Opposition Groups based outside of Iran

by nmilaninia

I get a lot of heat for this so I’ll just state it in as many blunt and straight-forward terms as I can. First, this is based on currently opposition groups based outside of the US. There might be one which pops up which I support, but this is currently based upon those I’ve talked to and had involvement with. Second, I believe in human rights and the promotion of human rights. I believe that the Iranian government is dictatorial and tyrannical. I don’t believe it actually represents the wishes and wills of the Iranian people.

That being said, Iranian opposition groups in the US are self-serving, abusive, ignorant, and equally tyrannical. Many of them oppose the Iranian regime but use the same scare tactics to attack dissenters. Moreover, many of them seek to use the same tactics as the Iranian regime in order to acquire power, through violence and bloodshed. None of them are trustworthy and yet all of them attempt to get positions of trust into the US or other foreign powers. The information they give is often distorted or exaggerated. Many of them are very anti-Islamic and bigoted. Most if not all of them are completely out of touch with the Iranian people. Many of them hide racism in their alleged nationalism. Lastly, most of them are unsupported by Iranians outside of Iran. And while their ambitions are sometimes admirable, their tactics are brutal. I don’t support the opposition groups outside of Iran, because they tend to be no different than the Taliban…another opposition group which was not indigenous which only obtained power by manipulating a foreign entity. The only political change in Iran can come from within and not from without, including those Iranians who no longer live in Iran.


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Thanks for the meaningless answer topoli...

by khashmgin1 on

I asked if you are concerned that IRI will fall soon and you may be brought to trial. You just answer no?!!! What a boring answer! Why don't you elaborate a bit for us?


Agreed but let it be

by combat (not verified) on

I agree with the author. The Iranian "opposition" in diaspora is Nokar, Mozdoor, out of touch with Iran and Iranians, some are despotic, some are blood thirsty and looking for revenge, most are full of hot air but most importantly irrelevant.
I don't pay much attention to them and neither do an overwhelming majority of people in Iran. But I don't have a problem with them either. Let them have their meetings, publish their slogans etc etc. This is a good thing. It has provided a forum for a bunch of old geezers to spend their retirement doing something they enjoy. It makes them feel good about themselves and they think they are not spending their remaining time on this earth in BETALAT even though they are. This is specially true for the fossil type Saltanat Talabs.
As for the younger, MEK and left leaning type, their time is up too and they know it. The have no Aberoo in Iran and the only way they could roll into Tehran is on the back of a US tank. Iranians won't have any part of that and it won't happen.
Then there is the ex-reformists of 2nd Khordad Front who have left the country and joined the opposition in the US or Europe such as Ali Afshari etc. These guys are doing a damn good job at discrediting themselves by rubbing elbows with the US government, taking their money through the so called "think tanks" etc. They were far more effective when they were in Iran but once they leave, no one hears them anymore and looks upon them as "nokar-e-ajnabi."

It's all good. Let them do their thing. Enjoy their retirement or make a few bucks, whatever the case maybe. It is inconsequential but does provide some amusement for some of us.


Nice try, but by envoking

by Bahram_mash (not verified) on

Nice try, but by envoking conspiracy theories you can’t wipe clean your past writings and you can’t clean your name. We who have disclosed you as what you are do not belong to any organized “opposition”. Try better tactics to serve your masters.


To khashmgin1

by nmilaninia on

In response to your comments: no and no. 


Dear nima: It's you own

by Nay (not verified) on

Dear nima: It's you own naivete that took these self-serving opposition groups seriously. They really are irrelevant and useless. The opposition is non other than us, you and me and the rest of us.


Well Said

by Mash Ghaasem (not verified) on

Good post. However, you forgot two points. (1) Many of them are Khaaen vas jaassooss. (2) Most of them would be worst than the mullas if they get to the power.


IRI and Democracy??

by Mehdi (not verified) on

Dear Kourossh Shirazi, you must be living on cloud nine.

IRI and democracy? I dont think so. There may have been
rigged elections to try and appear that way, but do tell me with honesty, Ho many lefties, nationalists, Monarchist, different parties did take part in those elections? As far as I can see, they offered supoosed candidates from with the same IRI credentials and background and asked people to vote.

People did not vote for Khatami himself. He had no credentials. People voted him in in order to prevent Rafsanjani et al to come to power. As for Ahmadi, the same thing.
How can it be democracy when the council of experts rejects over 2000 candidates?
It is a "democracy" as long as you do as they say.
Wake up, please!


Re: nmilaninia

by khashmgin1 on

So is this what it all boils down to? Is this how pathetic you have become milaninia???


You write an article and then you come in with all these other fake ids and leave approving comments on you own article? 


Where do you get all these free times to write all these articles and then the supporting comments? Don't you have a job?


The IRI is wasting its (errr.... Iran's) money on idiots like you? Come on milaninia be a bit more clever. You can do better than this with the mullahs's (errr..... Iran's) money.


I can't wait for the day that they would bring the likes of you to trial. You are scared of that aren't you milanina? Come on now be honest... You are just a tiny miny bitsy bit concerned? Aren't you milaninia?


To: no hezb

by Qumars (not verified) on

if there is a military intervention, it will by itself kill many innocnet Iranians and may plunge the country into a civil war.

