Mr. 2-piece-a-day's daily featured blogs remind me of...

Mr. 2-piece-a-day's daily featured blogs remind me of...
by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan

Mr. 2-piece-a-day's daily featured blogs remind me of Molla Nasreddin trying to sell his donkey:

The Donkey Seller

Nasreddin brought his donkey to sell at the bazaar, but every time a customer wanted to inspect it, the donkey began to kick and bite, or it would sit down in the dust and not move. One man asked Nasreddin, "Do you really expect to sell a donkey that behaves so badly?"Nasreddin replied, "Not really. I just brought him here so other people would experience what I have to put up with every day!"

So don't blame IC or its admins, they just want to share their suffering with us.


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I love it yet more

by Cost-of-Progress on

that Fred pisses you people off.

just love it.

Just look at the posts below......The alliance of reesh-o pashm at work.

Reedin be Iran..halaa chee?

Mohammad Ala

What gives....?

by Mohammad Ala on

That is my question!!  Why your blog is not featured??

Blogs with 24 comments did not get featured.  Blogs with more visitors do not get featured.  What gives?  Freedom of speech?  LOL.


The Donkey Seller

by Demo on

But unlike the said blogger Molla would have never ever had offered himself for sale @ any price! Never ever!