How to stupefy a nation


How to stupefy a nation
by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan

How do you go about and stupefy a nation and make them gullible enough to believe everything you feed them? You don't want the same thing that happened during the Viet Nam war: people on the streets threatening the establishment.

One of the most effective venues is the media. Control the media, and you control the masses. Below is synopsis (In Wikipedia) of a 1980's typical movie, "Invasion USA." Just reading it makes one laugh and then apprehensive. Xenophobia if you ever saw one. The actor, Chuck Norris is also credited with such masterpieces as Delta Force and Missing in Action movies. He is now a regular contributor to WorldNet Daily, another conservative latrine. His latest contribution is "Obama's secret vault" -- //


The film begins by showing a group of Cuban refugees on a boat sailing for the United States. They are at first met by what appears to be a U.S. Coast Guard boat, with armed personnel. The U.S. Coast Guardsmen kill all the refugees and take several bags of cocaine hidden in the boat. It is revealed that the armed personnel were communist Latin American guerrillas dressed as U.S. Coast Guardsmen.

The real U.S. Coast Guard eventually finds the boat full of the murdered Cubans off the coast of Florida. The FBI and the Miami Police Department arrive at the docks to investigate the murders. The communist guerrillas eventually land in Florida and exchange the drugs for weaponry from a drug dealer. They are led by Soviet operative Mikhail Rostov (Richard Lynch). Former CIA agent Matt Hunter (Norris) is asked to come back to the CIA, but he first refuses. However, Rostov demands that Hunter be killed before they can begin their operation, because Hunter is his former nemesis. Rostov and his gang fail to kill Hunter, but destroy his home in the Everglades. Hunter goes to meet his CIA contact, and tells him that he will come back.

Later in the day, hundreds of additional communist guerrillas invade the beaches of southern Florida. The guerrillas drive away from the beaches on several trucks. The guerrillas begin their assault by destroying suburban homes. Another group of guerrillas (dressed as Miami police officers) attack a community center in South Miami. Meanwhile, the FBI has no idea who is behind the attacks. Hunter and the CIA believe that Rostov is behind the attacks. As terrorist acts continue in Miami, race riots and general chaos develop within the city. By now, the public believes that terrorists are behind the attacks.

Next, the guerrillas attack a shopping mall where people are doing their Christmas shopping. During the attack, Hunter comes into the mall and engages the guerrillas. Hunter tracks down the whole group that attacked the mall. The next day, National Guard troops are called up, while martial law and a curfew are declared. The next two days, Hunter foils a plan to bomb a church and attack a group of people waiting outside a store. In the process, Hunter kills Rostov's right hand man Nikko (Alexander Zale). Soon later, Hunter saves a school bus full of children from a bomb that was about to detonate. In order to corner Rostov, Hunter coordinates a risky plan.

The U.S. Government builds a command center in Atlanta, Georgia for the troops. At the command center, all 50 state governors and military officials meet how to stop the terror attacks. The FBI arrest Hunter for the killing of the terrorists and is taken to the command center in Atlanta; a plan orchestrated by Hunter. With Rostov wanting Hunter dead, he orders all the guerrillas to invade the command center in Atlanta. The U.S. National Guard surrounds the command center with M60 Patton tanks and several hundreds of troops, using the arrest of Hunter as a trap. At the command center, Hunter comes face-to-face with Rostov and finally kills him. The terror crisis ends when the guerrillas on the street surrender to the National Guard.


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Here is

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Some countries use movies.

by vildemose on

Some countries use movies. Others use religion to keep people ignorant and stupid.

Darius Kadivar

Oh and His Producer Director is Iranian ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Oh and Just an information for you:

Chuck Norris' Producer /director is an Iranian called Alin Bijan :


Darius Kadivar

The Other Hollywood ...

by Darius Kadivar on

Why do You Always have to look at the BAD CHEAP MOVIES which has NOTHING TO DO with HOLLYWOOD to begin with ? ...


Most of Hollywood's Greatest Directors and even actors were European's or Foreigners /

Alfred Hitchcock ( English), Cary Grant ( English), William Whyler ( director of Ben Hur was French ) The Marx Brothers ( PArents from Strasbourg then part of Germany), Michael Curtiz ( Hungarian), Reza Badyii ( Iranian) ... Just to name a few ...


MON CINEMA: Cornel Wilde Plays Alladin in "A Thousand and One Nights" (1945)

MON CINEMA: Richard Egan and Joan Collins in "Esther and the King" (1960)

MON CINEMA: Douglas Fairbanks j.r. & Maureen O'Hara in "Sinbad the Sailor" (1947)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

If you want to see real defenders of America see this:

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Now this will put the fear of god into the IRR hearts!




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Not too different than Ballywood


Greetings Maybokhor jon

by Cost-of-Progress on

One should not read too much into this. American cinema is full of this stuff; from Rambo to the primetime shows. Chuck is yet another entertainer who makes his living this way. he joins the ranks of Dennis Miller and Charlton Huston in "defending" America.

I often word-duel with a few of my conservative buddies. One topic I bring up (which they hate) is the plight of Native Americans and what was done to them. They, of course, see nothing wrong with what was done and continue to attend their Sunday church services and thank the benovelent god for their hard work and rewards.

Back to Chuck: I love the Chuck Norris jokes that go around from time to time. There's a bunch of website too - It is just hilarious. Here, check one out. It'll make you chuckle.