But even if Bush pulls an Iraq in Iran, who do you think he will put in charge? Do you think for a second that this administration will set up a "democracy" ? No way. It will be the same "opposition" figures and the MEK who have been kissing butt for years in anticipation of such a possiblity.

so if you're appalled by the opposition, you should be 100% against war and sanctions.


who is going to fight in

by no hezb militant (not verified) on

who is going to fight in iran?The "bache koonis" waking around with their nose job bandages and plucked eyebraws or the 15years junior sluts walking on jordan picking up married men??? Has any one here been to Iran lately? Has any one witnessed the demise of the political and cultural consciousness over there??? who else is going to revolt, the poor people? Reality is that they are better off under this horrible regime because they get subsidized assistance from the basijis and mullahs... I agree, however, that oppossion groups outside of iran are a joke,especially the fossilized "saltanattalabs". As painful as it is to admit, the only way to save us is to have these suckers nipped from the butt through military intervention for once and for all....


Re: Islamic Republic is democratic

by baback on

This is off the topic of the original poster. However, just a note here. Not even IR officials claim that IR is democratic. Kayhan editorialists call democracy "Hokoomat Araazel bar Araazel". They claim to believe in the supreme wisdom of the foghaha whose judgment trumps the judgement of the populace.  The populace may only vote for candidates that have passed through numerous loyalty(Eltezaam amali be Nezaam) and supposed piety filters before they are allowed to run as candidates. I trust that would have been obvious after 28 years.

Jeesh Daram

True ...but

by Jeesh Daram on

we need to realize that a lot of the so called "opposition groups" are basically on foreign governments' payroll or at least on their incentive plans. Once a group is bought out by foreign interest then what they will be "opposing" are the true nationalists' movements.

It's a vicious cycle with no end to it.

Kaveh F

Generalization without a base

by Kaveh F on

One of the main problems with our expatriates is that most of them don’t travel South of meydane vanak Unless they want to bring back a Persian rug from bazaar. The truth is that most young people below 30 don’t even have a point of reference for events before revolution. Majority of people in Iran are strongly religious. The ones that are not mistake the broadcasting of LA channels with the freedom. As result our educated people are crushed between Religious fanatics and X-Party crowed. And here we have a second generation of people who proclaim returning to Iran in a short while right after chelokabob and ice cold dough in Westwood. Only 28 years and counting. They kind of remind me of Red Sox fans before breaking the curse of bambino. There is always another year.


Islamic Republic is democratic, it just doesnt reflect you.

by Koroosh Shirazi (not verified) on

You claim the government doesnt represent the people? What do you base that on you ignorant child. How can you say Khatami didnt represent the 20 million people who voted for him. Or that Ahmadinejad doesnt represent the 17 million people that voted for him. Never in the history of Iran has a government been elected by the people other than in the Islamic Republic. It may be flawed but its the most democratic experience the people of Iran have ever experienced in their entire history. Give credit where credit is due you propogandist.


Mullahs are going down ...

by Mehdi (not verified) on

Oh please please please. Wake up and open your eyes. The reality is not what is pumped to your TV by fox et al.

Bush is in it up to his neck with Iraq.
We all want the Mullahs to go, but they will only go by forces from within and that means through social change & pressure from the 40+ million young Iranians under the age of 30.


Mullahs are going down

by Bush (not verified) on

Bush is going to bring the mullahs down. That's the only solution. And you guys can't do anything!


Right on the money, and

by Bavafa on

Right on the money, and thank you for saying it.


Right on...

by Qumars (not verified) on

The problem is most of these groups are full of plain charlatans. Even if you agree with their ideology which a lot of time is racist and authoritarian, you have to wonder why they haven't delivered on any of their promises for the past 30 years. All these people who support them with donations and watch them on Satellite TV have to wake up the fact that they have been suckered all these years.

Mehdi is right. These people are incapable of bringing any change to Iran and are quite possibly keeping the IRI in power just by their brainless idiocy.

Many people who live here in the US, and never even experience the realities in Iran, don't know what it's like to be bombed on or live on state rations, whose only idea of Iran is from their rich North Tehrani families, are simply too out of touch to do anything useful. And they are too afraid to disrupt their lives and move to Iran to be real activists. So they continue to make themselves feel good by sounding loud and uncompromising from here.


I tend to agree

by Farzad (not verified) on

Nima, I tend to agree with you on this one, I have seen so called the opposition groups use the same tactics used by the regime inside Iran. Either you are with us or with them


No chance.

by Mehdi (not verified) on

I dont support the regime at all. But I must say that - and everybody who is at least slightly aware of the current affairs in Iran should know - the real change will come from inside Iran, it may not come in my lifetime, but it will come. It is just the question of time and genaration change!
All others outside of iran , specially the so called opposition groups, are no more than hot air and a waste of time.
We don't need more B.S. idealogy; we need action and mass movement. This will not come from the groups outside and the fossiles of the past!

We Iranians are very good at sitting on the fence.
( Labe goud mishinim va migim lengesh kon! )
If we are outside of Iran and we claim to be active, then lets put our money where our mouth is and go back and do something from inside. Otherwise lets just shut the ... up and get on with life.


again keeping up to your level

by Anonymouss (not verified) on

always bashing anyone opposed to the terrorist regime in tehran!

keep up the good work!


Very well said

by IranAbroad on

This part is very much true:

"The information they give is often distorted or exaggerated. Many of them are very anti-Islamic and bigoted. Most if not all of them are completely out of touch with the Iranian people. Many of them hide racism in their alleged nationalism. "