The Cost of Beauty in Tehran

by nmilaninia

Of course this is something the Iranian community in Los Angeles actually likes about Iran:

Tanning session: $11
Botox injections: $200
Nose job: $5,000
Breast augmentation: $10,000

And for those of you who this this is only something wealthy Iranians care about, think twice:

“It gives me confidence to have a nice face because it
is the only part that I can show off,” said middle-class housewife
Hasti, 30, who sold her car to raise $5,000 to have her nose altered.


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Re: Topol Mopoli

by A Watcher (not verified) on

Topoli, think twice about writing this sort of articles, some important mullahs may get offended in Iran. There is a saying about biting the hands that feed you.

So Topoli, please be careful.


How much for Vaginal Rejuvenation, should be a big market

by Mamali (not verified) on

My ex needs it badly to repair what I call Kandovan


Thanks for this link - crazy stuff

by Chickadee (not verified) on

You guys are such a bunch of losers. He is educated, intelligent and good looking. Instead of talking nonsense, he has studied the stuff that you guys BS and write like homer simpson about. Keep it up! I also think its worth mentioning all the positive stuff he does with IABA - like the domestic violence event on Thursday. As for the rest of you, try to learn something for once in your lives.



by Jesus (not verified) on

Gluttony is a one of the 7 sins! Believe me, I would know a thing or two about the 7 sins. Topoly, what is the price for Liposuction? It seems you sure can use one of those...I mean you support terrorists, a government that executes for fun, you are a liar, constantly putting a positive light on the Iranian government. Dude,you are getting close to hitting all the 7 sins, at least pull away from the dinner table, or get the lipo!


How much is hair transplant in Iran?

by Javad for laugh (not verified) on

Hey body nmilaninia, since you have all market rates, how much is going for hair transplants? Do they have a special rate going for two, like two for one deal? Or, do they offer speacial rates on Moharam or other khofteh zahreh mar days?


Cost of 'beauty'? Or cost of plastic con/deformaty?

by caspianseamermaid (not verified) on

I'm sick of it. It's everywhere. Billions of people rushing out to look like photoshoped illusions.
Why do so many insist on looking exactly the same and are so perverse as to suggest that they have an individual personality? Weirdos!
I just wonder what would have happened if the current super power were the Chinese. Would everyone start to stretch their eyes to the ching-choong barby doll ideal?


To Shahram email below:

by Dr. Javanbakhteh Ghassaabِإ (not verified) on

Shahram joon,

hair does not have a pussy, hair has what you call folicule... OK honey? Now go and eat your milk and cookie, dinner will be ready soon....


what you do with their hairy pussy...

by Shahram (not verified) on