Ledeen's Lies


by nmilaninia

Michael Ledeen, the neo-conservative enforcer of war on Iran, has continously made outlandish remarks in supporting war against. And yet despite the fact that he has never been to Iran, nor has an academic background in the area, nor does he speak farsi, he is classified as an "expert" by conservative media outlets like Fox News, and even some Iranians in the United States, including Amir Abbas Fakhravar, particularly those who support regime change.

And yet there is mostly silence amongst us Iranians about a man who is clearly an enemy to our community. Think about this: in his advocacy for regime change in Iran, Ledeen is notoriously known for manipulating details about Iran's nuclear program and government in order to make Iran appear as a more visible threat. On October 14, 2003, Ledeen wrote in his column in the National Review that Iran would detonate a nuclear bomb in November 4 or 5, 2003 in celebration of the hostage crisis. Similarly, on January 4, 2007, Ledeen fabricated on a public blog that Iran's Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had died. Moreover, on Fox News Ledeen lied about not supporting military action against Iraq in preference to war with Iran. Ledeen also believed that Iran is the main backer of the insurgency in Iraq and even supported the al-Qaida network formerly led by al-Zarqawi despite its declaration of jihad against Shi'ite Muslims. And lets not forget how Ledeen recently stated on the Jerry Doyle show that around 60% of Iranians in Iran support a full blown US invasion into Iran.

Here we live in a country where a person has gained notoriety for outwardly lying in hopes of murdering thousands if not millions of our family members and yet we do nothing about it. We should be proud of ourselves for these pathetic efforts.


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How about you just keep your

by Bahram_mash (not verified) on

How about you just keep your mouth closed, huh?
After calling for some “political prisoners” to be kept in dungeons inside Iran:
At the same time, you are against Hoder’s banning from a “private” web service provider.
Listen, I don’t trust this Fakhravar guy either, but the very notion of a “political” prisoner is an affront to any freedom loving honest “human” being. You are shamelessly calling for some to be kept in cells, from your convenient place in the West.

You also consider “IRGC” sepah pasdaran, guardians of revolution, to be war heroes beloved by Iranians!
Have you no shame?!

you have no credibility and we have no reason to listen to what you say anymore. You are a disclosed element “moher sukhteh” from now on.

Shame on you.


Why the vulgarity?

by MeyBokhor ManbarBesuzan (not verified) on

Asshole, shit, shithead, fuck, fuck heads, pedar sag, Koseh Naneh Jahanshah Javid va to Madar Jendeh, go fuck yourself, etc. etc.

This the vocabulary of our infamous opposition.

Khode be hamamun rahm kone agar inan ke mikhan Iran ro nejat bedan.

The Iranian government has the most ideal opposition any regime can ask for: a bunch of foul-mouthed, vulgar, uneducated, self-appointed experts -- all with loud barks and no bite.


Ali Baghi e Hezbollahi

by Self (not verified) on

Hey thick-shit Hezbollah Ali Baghi... I am no Shahollahi. Indeed, it is you Hezbollahi butt-holes who have ruined the country here in the States and inside of Iran. But I am a secular person who want to see Iran rid of a$$holes like you and this osgol Nema. Now go fuck yourself, pedar-sag!


What did I tall you?

by Ali Baghi (not verified) on

That previous comment was the quickest proof of my words I have seen in a long time. Just goes to show, you can't listen to any of these Shahollahis.


You're a piece of $hit

by self (not verified) on

Nima you're a piece of think %hit. You're no worthy of debate. Keep up the dirty job of whitewashing the mullahs who pay you to do so.


Thanks Nema Jan

by Ali Baghi (not verified) on

Nema, your observations are right on the mark. Ledeen is playing both sides, actually 3 or 4 sides. He plays the MEK tune one day, the Monarchist the next day. One day he supports "freedom" for Azeris and Baluchis and the next day when he's invited to talk with that traitor Fakhravar, he says that he supports Iran's territorial integrity. He is a Zionist shyster, no disprespect to real jews.

