Grant Bahai’s Access to Higher Education

by nmilaninia

This was actually written by a friend of mine at Human Rights Watch and bears notice. Bahai’s are a discriminated class in Iran and are often ignored by the Diaspora completely. In Iran, they have in many cases been uprooted from their homes, denied access to resources equal and on par with other Iranians, and even violently attacked strictly on the basis of their religion. As HRW reports:

International Baha’i organizations and Baha’i students in Iran reported to Human Rights Watch that authorities at the National Education Measurement and Evaluation Organization have denied 800 Baha’i students access to their National Entrance Examination scores. The test is a national matriculation exam required for admission to Iran’s universities.

The Iranian government has said that if Baha’ís identify themselves as Muslims on the exams they would be allowed to enroll to take exams but may not take exams as Bahai’s. I think too often in the discourse on Iran we neglect minority rights. And while both the Jewish and Christian communities in Iran have certainly received attention to their own individualized persecution, it would be completely contrary to the principles of universal human rights to neglect Bahai’s as is often done inside and outside of Iran. These issues should not be neglected.


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if u dont mind discrimination against Bahais

by humanwrights (not verified) on

the whole non islamic world does not believe that Islam is a divine religion. Ask a christian or a Jew or a Zorastrian theyll tell you if they think Islam is a man made religion. that is precisely why they choose not to be a moslem. does that not entitle you to be discriminated against based on what you are saying here?
I marvel the level of maturity and degree of humanity in you. Far far far is Iran from any real progress, any real place among her sister nations if mentality such as yours prevails in Iran.


Political Islam is this

by Anonymous911 (not verified) on

Political Islam is this era’s totalitarianism aimed at bringing and maintaining Islamic laws, schools and states where possible.

To the extent and degree it has power - that is the extent and degree to which it controls every single aspect of people lives and society.

And since its rules and system are divinely ordained, they are deemed to be unquestionable.

Which is why apostasy is the highest crime punishable by death in all countries ruled by Islam and why there is absolutely no tolerance for criticism.

While the political Islamic movement sentences apostates to death where it is in power, here is Europe, its tactics are more subtle but just as inhuman and brutal.

You only need to look at threats surrounding the Danish Mohammad caricatures, the assassination of Theo Van Gogh for his and Ayaan Hirsci Ali’s film on Islam’s treatment of women, and the death threats against heads of the Councils of Ex-Muslims have received to see how seriously this movement deals with criticism and particularly apostasy.

From their perspective, apostasy is the unravelling of the entire system from within.

If you question one law, one hadith, one sura in the Koran, you question it all.

If you are allowed to leave, you undermine it all.

Which is why I have received emails saying ‘once a Muslim, always a Muslim - you cannot leave.’

To which, of course, I have said, well watch me, watch us. We have left and we are leaving….

Therein lies the most significant aspect of the Councils of Ex-Muslims that have been established in Germany, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Britain and Holland and its challenge and danger to political Islam.

In a sense, this move in Europe is part of the trend that is bringing Islam in power to its knees in Iran.

People have always left Islam before but an organised movement of this nature paves the way for others to be able to renounce religion and Islam and breaks the most important taboo.

The council movement shows that there are many who want to leave, or at the very least who are opposed to the political Islamic movement and who are challenging it head on especially in light of the fact that Islamists often feign to represent all ‘Muslims’ here and all the people of the Middle East and North Africa.

The council movement also shows that Islamic rule and its savagery are not people’s ‘choice’, their culture and religion as the Islamists often claim but actually the culture and religion of a political movement that imposes it very much by brute force.

The Council movement reiterates that people everywhere want and demand universal rights and values, which as I have said on many occasions, are not western but belong to all humanity.

The council movement unequivocally defends universalism vis-à-vis a climate of cultural relativism. Contrary to its image, cultural relativism does not lead to a more tolerant society but a more intolerant one.

It aids and abets the political Islamic movement by justifying Islamic rule and deflecting criticism of its inhumane nature.

It justifies this era’s holocaust by lowering standards and redefining values to the lowest and most regressive depths and holding all values and beliefs not only equal but equally valid.

Rather than being anti-racist; it is racism pure and simple by implying that people choose to live the way they are forced to.

Within this climate, Islamists have succeeded in blurring the distinction between individuals and beliefs. As a result, concepts such as rights, equality, respect and tolerance, which were initially raised vis-à-vis the individual, are now more and more applicable to culture and religion and often take precedence over real live human beings.

Which is why any criticism and ridiculing of or opposition to beliefs, cultures, religions, gods and prophets are being deemed racism, disrespecting, inciting hatred and even violence against those deemed believers.

Clearly you cannot be racist against an idea or belief or ideology.

Blurring the distinctions between the two and the use of rights and anti-racist language here in the west to do so are devious ways of silencing criticism and opposition – criticism which is particularly crucial given the havoc that political Islam has inflicted in the Middle East and North Africa and more recently here in the west.

