Love, Warmth, Kindness, Respect are the Only way

Manuchehr Khosrodad
by Manuchehr Khosrodad

This song sings in favor of love versus the control imposed by the repressive Iranian Regime.  It also may be a unifying voice for all Iranians to unite in requesting to have the political support and assistance to replace the IRI through peaceful means.  This would mean that western governments would be asked to stop betrayng the people of iran by stopping their help of various Ayatollahs within the IRI to gain technologies, intelligence and access to resources to suppress Iranians seeking the removal of the IRI. 

Iranians instead need to be given real assistance with no strings attached and the political signals they need to mobilize and remove the IRI regime, through mass strikes and public disobedience.  The Human Rights situation going on In Iran is an outrage and the desire to negotiate with the IRI helps to endorse the crimes going on.  What many Iranians want and need to see is for the USA and EU to publicly condemn the MEK and arrest their leadership & not to think about using terrorists in the peoples struggle for Freedom and Secular Democracy.  Obama seize the moment and let it be known that you stand with the people of Iran and prove it through your actions.  This would help establish trust with Iranians in Iran, which is currently not present, in order to mobilize for regime change for the better.  Encouraging and helping Reza Pahlavi to give speeches across the USA and EU to supporters seeking an internationally monitored Free and Fair Referedum is the only conscionable path for the world to take.


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The dashing warrior

by Aria on

Forever a hero,

Forever a legend,

Forever a friend, unlike any other,

Forever etched on a nation's conscience. 

Oon Yaroo

God Bless general Khosrowdad.

by Oon Yaroo on

The greatest general of IIA.



god bless

by shushtari on

general khosrowdad......he was a true patriot who was taken away from us by these cowards...