Cartoon: Islamic Bar Scene (3), Bestiality

Cartoon: Islamic Bar Scene (3), Bestiality
by Omid Hast

I have been wondering what goes on in Islamic bars.

 Also see Islamic Bar Scene (1), (2), (4


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Omid Hast

Arthimis, I am in stitches :O)

by Omid Hast on



Hilarious video clip!  It's good to know that we're not the only ones in this world that are into Bestiality (Zoophilia):


Roberto Benigni 4 Omid Hast :-)

by Arthimis on

Since you made me laugh so much with your Cartoon here, I'de like to return your favor! Hope you laugh at this too...

From Roberto Benigni's movie (Night On Earth). Look at min. : 4:20 confessing to his past Relation-Sheep... :0)

In Italian with English subtitles:




Ciao tutti...

Ari Siletz

Good opening...

by Ari Siletz on

...but he always blows it at, "jeegareto bokhoram."


Great works. Never fail to crack me up.




Baaaaa ... :0)

by Arthimis on

Omid Jaan, You are so funny............ :0) Thank you for your great art and sense of humor...

Couldn't resist about imagining the poor sheep's response to the Akhoond!

Sheep's response: Baaaaaaaa .... (for 31 years...)

Shaad Baasheed.


Zanboor, don't defend Sargord's poor sense of humor

by thexmaster on

with your own poor sense of humor.


why would we have Omid babysit, when .....

by MM on

Why would we have Omid babysit, when we can ask world famous Iranians who have a direct line to the office of AN, who can declare war with Israel with impunity and are part of the almost 20% Iranians who have the guns.

oooops, there is that 20% again.


Thanks for causing me to smile

by FarSee on

In these 'serious' times, we could USE it.


very funny

by divaneh on

Dear Omid, this series is getting better and better.


Dear Omid

by minadadvar on

What about "gay bars in Iran", knowing that according to AN, there is "No gays in Iran."

Thanks for your drawings.  They are so funny. 


yeee, 69 Summer of love & my cigarette only had 20% tobacco.

by MM on

OK, enough 20% jokes from me.

Omid Hast

And you are the one for me my little lamb!

by Omid Hast on

Remind me again, where was it that we met?  Was it in San Francisco?  Did I feed you Clam Chowder?


CAPTION: do u want me to teach u how to reach 20% fat levels?

by MM on

EWE: Ba'aaaaaaleh

hamsade ghadimi

Ewe are the one for me

by hamsade ghadimi on

hillarious omid.  you're on a roll. 


He is chatting up my

by Gavazn on

He is chatting up my girlfriend.


آخوند دزد و شپشو


حتما کتاب حل المسائل خمینی رو خونده می دونه کردن هیچ حیونی گنه نیست. سگ مرده آخوند دزد و شپشو.

maziar 58

thank you Omid

by maziar 58 on

very true kick in there.

you should have said to sargord: from gorohban 3 to sargord shodan chand bar?,you want me to make you a sarhang ?

get it ? may be on your next drawing in a ghazvini BAR......... 




by yolanda on

LOL! Thank you for being so productive!


Omid, another good one

by Cost-of-Progress on

Thanks for the early morning laugh... 




Omid Hast

Sargord, Don't give up yet

by Omid Hast on

I'm sure one day you'll get a sense of humor.


very funny

by AsteroidX on

Your next one should be a bar in Qazvin, Akhoond chatting up a male sheep.


Omid, now I remember who ur picture reminded me of

by MM on

I was wondering who the picture of the turban-head in your cartoon reminded me of until Sargord Pirouz commented, and then all the sudden, it clicked.  Take a look at the faux soldier in the front of the picture at:


Sargord Pirouz

I though maybe the problem

by Sargord Pirouz on

I thought maybe the problem of me not getting the humor in these illustrations was my apparent lack of sophistication. Well, I can see now that that wasn't the case! :)

Still, I remain hopeful that one of these forthcoming cartoons will make me chuckle.

-Sargord Pirouz 


our friend has had one too many "seegheh"

by MM on



Very funny!

by Princess on

Loved it, Omid!



This is great Omid :o))

by Monda on

My favorite in the series so far.  Nice work!

Shifteh Ansari

So funny...

by Shifteh Ansari on

I laughed so hard, I fell off my bar stool!  Thank you Omid Hast!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Excellent! Cheers to your art.