Of course the human being is sacred, worthy of the highest respect, equality and rights and so on and so forth but not beliefs, not religions, not cultures.

Another tactic of the political Islamic movement is to limit free expression by deeming expressions against religion as a no go area - again in order to prevent criticism. Its tactics from threats and intimidations to equating criticism against Islam and political Islam as racism has meant that the movement is not being addressed and challenged as it must.

In light of the assault on free expression, the Councils are in fact defending free expression unconditionally and unequivocally as the very act of renouncing religion and Islam is the greatest act of free expression possible.

Such expression and criticism is necessary since this is how throughout history backwardness and reaction have been pushed back.

This is how throughout history society has managed to advance and progress with the aim of improving the lot of humanity.

In the face of political Islam’s onslaught often aided and abetted by government policies of cultural relativism and minoritism and the apologies of so-called European progressives and liberals, it is the councils of ex-Muslims along with other secularists and humanists that are raising the banner of secularism, universalism and values worthy of 21st century humanity here in Europe and across the world.

This movement and its declaration must be supported and defended unequivocally.



Muslims Against Sharia

by Anonymous911 (not verified) on

Muslims Against Sharia condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the decision of Columbia University to provide a speaking venue for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Apparently letting Akbar Rafsanjani speak at the National Cathedral was not the height of American Dhimmitude, because providing a venue for the world's foremost anti-Semite, whose proclaimed goal is the destruction of the USA and Israel, definitely takes the cake. What is surprising is that we don't hear any complaints from Columbia alumni who should be ashamed of their silence.
This is from the group's website:


Brothers and Sisters!
Do not make the next generation of Muslims clean up your mess!
Fight Islamic Fascism now, so your children won't have to!
Meanwhile... The Columbia Dean says that the university would invite Hitler as well!
Actually, Columbia did invite Hitler.

** Sign the petition HERE against Columbia's disgraceful invitation to Ahmadinejad.



I don't mind the

by Anonymous123445 (not verified) on

I don't mind the discrimination against Bahai's. However, I would have issue with discrimination against authentic Jews and Zoroastrians. If I made up a religion today, I would except discrimination against me.


