Wobbling Wheel

Wobbling Wheel
by Multiple Personality Disorder

Wobbling Wheel


Did you ever see the wobbling wheel?
Did you ever see it rock side to side?
Do you ever wonder why?
Wobbling wheel went round and round
In a world too surreal
A son died, his mother cried
Wobbling wheel went side to side

Wobbling wheel
Into dawn night crawled
A man skipped another meal
In a world made of steel
A woman confined in Bastille
Back and forth she rocked
Wobbling wheel
She couldn’t talk
She couldn’t walk

Wobbling wheel,
Do you ever wonder why?
Multitude stood side to side
So many tried, so many died

Wobbling wheel went round and round


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by yolanda on

Hi! MPD,

    I read your poem last night, it sounds like an elegy! I don't know the background information for this poem and I don't know what prompted you to write this poem........to me, your poem conjures up the image that 2-3 million people died building the Great Wall......I could picture in ancient time people moved rocks and stones around by carriages or carts with giant wheels........I could picture that the laborers worked themselves to death........... I just got back from Beijing, it is why I have some residual Chinese stuff in my brain. Wow! You can write a big spectrum of stuff: funny, serious, sad, and angry......thank you for your contribution to IC!


Beautiful poem

by divaneh on

Thanks dear MPD, its beautiful.


You are a sensitive soul MPD

by Monda on

I'm touched.

persian westender

Very beautiful

by persian westender on

  It is a great poem...


Nazy Kaviani

So sad...

by Nazy Kaviani on

...and so very beautiful. What a touching poem you wrote MPD.