Cartoon: Masoud and Maryam

Cartoon: Masoud and Maryam
by Omid Hast

Maryam Rajavi delivers a speech in English, broadcasted to New York protesters in front of UN.  Afterward, Masoud and Maryam had a drink to celebrate her performance.



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one more...

by Disenchanted on



       How to communicate post mortem (beyond the grave)

Omid Hast

Ok, I'll be gone for a while, but keep it coming please...

by Omid Hast on

... this is hilarious :O)


Maryam Rajavi for spokeswoman, more

by Disenchanted on


       -- Spokeswoman for the "Society for protection of Chameleons"!

       -- The book, How to to lie with straight face

       -- The Book, How to negotiate anything

       --  Alzheimer society

Omid Hast

How about this,,,

by Omid Hast on



- How about promoting a book called "Self-immolation for Dummies"

- How about becoming spokesperson for NRA (National Rifle Association)

- How about advocacy for "Iranian Commodity Futures Trading and Exchanges"

- How about a line of T-shirts with her picture and this writing on it "This Time Around I Love Imperialism"



by yolanda on

LOL! She needs Rosetta Stone!


More products Maryam can be spokeswoman for.....

by Disenchanted on


     Thanks folks some really funny ones.. Here is more:

     -- Hypnosis (mass hypnosis)

      -- Treason for dummies

      -- Art of public speech

      -- How to fell good while in deep SH&%!

      -- English as a second Language

       -- Swingers club :-)

       I think this needs an indepedent blog :-)

Omid Hast

Name a product that Maryam could be spokeswoman for

by Omid Hast on

Other than the ones that have already been mentioned, how about: a line of wacky-color coats and headscarf for women, Tank-R-Us toys, “How to Sell Your Country In Three Easy Steps” book, an Islamic alcoholic drink called Margarita, a line of Maryam and Masoud Barbie Dolls,,,

Thank you all for your comments.



" [A] product that Maryam could be spokeswoman for"

by پندارنیک on

She can be a spokesperson for portable fire extinguishers........... How about advocacy for forced divorce, or mass confinement........and so on...


Here is a contest for IC junkies :-)

by Disenchanted on


         Now that Maryam has mastered English language so well name a product that Maryam could be spokeswoman for. :-)

         Lets see, insecticides, bankrupcy advice, .... 

Ari Siletz

Why did she have to go and ruin it?

by Ari Siletz on

Big LOL, Omid.

Our Persian accent is warm and endearing, but  now it will be a long time before "tanking" anyone will regain its original home-made flavor for me. Rajavi et al gave out money to the ill-wishers of the "Eerainian peeple," then "tanked" them for accepting. What is it with Rajavi and her tanks? They're deadly no matter what .


you captured it

by bambi on

It was really good.  My  first impression from her speech a couple of days ago, was that horror of horros accent, and her continuous "tanking" and "tanks"...WTH?!


good cartoon omid - drinking golaab?

by MM on


Omid Hast

بمبی، هآ نایس تو سی یو اگین

Omid Hast

دو  یو  رییلی  لآیک  دیس  کارتون  اُر  یو  آر  جاست  سِینگ  دِت  بیکاز  یو  لآیک  می؟   



by bambi on

dis vas gooood. tank you!


Proof MEK needs no help imploding

by bahmani on

This is why worrying about the MEK being delisted, even if it happens, is not going to be a problem.

MEK is an old joke that wasn't ever funny or valid in the first place.

Really? Marxist Islam? How seventies! How redundant!

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