The quest for democracy in Iran, how far is it?

mostafa ghanbari
by mostafa ghanbari

The best way to amend a badly flawed  , damaged and about-to- collapse building , is to destroy  and  remake it again. Are we an insightful nation to accept this philosophy and base our quest for a fair and just society on that and face with the upcoming challenges accordingly? Are we now mature enough to understand that in a real world  consistency , relevance and integrity of  thoughts and realistic approaches are the main guarantors of social demands and civil rights? Are we now consistent , aware  and relevant enough to our quest? Is democracy exactly what we are determined to gain? Are we comprehensive and knowledgeable enough to undergo a thorough assessment on the foundations of democracy within the Iranian society? Is there really any suitable bed  for the poor ,neglected  and long-awaited  child of democracy in Iran?

We are now set to further our demands for democracy in Iran . We are now under no illusion  that the current situation hast to be changed as soon as possible. We are now fully aware of the devastating effects of the regression and delays that have already taken their mostly irreversible tolls. We now know that we must avoid our pervious mistakes by avoiding to get lost in the frenetic moments which have always been our foes.  But, lest we forget to fashion our attitudes and prospects towards democracy before going  any further. Lest we forget to provide lofty and comprehensive answers to the lofty and so very intricate of the above-mentioned questions. Lest our thoughts fail not to deliver what we are looking for. Lest we would be the creators of opportunity for another group of understrappers.


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mostafa ghanbari

Dear analophile

by mostafa ghanbari on


Thanks for your comment.

You are right. Democracy would not be confined by the shape of government as it is in fact the rule of rules. I hope we wiil  learn how  to sort out our simple equations before going round the circles unnecessarily for another 30 years.

mostafa ghanbari

Dear Abarmard

by mostafa ghanbari on


Thanks for your time and your lenghty  comment.

The baggage of trditions we have been carrying  for years now, is the main issue when it comes down to the crunch. The base for democracy is in fact a platform which is based on the flexibility and ability of a society to converge the traditions and mdernity with a meticulous and wise regard to the necssities of time.Would it be the Iranian society? I doubt it.


We are not ready for democracy

by anglophile on

  Why? Because a large number of us are still singling out the constitutional monarchy as an anti-democratic institution! For as long as we cannot fathom that democracy is independent of the shape of the government, we cannot run a democracy.


Good piece, Some thoughts here:

by Abarmard on

I would argue that systems are more like trees than buildings. They are living entities that root in a soil of a culture that holds and reacts from social traditions and understandings.

The complications of social growth that may lead to modernity could be related to the baggage of traditions that a country carries. A country like China may have more difficulty in dynamically changing its social behavior than Kuwait.

There are some arguments that follow this same logic and promote a gradual learning by modernizing thought process to adjust cultural behavior that may lead to a more open and free society. Once the base is there then copying a process in the large project of democracy may work. However without a base we have a problem bigger than just blasting it to nonexistence and rebuilding the system. The base would allow less influence of externalities that otherwise would rearrange the system to become flaw again.

Question would be, do you believe that Iranians have the base?

Just a thought.