Cartoon: IRI democracy

Cartoon: IRI democracy
by Omid Hast

Well, you were wondering where your votes were, here is what happened to them.


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Well the website was truly

by JoeAnne on

Well the website was truly interesting I have to say and since I work at a Chicago bathroom remodeling company I am really interested in those kind of things. Our goal is to become the best company of this kind in the country and I'm sure we will manage to do so.

hamsade ghadimi

i like your illustration but...

by hamsade ghadimi on

...with all due respect, for this ritual, a hand and water is used. for rahbar, the hand of mesbah yazdi (future rahbar) is probably used. and in the hole, you could've drawn ahamdi's face as he has a habit of gohkhori rahbar. cheers.

Multiple Personality Disorder

Very nice,

by Multiple Personality Disorder on

Very funny!

Azarin Sadegh

That bathroom is going to overflow!

by Azarin Sadegh on

There is a limit for any pipeline to take so much wouldn't take long for this bathroom to overflow with people's votes Omid jan!

Yes! there is omid after all..:-) Azarin



Ah, no changes were

by bambi (not verified) on

Ah, no changes were necessary, after all "ammameh" and "abaa" both belong in the bathroom.

Paper can be a dangerous thing- whenever there is a paper, there is a good chance of getting a paper cut eventually. I have been wondering when he gets a cut.

Omid Hast

Ali Lakani,

by Omid Hast on

Yes, the mystery is solved, and approved by the Assembly of Experts; they are the ones who are experts in what goes on inside rahbar’s toilet.

Omid Hast

Hello dear bambi,

by Omid Hast on

How is your health?  I hope your health is good and you do not have any worry.  If you inquire about my health, alhamdorallah bad nistam.  Thank to Guns there is no place for complain.

About the man in the toilet, after reading your moment, and since all this time you have been such a consistent and devoted fan, I decided to make some changes to the original drawing, and that is another thing I like about posting my drawings as Blog Images, that I can make changes to them afterward.  But anyway, the man in the toilet is getting ready to take a bath, that is why he is not wearing any clothes, including his amameh and abaa


Oh, you changed it! But

by bambi (not verified) on

Oh, you changed it! But now, I have to ponder why he is totally naked in the bathroom. This is getting so mysterious!

Ali Lakani

Thank you

by Ali Lakani on

Thank you for the illustrated news bulletin! I was wondering where those votes went! Good cartoon, Omid Hast. Thanks.


LOL...hmmmm, interestingly,

by bambi (not verified) on

LOL...hmmmm, interestingly, I didn't know they used "amameh" in the bathroom, but not "abaa".