It's all lies and I'm glad you have covered it. This is very relevant. Keep up the good work here and on IranianTruth. Some people just can't handle the possiblity that they are irrelevant themselves. After 29 years of saying they will overthrow the Mullahs' they have not accomplished anything and have nothing to show for it. They don't care about the bombs that will destroy Iran, these people are really simple minded. They just want to hear you say you hate the Mullahs over and over again. They don't care about Iran and are blind to see that Bush and Neocons just want another war to sell their weapons and take over more oil fields.


So why are you reading and responding?

by nmilaninia on

Ya, I don't imagine I'm saying anything original. In terms of bias, I guess my only bias would be that I think policies should be based on human concerns, such as protectable rights, rather than political concerns, such as access to natural resources or security in the region for our allies. So if no one cares about Ledeen, why are you reading this comment to begin. In terms of credibility, how have I been discredited? Just because people post as anynonomous commenters and call me an agent of the IRI does nothing to discredit me. If it did then no one would ever have credibility to speak about anything. If you wish to discredit me, point to facts. The reason people don't is because they can't. Rather they wish to use fake allegations so that others, apparently people like yourself, would take to be true without seeing how truly insincere and unfounded they truly are. And if thats the case...well then I don't really care if you think I have credibility or not.

And you're still using interlocutor incorrectly because my post is not part of a conversation. Moreover, it tends to have a specialized use relating to informal middlemen who relay messages back and forth to others. But thats neither here nor there.



interlocutor - a person who

by bored (not verified) on

interlocutor - a person who takes part in a conversation
conversational partner


People are just not interested and don't care about Ledeen. Ledeen is irrelevant and has been since 1970's. Frankly, you have nothing original to offer; parroting the talking points of the left or the Islamic Republic is boring and everyone has heard it all before. Just go to dailykos.com. It's full of it.

Once you come up with something more original and unbiased, then people might want to put the effort to get into the disucssion. But first, you need to work on your credibility...


I think you used interlocutor wrong

by nmilaninia on

It doesn't make sense in the context in which you used it. Oh and what half-truths and propaganda are you referring to? So are you saying that Khamenei did die in January as Ledeen reported, or that Iran did detonate a nuclear bomb in 2003 as Ledeen reported, or that he never adovcated military actions against Iraq, or that his poll that over 60% of Iranians in Iran want the US to invade their country is accurate, or that Iran supports and finances al-Zarqawi...


Boy, you're thick!! People

by hi (not verified) on

Boy, you're thick!! People are trying to tell you that you have no credibility as a trustworthy and unbiased interlocutor so there is no need to deconstruct your propaganda or whatever you want to call. Even if you told some hafl-truths about anything, you will still not be taking seriously by those who are not blinded by ideology, dogma, or political hackery. You're an Iranian version of fox news...


crazy monarchists

by hossein (not verified) on

this is why iran cant be a democracy, look at degenerate monarchists, rajavists and neo-cons... who claim to be against political violence then advocating it.


Thanks for the love

by nmilaninia on

Oh and thanks for the love everyone ;-) Can we now address the point on hand about Ledeen's Lies. I don't mind personal attacks, but to be honest, I'm really not that important to be spending so much time on it ;-)



by nmilaninia on

Really Iranian Truth doesn't cover the crimes committed by the IRI? It didn't initiate a petition to end the death penalty in Iran or to free all political prisoners in Iran. Before making allegations I reccomend visting the web blog first. Also for those of you alleging my association to any foreign government or terrorist organization, please use your real name and please point to specific facts. There's a reason why defamation is a serious crime. The ironic thing is that all of those who have accused me for being an instrument of propaganda are themselves the ones who are engaging in the act. Think about it, how many Iranians come onto this website and villify authors whose political stances they don't agree with by calling them agents of the IRI. Its a scare tactic and an absolutely pathetic one. If you don't like the fact that I oppose war with Iran and see it as equally dangerous as the regime in Iran than thats fine. But to villify and demonize my opposition to the MKO, monarchists, and neo-conservatives only demonstrates how totalitarian the objectives of these groups are, despite the fact that they are masking themselves in the rhetoric of democracy and human rights.


