observor of what is going on in the world today for good or bad ...


Good article, see this quote.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Hillary Clinton has continued to enjoy a diverse and unprecedented
career in public service.  In a 15 July 2009 speech to the Council on
Foreign Relations, she offered her forecast of the challenges and
opportunities of the U.S. as it entered the second decade of the 21st
Century: "We are determined to channel the currents of change toward a
world free of violent extremism, nuclear weapons, global warming,
poverty, and abuses of human rights, and above all, a world in which
more people in more places can live up to their God-given potential.”


When you have statements made by Sales People like the one above, And Iranians are totally distracted about their own personal experiences of what was the God Given Potential of People of Iran in the 1970's compared with today, then you have what you're describing.  Ignorant Sales people carrying out Ignorant actions and trying to portay themselves as wise and knowledgeable through their words, which are entirely contrary to their actions and results.  Yup, deadly deception describes it pretty well, that and very sad world.