Ahmadinejad the Ignorant

by nmilaninia

Ahmadinejad claims there's no homosexuals in Iran in his recent speech at Columbia (video):

Apparently he hasn't watched this CBC special entitled Inside Iran's Secret Gay World(video):

He was rightfully ridiculed by the Columbian students for that ridiculous and ignorant statement. More importantly, his analogy (which is exactly what it was) of homosexuality to drug sellers and users is absolutely horrendous.


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Response to Irooni

by Curious Joe (not verified) on

So you think homosexuality is a choice? If you do, you need to do some reading. Let me know if you need a list of scientific books on the subject.

Meanwhile, till you educate yourself on the subject, I suggest the following:

1- Please refrain from calling Iranian gays as "Kooni" or "Koondeh". That is like calling a gay person in English a "fagot". That is an insult. As a Middle Eastern person, how would you like it if someone called you a "Camel-Jockey"?

2- Note that approximately 5-10% of people on this planet are gay. And that is distributed equally among all nations, including Iran. If they are in closet or are executed in Iran -- that is because of the lack of social and cultural maturity in 21st century Iran.

3- Most Iranians who "hate" gays should really do some self-analysis about their own homophobia.

And Finally, I suggest you go to your local video store and get a copy of the 1999 Oscar-winning movie "American Beauty". Concentrate not on Kevin Spacy's role, but on the Marine Colonel Frank Fitts (played by Chris Cooper). You may just learn something about yourself.


Mode jadid emsal. KOONI SHODAN

by Irooni (not verified) on

Hala digeh hame doost daran ke kooni beshan va az kooniha hemayat konan va sange kooniharo be sineh mizanan. hameh gij o maat mondan ke vaaghean chee mikhan toye in zendegee. Halam dareh be ham mikhoreh az in booghalamoonha ke hey rang avaz mikonan.


Maryam Shirazi the Bigot

by Xerxes (not verified) on

Are you for real? Edicts of the Quran? What is this, the Middle Ages?! How ignorant can one be? Haven't you ever read any book on Persian literature? Almost all Persian poetry and literature is full of references to homosexual love and relationships!! Iranians don't like homosexuals? No, the kind of Iranians you are talking about are either bigots or hypocrites who do the act and deny it!! DENIAL!! The favorite Iranian trait.


No Gays in Iran

by Mash Mammad (not verified) on

I recommend you all to read the book "Shahed-Bazi dar adabiyate Farsi" by Dr. Shamisa. It details with clear documentation that most poetry and literature written in post-Sassani Iran was written with MEN as the object of desire. Saadi was gay as well as Farrokhi, Sanai,...even most Sufis were gay or "shahed baz" including Ghazzali (Ahmad). There is even a reference to the 6th Imam of the Shiites being gay. I don't know which one that is but if it is the Sajjad guy that makes sense. I mean he must have wanted something to keep bending over like that.

And to answer the "woman" who wrote gays do not have a place in Iran's society and culture she needs to read a bit of history before making generalizations like that. All Safavi kings (paye-gozarane fergheye Shiite) were shahed baz (at least bi) there are numerous historical documents about their all male orgies and what-not. Most Ghajari kings were also shahed baz. It is true however that being "Ma'boon" (the Doee as oppose to the Doer) was frowned upon...


Please watch this: weep or

by Anonymousee (not verified) on

Please watch this: weep or laugh



AN.211 wrote ".. and is not

by Help stop more wars and murders (not verified) on

AN.211 wrote ".. and is not an entity you can negotiate with". In other words, you're implying that the U.S. should use your last resort and bomb and attack Iran. You too sly (but not as slick as you think) ;)


Mullas are bad but .......

by Anonymous on

I read this very recently via an e-mail and I agree with it %100. I hope that you all can at lease reflect on it:

"Do we need to highlight Iranian's government's short coming in such explosive times? Remember to attack and kill any people you must first see them less than human and the massive negative images of Iran does just that".

Regardless of how bad the mullas are, do you want US to bomb Tehran? I hope your anser is NO - I HOPE!



by Anonymous211 (not verified) on

There is a rumor that the Islmonuts in Iran are trying to convice some mullahs in Iran to issue fatwa against Bollinger....hahaha

I really hope they do. This way the world can see how the medieval regime operates and is not an entity you can negotiate with.