Anyone who has worked for

by adfdsf (not verified) on

Anyone who has worked for the IRI in any capacity is suspect. How did you get that job? We know in the Islamic Republic, you have to prove your loyalty first to the system, before you're given any position...You must have been vetted and cleared with flying colors...You're not fooling anyone; you're worst than Ledeen because you're a domestic enemy of the Iranian people. You're only looking out for the continued plundering of your own ilk, the reformers. It's your ilk's economic security that is in jeopardy if the regime changes...You and your ilk stand to lose a great deal of status and money; so of course, you continue to lobby for the regime.



by Nima (not verified) on

Don't worry. I know how to spell your name in Farsi. And I didn't threaten you. I don't waste my time threateing pieces of shit. I related a fact. You'll see.
It is not about those who agree with me or anyone else, it is about those who actively lobby for the mullahs under different guises in the Westl Shit like you and those who brought you up to be such shit.
So stop the propaganda bullshit, asshole.


dude relax about leeden, and

by lily lathered (not verified) on

dude relax about leeden, and amir abbass fakravar spent nearly 7 years in and out of EVIN; where have you been?


You still have not accounted

by Anonymous on

You still have not accounted for your time in Cairo and Tehran both in the company of virulently anti-Semite Islamic fundamentalists nor for your case officers in Tehran and Canada. How come your Iraniantruth does not cover any truth about the crimes routinely committed by this regime and only focuses on its opposition? BTW ISJ and its Islamist contributors like the IRI representative, Husseini, in New York or the “scholars” from that bastion of knowledge Azad Univ. is only good for padding your resume.


Shabbat Shalom!

by Iranian dude (not verified) on


Stop pretending that you're an Iranian human being. Everyone knows that you're a Goy-hating Zionist virus.


War is here...

by QblAlm (not verified) on

and our loved ones will be dying beneath the bombs...

U.S. Officials Begin Crafting Iran Bombing Plan


The Iranian Ledeen

by Meybokhor Manbarbesuzan (not verified) on

Another agitator spreading outright lies about Iran is so-called Iranian Amir Taheri. Yes, he is the guy that wrote the garbage about religious minorities in Iran forced to wear clothing and badges that would identify their religion. He is also a proud member of the Benador associates, another sewage of NeoCons, and a frequent writer of articles in fascist Arab dailies that has no qualms against writing the Arabic Gulf instead of the Persian Gulf.

Gees, where in Iran were these guys raised (or under what conditions)?


wrong spelling

by nmilaninia on

you spelled my name wrong. When you threaten me and my family please spell the names right. Thanks. By the way, its good to know that you will hand Iran's freedom by massacring anyone who disagrees with you. I remember a man named Khomeini doing the same thing.



by Anonymous on

He Nima Millaninia,
You freaking mullah lackey pile of shit!
You of course should be worried about your parasitic family for sure, since once Iran is freed, we know how to deal with this islamic fuckheads and their mouthpieces in the West like you son of bitch piece of shit!


Isn't that funny that

by Anonymous on

Isn't that funny that Neocon's ideals dovetail exactly with the Islamic Republic;s and in fact, that is what we see happening in the Middle East, one theocracy after another; first they installed the mullahs in Iran then they installed the mullahs in Iraq:

Strauss (father of neoconservative ideology) was neither a liberal nor a democrat," she said in a telephone interview from her office at the University of Calgary in Canada. "Perpetual deception of the citizens by those in power is critical (in Strauss's view) because they need to be led, and they need strong rulers to tell them what's good for them."

