Esfandiari Released Based on Senator’s Request


by nmilaninia

I’m not sure if this classifies as “dialogue” between the two
countries, but lost in the news concerning Haleh Esfandiari and Parnaz
Azim’s released is that it was done primarily through Iran’s Ayatollah
Ali Khamenei’s orders. According to the LA Times,
Khamenei was replying to a letter from Esfandiari’s boss, former
Democratic Rep. Lee Hamilton, the co-chair of the Iraq Study Group, who
wrote a “respectful letter asking for Esfandiari’s release and pledging
to work for peace between the U.S. and Iran.” More importantly, it
reveals the lack of understanding by US officials as to Iranian
intentions. As the op-ed notes:

After 27 years of severed relations, U.S. understanding
of Iran appears to be shallower than ever, even as Iranian politics
remain a black box. With tensions rising between the two adversaries,
that’s a dangerous disconnect. U.S. and Iranian officials are slated to
meet for a third round of talks about Iraq. Now is the time to broaden
the agenda and begin a real conversation.

I think the conclusion hits it on the dot. Wars and conflicts
generally begin as a result of misunderstanding or the lack of
communication. Had the US not talked to the Soviet Union during the
height of the Cold War, it is very likely that the two countries would
have gone to war. More Iranians in the US should be pushing for
dialogue. Unfortunetly, because so many of them are self-interested,
they continue to push for confrontation and war, despite the fact that
it is both disastrous for Americans and Iranians alike. Once again the
self-interested politics of the Iranian Diaspora.


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by HBPM1 on

Actually these individuals were released as a result of a public suggestion to the Iranian authorities to do the same, made by me, on the Iranian website.  Believe it or not, in the absence of other channels of communication, the Iranian website has become a tool of informal diplomacy, and I have assumed an "ambassadorial" role of sorts.

 Hamid Boroumand


But Iran is a classic demonstration of the limits of realist the

by jigsaw on

This is what the Bush Admin knows about Iran, period and it has nothing to do with nuclear energy or nuclear weapons. Noone cares whether Pakistan or India or Israel have nukes because they are not hell bent on expanding their terror industry across the globe: Excerpts from the article below:

But Iran is a classic demonstration of the limits of realist theory in foreign relations. It is genuinely motivated by ideology, not by a normal calculus of national interest




"The tactic for CFR and Dr.

by jigsaw on

"The tactic for CFR and Dr. Takeyh (so called think tanks and ME experts of Iranian origin) is to fuel a permanent hope that the Iranian power structure is experiencing a self-transformation to a more pragmatic regime that will eventually accommodate international norms. For these pro-Tehran champions, whatever happens in Iran, there would be a pragmatic faction ready to have a deal with the U.S! "




by Parthian on

Most of what you wrote is basically nonsense. What is the Diaspora's "self-interest" in pusing for confrontation? What do you mean by self-interest? if you mean, the desire to see this regime go, than yes, that self interest dictate that we should confront this murderous regime rather than sitting across the table and chit chatting with them.

Very few people outside of Iran understand the nature of IR. Most Iranians living in Iran understand it very well. I suggest you go and live there a few years for yourself before suggesting "dialogue". Dialogue normally requires two parties, both having  some basic essence of rationality. We know that the rare commodity amongst the IR leadership is indeed rationality.

Putting all that aside, it always cracks me up big time when I see the so called Iranian intellectuals, one after another, on this website and others want the U.S to establish a dialogue, or to understand the so-called "black box" that is Iranian politics. You don't understand the Iranian politics, I don't understand, I bet most Iranian themselves don't understand it completely, why should we expect the Americans to understand? Furthermore, as much as Iranian politics is a black box to the rest of the world, I bet the U.S state department knows more about Iranian politics than the 13th century minded mad men ruling Iran know about the world and U.S. For them, the world is nto a black box, but black universe.

 Mullahs world, Ahmadinjad's world revolves around Qom, Karbala, Mecca, and barely Iran, and of course the hiding well of that miracle worker the 12th Imam! Why don't you ask IR to learn about the world, and the U.S? Why have I not seen an Iranian ask the Islamic Republic to learn about the U.S. politics, or initiate the dialogue? You can not have the "khar" and the "khormeh" too. The reason is simple, U.S government is rational, and just might listen to you. Such effort to convince IR is futile, and you know it too.

U.S does not need Iran as much as Iran may need the U.S. It is about time we Iranians realize that Iran is not on equal par with the U.S., as much as some of us may love Iran. The reality is that U.S. has, and will dictate world diplomacy for the forseable future to come. U.S. has correctly stayed away from weakening it diplomatic position. At worst, if the current "misunderstanding" continues, a U.S attack on Iran will leave Iran completely paralyzed, with little  economic hardship in the U.S. Seems like the incenstive would be for the mullahs to come around, and try to establish dialogue, rather than opening their big mouths all the time about what a great satan U.S. is!


Security Guarantees= Immoral and dangerous

by jigsaw on

The only kind of "talk"  that the Islamic Republic  is interested in is where  the U.S. gives  the criminal mullahs  "the covetted  "Security Gurantees" or the "Grand Bargain" .

Is that what you're proposing to prolong the life of the regime indefinitely while they continue their domestic genocide inside Iran withouth any worries from any outside intervention? Because short of giving the mullahs the 'security guarantees' they want, nothing will stop the mullahs from expanding their terror and their revolutionary mafia around the globe.


Let's get a few facts straight

by cyclicforward on

You are correct, most Iranians outside Iran want to see this regime go and a democrracy prevails. Also most patriotic Iranians don't want to see the war to happen, but you thinking by talking to this insane regime things get better for anyone is also an incorrect assumption. My take is that it is best to isolate the heads of this government and deny these roaches the legitimacy that they are working so hard to get. They do not deserve the respect of anyone in this world.