AIC and Shakeri

by nmilaninia

I’m not a big fan of the American Iranian Council. I think they are a bit too much into self-promotion and don’t really reach out to the Iranian population in the US, which they claim to represent. That makes them shady in my book. But I will give them credit if the following is true. Apparently, they were influential in persuading Iran to free Ali Shakeri, one of the four Iranian-Americans who were imprisoned in Iran. Is this 100% true? I don’t know. But I do think Shakeri has some affiliation with AIC and AIC did have a meeting with Ahmadinejad while he was in New York (albeit after Shakeri was released). Nevertheless, something still sounds shady in all this.


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To Changiz Khan

by Mehdi Amini (not verified) on

Dear Mr. Changiz Khan,

I hope you do not mind me starting the sentence by dear as I like to keep these types of discussions polite and fairness. And I do hope you can do the same. couple of points:

1) My name is not Ali Amini but rather Mehdi Amini

2) When you comment about something or someone, it must be factual... I could say lots of things about you without providing fact but that does not my points valid.

3) last point is that by referencing a speech at some point and at some location does not make that person affiliated with that organization as unfortunately Nima's blog is saying.


Mehdi Amini


Did you just wake up?

by changiz khan (not verified) on

My word Nima! where have you been all these years? - oh sorry I forgot: in Cairo! No wonder you are still so lukewarm towards AIC and Shakeri. Take a look at some of the comments under the Shakeri's headline news by Ali Amini and see how Shakeri is viewed by those who are a little bit more alert than you. No offence but Wakey Wakey!