A WMD Free Zone in the Middle East Won’t Help Iran


by nmilaninia

Reading the SOAS report I think its important to emphasize one of their solutions for peace with Iran:

The potential for a major regional war over Iran should
give greater impetus to all sides to avoid conflict and act on
previously agreed objectives for security in the region as a whole. In
this respect the UNSC (687, 1540) objective of establishing a WMD Free Zone in the Middle East should be given far greater political investment by all parties.

According to Joseph Cirincione, director for non-proliferation at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, most weapons programs in the Middle East began in direct response to Israel’s decision to go nuclear in the 1950s and 1960s.
Despite this analysis, I think the calls for a Free Zone in the Middle
East as a way for curbing Iran’s appetite for nuclear technology is
faulty. Iran is not responding to any Israeli threat, but to a US threat.
Israel will never threaten Iran’s territory like it does to other
bordering Arab states. If anything, Israel’s dispute with Iran is
premised on ideology and regional dominance rather than territory. As Ray Takeyh rightfully points out:

If Israel’s nuclear arsenal features in the Iranian
debate, it is mainly in the context of international and American
hypocrisy in perennially criticizing Iran’s nuclear efforts yet
maintaining a curious silence on Israel’s atomic bombs.

As such, a WMD zone does not do anything to prevent Iran from
pursuing WMDs. What is needed is direct and unconditional negotiations
with the US.


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it has nothing to do with

by Anonymous on

it has nothing to do with irainans,

how many iranians live in afghanistan and iraq and syria?

what your saying is just propaganda

this cartoon shows the mollahs influcence in the region and their desires to create instability for their benefit

majority of iranians in the region outside of iran live in DUBAI UAE,

howcome theres no cockroaches on there??

wild guess, mollahs are invaders who are not iranian!!!!!!!

you ppl wasting your time on the most insignificant issues while ignoring the bigger picture!


Direct Talk

by Foad on

I could never apprehend why Middle East population in general has to pay for Holocaust? This genocide was committed by a Christian European country with tacit approval of the Pope and British until of course they were attacked.

I agree direct talk between US and Iran without any pre-conditions is the logical and prudent way to resolve major differences between the two countries.

Unfortunately in one side we have a weird president and in the other side a stubborn incompetent one.



Agree \ Disagree

by asefati on

I agree with the direct talks with US but that is pretty much about it!


Arab and Middleeaster nuclear and WMD ambitions started right after Israel's invasion of post 1967 war and its stockpile of nuclear bombs and its own nuclear program. The fact that Israel has threaten Iran with nuclear arsenal is no secret. Also middle eastern counties know very well they are NO MATCH for US even with nuclear bombs.