Cartoon: : "Be a man!"

Cartoon:  : "Be a man!"
by Omid Hast

This is a photo painting of myself in hijab.

See the news feed about Majid Tavakkoli in Fars News here , and JJ's Photo Essay, "Be a man" here.


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Good Job Omid

by ramintork on

Nice one.

Omid Hast

I confess, I am inflicted with Attention Deficit Disorder

by Omid Hast on

Moving back to Iran in mass is not a practical solution, although an honorable one for anyone who makes such a decision to help their country.  After some thirty years of being away, like yourself, people have lives, family ties, jobs, and etc., and even at that when the regime is killing and maiming its own citizens, and people are fleeing and taking refuge in other countries, going back does not seem to be a tangible solution to many, especially for those who have no ground level connections in Iran.

So, what other suggestions do you have that we can do here?  You seem to be a good writer, so why don’t you use your talent and make some suggestions as a blog, but this time try not to insult anyone, anyone’s religion, intelligence, or their other beliefs.

Take care,

P.S.  I am as young as you.


Omid jaan,

by Arthimis on

Thank you for also taking the time to write your opinion and make your valid points to me.

I have gotten your satire through your cartoons here and have liked your work and contributions about Iran as well.

You are right. I wrote comments here on under a different name until I was banned for expressing my opinions! 

I decided to stop stressing myself here as I noticed many so called Iranians here (outside Iran) are such Iran haters!!!

When I see Iranians here still to this day put their religion (One of worst versions of Islam) before Iran and their true nationality, Like millions of other true Iranians I become furious.

Omid jaan, Without going into details, I wanted to say that as a young patriotic Iranian, I personally fought Islamic Republic and its forces from the first day of their invasion after 1979! I am not saying this for making myself look better here or be self- righteous here. Nobody will ever know me here. It was my duty to Iran, to my people and my own identity as an Iranian without affiliation to any organization and entity that had any connection with any religion or communist fraction. WE ONLY FOUGHT FOR IRAN. (Our organization was called NEGHAB, responsible for unfortunate failed Uprising in summer of 1980 in Tehran/Iran.)

Now after 30 long years, I am saddned by the way most passive Iranian men act, especially those who live out side Iran! Note: Again, I am not talking about those brave ones on the streets of Iran opposing and fighting Islamic Republic and its thugs every day.

I am talking about those who make any real man ashamed of himself ! In the past 30 years I have seen too many Iranian men that I just want to slap when I see them! The hypocrites, slizz balls, ignorants and weaks... Those who have let bunch of similar Islamic thugs to take over a whole country and nation and now find any reason to be a clown and look like a clown, without truly helping their country and their brave brothers and sisters fighting on the ground.

You want to help Free your country, go back and join the fight! Otherwise, those wearing a stupid chador on their heads here are wasting more time for self attention deficit ... I have seen way too many losers here, regardless of how much money and academic education they got or not...

Thank GOD for all those Brave Men, Women and Children in Iran who are Rising Up against tyrrany and ignorance...That is the only HOPE! Indeed hanooz OMID HAST...

Take care of yourself Ham-meehane Javan


Omid Hast

Thsnk you all

by Omid Hast on

Thank you Monda,  I am already in the Gentlemen’s Club, but not as this cartoon.

Thank you Nazy,  Sorry for the sad face; it’s that I was forced to wear a veil.  Believe me, I laugh my ass off anytime I look at those pictures in the “Gentlemen’s Club”.

Thank you Anahid for your continued support.

Omid Hast

Dear Arthimis,

by Omid Hast on

I'd like to thank you for your comment, and I'll reply to the points you've brought about in a moment, but first, thank you for going through the trouble of registering, some five hours ago at the time I began to write this, to make your voice being heard.  I don't believe you would have registered in this manner if what you wanted to say was not important to you.  Also, I believe you are regular contributor of this Site, someone with prior contributions who does not want to be known for making this comment, and the other one on JJ's Photo Essay blog.
Having said that, I do believe in passive resistance.  I believe every action the regime takes to ridicule those brave Iranians who are in the battlefields of resistance in Iran must be exposed for what is it; a desperate attempt in their part to crush Iranians’ aspiration for freedom and democracy.  The regime on daily bases is coming up with new ways to ridicule this movement, and I do believe in turning the tables on them and ridicule their attempts.  When the regime had its mass show trial and was publicizing prominent activists' coerced confessions, many artists, writers, and poets published their own confessions.  One poet confessed to having had sexed with animals, another one confessed to masturbation, as well being spy for one country or another.  We will embrace those who have confessed with open arms.  We understand what they have gone throw to bring us to this point where the regime is forced to come up with these show trails and these desperate measure.  And we will embrace those men who are forced to wear hijab, and we tell them we couldn’t be more proud of them, for their brave marches and their passionate speeches.

I don't understand what you mean by "be a man and act like a man...", but I do understand what you said goes to the core of the issue, which is what defines being a man.  Is war mongering a man thing, in your opinion?  Is it violence that defines a man?  The oppressive regime is using batons, daggers, and guns, so are they more "man" than us?  Are we supposed to pick up arms and start street fights, or a civil war?  Is this a pissing contest?  Are we comparing our balls with theirs to see whose are bigger, literary and figuratively?

So, what do you suggest we ought to do, in particular in Diaspora?  I'm in favor of all forms of none violence resistance.  I think a massive demonstration by the Iranian men in veil in front of the IRI official offices abroad would be a great idea.  So, anyway, I don't know, what do you suggest we do "manly" to free your "mother, sister and all Iranian women from their chains!"

Anahid Hojjati

Great cartoon by Omid Hast. Arthimis is missing the point

by Anahid Hojjati on


Thanks Omid Hast for a poignant cartoon.  Note to Arthimis: You are missing the point to call men wearing Hejab and posting their pictures passive and ridiculous.  This act is to show IRI that they cannot shame "Majid Tavakoli" by showing him in female clothing.


Fellan Omidi nist , Magar keh...

by Arthimis on

Omid, with all due respect to your work i wanted to write something about this passive and ridiculous subjet of Iranian men wearing Hejab now!!!!

As if we have graduated from being a man already!!!!

Look where are we now as a country and as an Iranian man, woman and children on the world stage!!!

We are all dishonored and now we are even digging our own graves deeper by not standing up to our own sexuality!!!(To say the least!)

I have nothing against Homosexuals, but these girly actions by Iranian men (EVEN AS A JOKE) is not helping our country and people...

Truly it is a sad situation for all of us Iranian Men, Women and Children...

Nazy Kaviani

Omid Hast

by Nazy Kaviani on

You look better than all the other ones put together! But you seem sad whereas everyone else seems to be having fun with the gesture of solidarity! Anyhow, I'll vote for you for the most correct hejab-in-solidarity.

P.S. You seem all set now to go skinny dipping (IRI style) in the Caspian Sea.

P.P.S. Disclaimer: That P.S. was an inside writers' joke with the veiled blue artist. We will share the story next week.


Good Job Omid!

by Monda on

I'd imagine you're part of our Gentlemen's Club now.  But you probably need to wait until fully confirmed by JJ and the other gentlemen therein.