I am a Bahai

by H. Rahmanian (not verified) on

به نام خداوند بخشنده ی مهربان
من یک جوان 18 ساله بهایی هستم که در طهران زندگی می کنم . در دوره ی دبیرستان رشته ی ریاضی فیزیــک را برگزیدم . تمام جوانان هم سن و سال من برای کنکور، که نقطه ی عطفی ذر زندگی شان است، به شدت تلاــش می کردند . خصوصاً در سال آخر که همان دوره ی " پیش دانشگاهی" باشد . من هم ، بالطبع ، با تلاش و پشتکار
، تقریباً تمام انرژی و وقت خود را روی کنکور گذاشتم و به جرأت می توانم بگویم که بیشتر آزمون های آزمایشی
خود را با موفـقیت پشـت سـر گذاشـتم . در فرم تـقاضـای کنـکور ـسراسـری ، دین اسـلام را از بین ادیـان کلیـمی ، زرتشتی ، مسیحی و اسلام ، برای پاسخگویی گزینش کردم . هفته ای قبل از کنکور سراسری برای دریافت کارت ورود بـه جلـسه ی خود اقـدام کردم ، امـّا مـشاهده کردم که "اسـلام" را به عنوان "دین" من ثبـت نمـوده اند ، نـه به عنوان دین مورد نظر برای پاسخ گویی . ولی بعداً متوجه شدم،با توجه به توضیحات داده شده در جوامع بین المللی توسط کشورم ، منظور از دین ، دین مورد نظر برای پاسخ گویی است . در هر صورت ، من آزمون کنکور را در چند روز بعد دادم و منتظر اعلام نـتایج اولیه شدم . یک ماه بـعد نـتایج اولـیه کنـکور سـراسـری از طریق اینـترنـت اعلام شد.نتیجه ی اولیه خود را دیدم . رتبه ام در سهمیه مناطق ( منطقه 1 ) 54 و در کل کشور 76 شد . خوشحال شدم ، چون می دانستم که این رتبه بسیار خوب است و می توانستم با این رتبه در هر رشـته و در هر دانشگاهی که می خواهم ، پذیرفته شوم . امّا طولی نکشید که متوجه شدم که اکثر جوانان بهایی هم سن و سالم ، به علت " نقـص پرونده " که در سایت اعلام شده بود ، حتّی موفق به دیدن کارنـامه ی خود نیز نـشده اند . خوشـحالی ام به غم تبدیل شد . چون من جزء معدود افرادی بودم که موفق به دیدن کارنامه شده بودم . بعد از چند روز از طریق اینترنت فرم انتخاب رشته را تکمیل کردم.26 رشته را انتخاب نمودم. پس از گذشت تقریباً یک ماه ، از طریق رسانه ها ، مطلع شدم که نتایج نهایی در اینترنت اعلام شده است . پس از مراجعه به سایت مربوطه ، در کمال نـابـاوری و تعـجب ، مشاهده کردم که در هیچ یک از رشته های انتخابی قبول نشده ام. بلافاصله ، در اولین فرصت ، برای اعتراض به سازمان سنجش کشور واقع در خیابان کریم خان زند ، مراجعه کردم . مسئـله را با آنها در میان گذاشتم . همـگی از این انتخاب تعجب کرده بودند . امّا بعد از مدتی معلوم شد که این حادثه اتفاقی نبوده است : یکی از مـسئولین پس از نگاهی به کامپیوترش از من دینم را جویا شد . به او گفـتم که بهایی هستم . مرا به جایی دیگر ( اتاق 101 ) ارجـاع داد و در آنجا متوجه شدم که تنها به دلیل اعتـقادم به دیـانت بهـایی در هیـچ یک از رشته ها قبـولم نـکرده اند . حـال آنکه در هیچ یک از مراحل ثبت نام و انتخاب رشته از دیانت بنده سوالی نـشده و من نیز طبیـعتاً ذکری نکرده بودم .از آنجا که در قانون اساسی جمهوری اسلامی ایران ، اصول ذیل ذکر شده است :
* اصل 3 :
دولت جمهوری اسلامی ایران موظف است همه ی امکانات خود را برای امور زیر به کار برد :
- آموزش و پرورش و تربیت بدنی رایگان برای همه در تمام سطوح و تسهیل و تعمیم آموزش عالی ؛
- رفع تبعیضات ناروا و ایجاد امکانات عادلانه برای همه ، در تمام زمینه های مادّی و معنوی ؛
* اصل 14 :
به حکم آیه شریفه ی " لا ینهاکم اللّه عن الدین لم یقاتلوکم فی الدین و لم یخرجوکم من دیارکم ان تبروهم و تقسطوا
الیهم انّ اللّه یحبّ المقسطین " دولت جمهوری اسلامی ایران و مسلمانان موظّفند نسبت به افراد غیر مسلمان با اخلاق حسنه و قسط و عدل اسلامی عمل نمایند و حقوق انسانی آنها را رعایت کنند .
* اصل 19 :
مردم ایران از هر قوم و قبیله که باشند از حقوق مساوی برخوردارند و رنگ ، نژاد ، زبان و مانند اینها سبب امتیاز نخواهد شد .
* اصل 23 :
تفتیش عقاید ممنوع است و هیچ کس نمی تواند به صرف داشتن عقیده ای مورد تعرض و مواخذه قرار داد.

لذا خواهشمندم که مرا یاری فرمایـید و با اعـلام اجحـافی که در حق مـسلّم من و تعداد کثیری از دوستان بهـایی مـن شده است ، ما را در دستیابی به حقوق حقه خـویش کـمک کنـید تا ما نـیز به عـنوان بخـشی از جوانان ایـران زمـین
بتوانیم با کسب تحصیلات عالیه و با خدمت به سرزمین مقدّس ایران ، دِین خود را به میهن عزیز خویش ادا نماییم.

هلاکو رحمانیان


I am a Bahai who lived in

by trulyyours (not verified) on

I am a Bahai who lived in Iran some 20yrs, 5 or more years of it post revolution. As soon as hischool was out i was drafted and went straight into the war zone. first khorramshahr and abadan then to the northwest, kordestan. I took my life in my hand and did not hesitate to offer it to protect my country, dear Iran and my wonderfull countrymen, the great Iranian people, my Moslem brothers and sisters. I did not look back or think for a second even though back in Tehran my family was living in fear of commiteh without a gaurantee of safety or security.
Any fair minded reader can appreciate the anxiety and the hardship this entailed.
Ironically even after serving a year and half and then six more months doreh ye ehtiat, I was refused a pasport, with hounerable discharge from the service, i had nothing. but I served mother Iran and this thouth always puts a smile on my face.
I lost friends, kids from ahvas, from shomal from ardabil and I reflected a great deal of time but never asked myself why are you here, never looked back.
many years has passed now and every time I think about it my heart throbs for Iran. I feel proud for stretching myself like my moslem hamvatans from sout to north to protect Iran from the aggressor.
Yet I still dont understand the hostility of the government toward its loyal citizens. it is such a pitty, such a loss, such a shame.
now I am here, and here I sill speak up when people unfriendly toward moslems try to voice their prejudice. why cant my own hamvatan stand up for me?
truly yours


You do not “grant”

by Fred (not verified) on

You do not “grant” someone their inalienable right. To grant is to bestow, to consent, You Islamist think you have the exclusive right to everything and from time to time take pity on others and grant them a bit of their rights.