"The Weimar Republic (in Germany) was his model of liberal democracy for which he had huge contempt," added Drury. Liberalism in Weimar, in Strauss's view, led ultimately to the Nazi Holocaust against the Jews. Like Plato, Strauss taught that within societies, "some are fit to lead, and others to be led," according to Drury. But, unlike Plato, who believed that leaders had to be people with such high moral standards that they could resist the temptations of power, Strauss thought that "those who are fit to rule are those who realize there is no morality and that there is only one natural right, the right of the superior to rule over the inferior." For Strauss, "religion is the glue that holds society together," said Drury, who added that Irving Kristol, among other neoconservatives, has argued that separating church and state was the biggest mistake made by the founders of the U.S. republic.

"Secular society in their view is the worst possible thing," because it leads to individualism, liberalism, and relativism, precisely those traits that might encourage dissent, which in turn could dangerously weaken society's ability to cope with external threats. "You want a crowd that you can manipulate like putty," according to Drury...



Pay grade of the IR thugs

by Anonymous on

Juts heard on NPR barrel of oil reached $80, highest ever. The thugs of the Islamic Republic of Mullahs (IRM) are jumping up and down since the increase in the price of oil means more money for them!

The IRM plunders the wealth of the Iranians based as much as $80x 365x 4.5 M barrels per day = $131.4 B a year!

If IRM paid 1% of this to its thugs in Europe, Canada, and America, that would be equivalent to $ 1.3 B (Billion) a year.

Of course, IRM pays according to skills and years of experience of each thug:

Hooder types get paid: $100 K a year since they have to travel to many conferences.
Dariush Abadi:$ 50K.

Elmo69: $10 K since he is a single digit IQ (cipher.)


Dr. Ledeen's QUOTE

by Anonymous on

To address your distorted and deceptive lies.


Quote by Dr. Ledeen in Washington

"That leaves us with three courses of action, none of which is automatically exclusive of the
others: sanctions, military strikes, and support for democratic revolution. I am opposed to
sanctions, I am generally opposed to military strikes, and I fully endorse support for

"Military action carries enormous risks, because of the many unforeseeable consequences.
Some number of Iranians would likely be inclined to rally to the national defense, even if they
hate the regime. It’s impossible to estimate how many of them would take this path.
Moreover, there would inevitably be innocent victims, and our strategy should aim at saving
innocents, not killing them. Add to that the virtual certainty that Iran would respond with a
wave of terrorism, from Iraq to Europe to the homeland"

"Nobody knows with certainty whether revolution can succeed in Iran, or, if it can, how long it
will take. But tyrannies often fall with unexpected speed, and in recent years a surprising
number of revolutions have toppled tyrants all over the world. Most of them got help from
us. Most revolutions, including our own, required external support in order to succeed, and
there is a widespread belief in Iran that a democratic revolution cannot defeat the mullahs
unless it is supported by the United States. They are waiting for concrete signs of our support.
Support means, above all, a constant critique by our leaders of the regime’s murderous
actions, and constant encouragement of freedom and democracy.

Too many of us have forgotten the enormous impact of Ronald Reagan’s denunciation of the Soviet Union as an “evil empire.” The intellectual elite of this country condemned that speech as stupid and
dangerous, yet the Soviet dissidents later told us that they considered it enormously important,
because it showed that we understood the nature of the Soviet regime, and were committed to
its defeat. In like manner, the Iranians need to see that we want an end to the Islamic
Republic. We need to tell them that we want, and show them that we will support, regime
change in their country, peaceful, non-violent regime change, not revolution from the barrel of
a gun.

We also need to talk to them very specifically about how such revolutions succeed. We
should greatly expand our support for private radio and television broadcasters, both here and
in Europe, and we need to get serious about using our own broadcasts as revolutionary
instruments. We are not competing for market share, and we are not in the entertainment
business; we should be broadcasting interviews with successful revolutionaries from other

Kaveh Nouraee

Nema, Open up your eyes

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Michael Ledeen is the least of anyone's worries. He is just another talking head, and while some of the things he has said are true, he is just a microscopic blip on the radar screen.


