“I Hate All Iranians”

by nmilaninia

You know, for years the Bush administration would make strong
efforts to distinguish the Iranian people and the Iranian government.
It would strive to demonstrate that fascists and regular Iranians and
regular Muslims are different. And yet, in doing so, it would create
names like “Islamo-fascism” which clearly remove that distinction by
tying a religion to a extreme ideology. And you wonder, therefore, why
high government officials would make such hateful remarks.

Last week a senior Bush official, Debra Cagan,
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Coalition Affairs to Defence Secretary
Robert Gates, before visiting British MPs, states “in any case, I hate
all Iranians.” Not the Iranian government. Not Ahmadinejad. Not even
Iranian extremists. But rather “all Iranians.” Had she said “I hate all
Jews”, “I hate all Chinese people”, “I hate all Indians”, or “I hate
all blacks” would there be any question whatsoever that she would have
been immediately dismissed from her position? Absolutely not. And yet
this administration has made it ok to make hateful, racist, and
downright ignorant remarks against people from the Middle East, that
someone like Mrs. Cagan can make a xenophobic comment and get away with

And honestly, if the Iranian community in the US doesn’t express disapproval then she will get away with it. So write to the President, sign this petition, call the Pentagon, do whatever you can and make sure people know that this is wrong because it absolutely is.


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Stoning again

by messenger (not verified) on

The state-run newspaper Qods reported that a mother of three is sentenced to stoning. Reportedly, the evidence is video tapes of her having sex with another person [Persian].

We have to stop this! Spread the news and send the link in the comment section. We have to stop this.

Do we want this to happen again (Very Graphic)?



waste of time

by mrclass on

Appearently some of us Iranian have nothing to do than constantly sign petitions. Let say the person does not like Iranian people, so what? I have yet to meet some one that likes every one! 

untill islamo facist coup of 1979, good number of people liked us, some respected us, others who didn't like us kept quite to themselves. Now the guards are down and they say what they want and untill things change in Iran we will get more of it. 


The point isn't Freedom of Speech within a democracy

by |Caspianseamermaid (not verified) on

This is insiting hatred.

But then, I must say that I can't stand 98% of Americans.



by Anonymous44 (not verified) on

When was the last time a Petition did any good for anybody?


To an Iranian in DC:Stick to the subject please!

by Colonel Hemayat (not verified) on

The only thing that Pahlavi Era has to do with this outrage is that no one had any reason or the balls to make such a comment, so shut the fuck up about Dr. Kadivar's Pahlavism and do something for your country.



by An Iranian voice (not verified) on

well if someone wants to hate in a country with democracy, I suppose she can, but then she will also have to take the many who hate her and her idiology. She obviously loves to drink oil or she would not be
concerned about Iranians. She reminds me of the time people threw eggs and tomatos to Margaret Thacher in England and all she said as a political figure was: this is only some tens of people doing this, the rest of English people love me and that is why I am here. So Mrs. Cagen, you do not represent the wonderful American people I know, so what if you hate all Iranians, you as an individual are not important to the millions of Iranians.


Mr Kadivar, how many petitions did you sign when Aryamehr ruled?

by An Iranian in DC (not verified) on

Mr Kadivar, I was wondering how many petitions you circulated and signed calling for the release of political prisoners from Evin and other prisons during the rule of His Majesty, Shahanshah Mohammad-Reza Pahlavi? Did you raise any protests or objections of any kind to the absence of elections, meaningful political parties, freedom of speech, press, and assembly? Did you say that SAVAK, Ashraf Pahlavi, and other members of the Great King's court should be held accountable? I'm just wondering. Thank you.

Mohammad Ala

Done, now others turn ....

by Mohammad Ala on

I just signed.  Mine is number 11019.  Wonderful, more than 11,000 signatures.


Dr. Ala is Professor of Business and a Board Member of www.iran-heritage.org, www.iranalliance.org, and www.persiangulfonline.org

Darius Kadivar

DONE ! Now Your Turn nmilaninia

by Darius Kadivar on


Just signed your Petition. Now your turn regarding Iranians who Hate Iranians : 


 Please sign your equal outrage to oppose our national sport: masochism !