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Maryam Hojjat
by Maryam Hojjat
Dear Maryam,

In a few hours, NIAC will hold its sixth major conference on Capitol Hill. Our panelists range from prominent human rights activists to former US hostages in Iran. It will be a great event and we will make the video and transcripts available to you if you can’t make it.

The conference shows the growing prominence of the Iranian Americans voice that NIAC provides.

Few in Washington have failed to notice this voice. See for instance Jordan Michael Smith’s article in World Politics Review - Inside Obama's Iran Policy Shop. It tells the tale of the work NIAC does for our community and beyond.

As you know, NIAC’s growth in influence has inevitably lead to greater attacks against our organization. That is why we launched the Truth Out 2010 Campaign two weeks ago – and we never expected the overwhelming response we got. Clearly, our many supporters are just as tired of the smear campaign against NIAC as we are.

But as the attacks against NIAC have increased, numerous journalists have also covered the truth about NIAC. Just today, the Huffington Post ran a major piece by Sam Stein , pointing out the progress in NIAC’s lawsuit against Hassan Daioleslam. Stein’s piece also contained testimony by prominent Beltway players, rejecting the accusations against NIAC.

"I think the charges are absolutely baseless," said Steve Clemons, a bipartisan highly-respected foreign policy voice in the D.C. community and fellow at the New America Foundation. "I know Trita and I know many of the people involved in the organization... They are transparent and upfront. They take on their critics in public forums. That is what you are supposed to do in the think tank business... They have a perspective but it is done above board. I've also seen him say things that in no way would thrill the Iranian government."

I encourage you to send the Huffington Post article to all your friends. Post it on your Facebook. Tweet about it. And let your friends also know about the new Fact vs Myth section on our website in which we dispel the many lies and myths that have been spread about NIAC. This is us fulfilling our promise to you to stand firm, dispel the myths and strengthen the Iranian Americans voice through the 2010 Truth Out Campaign!

Thank you!

PS. If you haven’t already, join hundreds of others and make a donation to NIAC’s 2010 Truth Out Campaign! It’s tax-deductible and it is through your help that NIAC has made it this far!

Trita Parsi


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Maryam Hojjat

Thanks for feedback!

by Maryam Hojjat on

It helped me to see Niac  as I thought to be.  Thanks again.

Payandeh IRAN & Iranians 



by jamshid on

"What is the nature of RP controversy?"

Aren't you reading blogs in which RP is dicussed? Taking a look at some of them will answer your question better than I ever could.

"Maybe you could explain to me what it is about NIAC that you don't agree with."

I didn't agree with NIAC cleverly sweeping the IRI human rights issues under the rug in favor of dialogue with the US.

Sure, sure, they have had a few articles here and there about human rights. But then the IRI has had them too, through various controlled human rights organizations that serve IRI's agenda.

I also don't agree with NIAC to jump on the human rights band wagon only after the June events, once its own "khodis", i.e., reformists, began to lose their privileges under the IRI. What about all the non-reformists who have been violated by the IRI before June? Is their blood less colorful?

"I mean concrete proof of them not being pro-Iranians"

"Pro-Iranian" is a loaded word. The basiji thug who beats our youth, in his heart believes that he is pro-Iranian too.

"Or are you against them just because all other monarchists are?"

There are different types of Monarchists, none of which I fall under as I support a republic. But it is not only monarchists who have their doubts about NIAC. Many other opposition groups and many independent ordinary Iranians who oppose the regime including its reformist version, also have expressed their doubts about NIAC and criticized it.

And lastly, NIAC's methods of intimidation and threats of lawsuites (using their deep pockets) against criticism serve only to expose its insecurity and arrogance, not to mention casting even more doubts about its nature.

In my opinion, to which I am entitled and NIAC can't sue me for it, NIAC is and has been another lobby front for the IRI in the US. And I don't care whether this is volunteerly or inadvertantly.


Excuse me Mr.Expc; R u here?

by میرزاقشمشم on

Where have you been my friend?



by IRANdokht on

What is the nature of RP controversy? I fail to see any resemblence, maybe becauseI have not heard any rumors about Reza?

Maybe you could explain to me what it is about NIAC that you don't agree with. I mean concrete proof of them not being pro-Iranians etc...   Or are you against them just because all other monarchists are?




by jamshid on

"This "controversy" started and spread out without any proof just by people repeating it and voicing doubts for no reason."

It's very similar to the Reza Pahlavi controversy that, in your own words, is spread without any proof just by people repeating it and voicing doubts for no reason, isn't it?

But one is ok, the other is not.

By suing Hassan Daioleslam, NIAC wants to silence the voice of any serious criticism against its organization. To me, this is a telltale sign of weakness, insecurity and arrogance.

Does anyone know if there is any funds to help Hassan Daioleslam counter NIAC's lawsuite?


Before you ask people for feedback

by IRANdokht on

Before you ask people for feedback, why not explain why you wrote "NIAC is a very contraversial organization. I have not been convienced that they work and struggle for IRAN & IRANIANS to free themselved from Tyranni of IRI."

What's controversial about NIAC? Do you have any evidence against them or are you basing your statement just on some negative rumors? This "controversy" started and spread out without any proof just by people repeating it and voicing doubts for no reason. 

I invite you to read the articles and blogs on the NIAC official site // and judge them for yourself instead of repeating rumors that have gone too far.

Thank you


Anahid Hojjati

I like NIAC since they listen to their membership

by Anahid Hojjati on

One thing I like about NIAC is that they listen to their membership.  In the past year, as a member, they have surveyed my opinion along with their other members and then I have seen that NIAC has adopted policies based on results of their survey.  To me, that is a positve point.