Maryam khanum, Iranians don't like women either

by Cyrus Khan (not verified) on

Maryam khanum, you are defending the way the IRI treats gay people. Good for you. You have every right to voice your views. Now, are you actually a woman? Or are you just using a woman's name? If you are a woman, then tell us why these Shia filth oppress women also. Is this in our Iranian culture? The Iranian culture I know and love is the one that long before the scourge of Islam we respected our women as our equals in ever respect. For your information, I am neither gay, nor a woman. But, when a system begins to discriminate against a certain group, that in itself is an unforgivable transgression and it is the start of discrimination and oppression against others. The road to Rome begins with the first step. Sorry, Maryam. No gender, group, or people should be oppressed for as long as they do not pose any threat to the common weal. That's it, dear lady.


Ahmadinejad wasnt lying

by MaryamShirazi on

He wasnt lying there are no gays in Iran LEGALLY and this is exactly what he was refering to. If there are any gays it is not public knowledge. If it becomes public knowledge and they commit acts of sodomy which trasngress the edicts of the Quran then they will be punished accordingly. But of course in Iran monogamy is the norm. Also, Iranian culture is anti-gay and has always been so. This has nothing to do with Ahmadinejad or Islamic Republic. Iranian people do not like gays and will not accept them into the mainstream, that includes Qazvin as well. lol


No women in iran

by Cyrus Khan (not verified) on

The shameless Ahmaghi Nejad claimed that there are no homosexuals in Iran to be discriminated against. No, they don't discriminate and oppress women either. There are no women in Iran. Those females you see are only toys and objects of pleasure for the real humans -- men -- particularly men of allah with stubble. What happened to the gays, Ahmaghi Nejad? Perhaps you hanged them all, huh?

Next thing you know, there won't be any undesirables of any stripes -- no Zoroastrians, no Jews, no Christians, no Baha'is, not even Sufis and Sunnis. Only filthy animals of the Hojjatieh criminals and Osooli thugs. Shame on you Ahmaghi Nejad. Zartosht and our Niakan are turning in their graves from the way you and your damned Shia fanatics dragging the name of Iran and Iranians in mud.


It goes to prove that we

by 123456 (not verified) on

It goes to prove that we need not do anything to get rid of this regime. They, themselves, are doing a great job of exposing their ignorant, coruupt and filthy personality. Soonn they will be gone!


Nima is Gay?

by Anonymous23 (not verified) on

Nima is this your way of coming out of the closet?


A grim-faced Ahmadinejad

by Anonymousee (not verified) on

A grim-faced Ahmadinejad sweated out intense grilling from university President Lee Bollinger and hordes of others in the audience who demanded answers from him on his dangerous rants.

"You exhibit all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator," Bollinger said to cheers from the 800-plus people packed into the auditorium. "I feel all the weight of the modern civilized world yearning to express the revulsion at what you stand for."

The educator accused Ahmadinejad of having a "fanatical mindset" and lacking the "intellectual courage" to answer the questions before him.

The pint-sized Persian president responded by whining that he was "insulted" during his hourlong appearance at the Ivy League institution, which has weathered a firestorm of protest over giving the Axis of Evil leader a platform to propagandize.

After Bollinger's accurate characterization of this monkey, all Ahmadinejad could do was invoke a passage from the Koran and steal a line from Rodney Dangerfield.

Ahmadinejad's incoherent rambling and confusing remarks that attempted to weave together biblical Adam's conversation with an angel, modern man's pursuit of science, the development of nuclear weapons, the Holocaust and the Palestinian refugee problem reveals a mentally and pyshologically disturbed and diseased mind who keeps repeating the same old tirade over and over again like a broken record.

It also shows that the man is detached from realties of the world and how he is viewed in the Western world. He is cluless as how they compare him to little Hitler and how the Political Islam (aka islamofascism) he promotes and stands for for are despised and there is a global movement being formed against it.

All and all, it is a tragedy for Iran and Iranians to have this ignorant puppet as their representative. It is indeed a sad day in our history. Does Khamenie know how crazy this guy is?


I rest my

by Antarinejad Khar Ast (not verified) on