What we do have to worry about is the IRI. It is they who are the true threat to the Iranian people, both in Iran and throughout the diaspora. For example, I don't believe that there is any real disagreement to the idea that Iran is entitled to develop nuclear technology. The only question is whether or not the IRI can really be trusted with ensuring that the technology will only be for civilian electrical generation. Any normal-thinking individual, Iranians included (and Iranians ESPECIALLY) know that the IRI in fact CANNOT be trusted, whether it is in the area of nuclear technology, interference in Iraqi affairs, domestic human rights, or anything else for that matter.


There is a greater likelihood of simultaneously winning a multi-state lottery and being struck by lightning than that of a U.S. military invasion of Iran. Now while I personally support a regime change in Iran, I know that it will not come about as a direct or indirect result of Ledeen's rhetoric. It has nothing to do with his knowledge of Farsi either. Look at that monkey Antarinejad. He speaks Farsi, and he doesn't know the first thing about running Iran, just he didn't know the first thing about running Tehran when he was supposedly the mayor.


The presidential election is just 14 months away, and although Bush is not running, any idiot knows that any first-strike military action against Iran will guarantee a victory for the Democrats next year. Every member of the GOP will sooner kill themselves than to do anything that will let ensure either a Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama win next year.


The IRI will implode, and while it will never be soon enough, it will in fact be an implosion of its own accord. Reza Shah and Mohammad Reza Shah both had roughly thirty years each. Based upon the law of averages, the IRI is anywhere from 18-24 months away from turning into a pumpkin itself.


So take a moment, regroup, collect your thoughts. Then open up your eyes and look at the BIG picture.




Iran will be as lucky as other U.S. puppet states

by Anonymous on

U.S. puppet states like Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Guatemala, Zaire, El Salvador, and Indonesia are 10 times worse than Iran is now (and Iran has many, many problems due to the IRI's rotten leadership), even though many of those countries are rich in resources.

Abgousht is Ashraf Pahlavi writing under a pseudonym. The "Princess" is hoping to return to Iran in order to assume leadership of Iran's lucrative heroin and opium trade once again. When will the Iranicons, Pahlavists, and Rajavists realize that Iranians in Iran hate them more than they hate the IRI. It just proves that even the worst "akhoond" is better than the microbes that comprise the so-called "Iranian opposition". Face it Abgousht, no one in Iran wants a Mossad/CIA puppet like you other than your Israeli owners. You want the napalmers of Uncle Sam to do to Iran what they've already done to Iraq. Iranian patriots, especially those opposed to the IRI, should make sure that Shabbas-Goy scum like you pay for propagandizing on behalf of the neocon enemies of Iran.


An approach to getting rid of the mullahs:

by Abgousht on

1. The US will bomb the mullahs, the IRGC’s, their supporters, and the rest of the thugs
and anybody who stands on their way..

2. The
regular Iranian Armed Forces will take over with the US support and force law and order.

3. Iranians
will help the US/Iran forces to identify all the collaborators of mullahs, and the
mopping operation.

4. Iranian
people will burn all mosques and emazadehs and burn all qor’anns, deveil all
women and if they resist, we will burn them.

5. Iranian
constitution prior to the 1979 with slight modification will be reestablished in
case people want to vote for a different form of Government other than monarchy of course under a
free referendum.

6. Free
elections will be held and somebody will be elected under the sharp eye of the
US-supported Iranian Armed Forces (very much like Turkey).

7. US
will re-open its embassy in Iran
and we will go back to the pre-1979 state of relationships and everything will
be honky-dory.

8. And
finally anybody who dares to say besmellah rahman rahim, we will shut gun the



by Anonymous on

all i seen you ever do is bash anybody who wants regime change in iran.



Koseh Nanat

by Anonymous on

Koseh Naneh Jahanshah Javid va to Madar Jendeh.