Cartoon: rahbar goes to psychologist (3)

Cartoon: rahbar goes to psychologist (3)
by Omid Hast

rahbar is finally diagnosed of being crazy, but he refuses to hear it.  Sorry, the dialogue had to be in English. 


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Omid ..poor argument

by mannya2001 on

First, I did not call you Simon Cowell.  I said, Simon Cowell would give you a better response than I would regarding your cartoon.

So, google Simon Cowell and see his video clips to get an idea.

Second, You argue that you have creativity.  I do not disagree.  Its just that creativity for one person might fall short of what is concerned good by another person.

I sure hope you don't send in your cartoon to the NEW YORK METROPOlitan Museum and ask them to put it up because it is creative and ingenious.

You want to see cartoonists:  try Naji Ali (may he rest in peace)


Great one as always.   I

by bambi on

Great one as always.   I also liked the different typecasts used, reflecting different tones...brilliant!  Your portrayal of Khamenei's deafness to reality is very masterful.  Thanks for sharing.


My plea to researcher

by divaneh on

Researcher, please, please, please change your name. BTW what are you smoking man?

This cartoon is very good and very much to the point. My only criticism is using the word crazy instead of insane.

hamsade ghadimi

nice cartoon.  simple and

by hamsade ghadimi on

nice cartoon.  simple and effective.  there was nothing provocative about it.  i don't know what these rahbar parasts are barking about. 

the critics in the house should be outraged how the iri regime is giving the velayat faghih a bad name.  they should be outraged about kahrizak, about the basij, about the incompetent president whose idea of governance is to beat people down and make speeches about israel. 

Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on

This cartoon that you speak of, why don't you draw it yourself?  You don't know how?  Try to learn.


Omid: let's summarize your thoughts

by Researcher on

If what I have been saying is wrong, then why do you have to bother doing this cartoon in the first place?

How you should do your cartoon is your problem. i am just pointing out that the mentality that we are all innocent angels and there is one or 1000 individuals in Iran who are the cause of all evil is false and invalid. What I am pointing out is that this false viewpoint will lead to lack of progress. If the cause of a water leak is a broken pipe, repairing the door will not help! We need to have a very good understanding of a problem before we can really propose solutions that are valid. Otherwise we will all end up where Rajavi has ended up - an individual full of hatred and with zero efficincy. Why did he get where he is? Because he was too quick to generalize and put people into groups - for example all Basijis are evil. That's a stupid statement. Also he was not willing to see his own role and responsibility in all this. he blamed it all on somebody else. This is insanity. One must be willing to accept his share of responsibility. 

Try doing a cartoon that demonstrates that everybody matters and that if we are in a mess, we are all responsible. Do a acartoon that propose a solution that takes into consideration the benefit of all Iranians and not just a minority. Can you come up with a solution that will be acceptable to all Iranians?  Or at least to the majority?

Anahid Hojjati

Omid Hast,thanks for cartoon. I like your response to Researcher

by Anahid Hojjati on


Dear Omid Hast, thanks for cartoon and damet garm responding to Researcher.  

Dear Omid, I appreciate your comments when you show how arguments of Researcher have no base.  Your last comment was greatest.  I also liked Ari 's comment and his summary of Omid's solution as:"yaa taar yaa zahr e maar ".

Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on

You are what I call a plunderer, gharatgar.  I see you going around and insulting people that you don't like, calling them names.  This time you're saying "Simon Cowell", whatever that is supposed to mean, to deport me.  Fortunatly, people are free to express their opinions in this country, unlike your beloved Islamic Republic.  And, I have no idea what power Simon Cowell might have to deport me from anywhere.

All I see in your comment is that you're incapable of creativity, so you resort to personal attacks, and the difference between me attacking your Supreme Leader and you attacking me is that your rahbar is in charge of a torture, main, rape, and murder machine like a lunatic, and I am trying to say yes, he is crazy.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

First to your ridiculous  question

Why is Ari not the elected leader of the millions of Iranian living abroad? 

Iranians living in various countries do not need a single leader. That is the mentality that creates the problem. We live in different countries each with its own political leadership. We may be members of various organizations with their own leadership. Maybe Ari leads some: I don't know.  Just the question indicates that you think in terms of herd mentality. One alpha male and the sheep following him. Sorry we have evolved beyond that.


I am not here trying to defend Khamenei. 

Well you sure sound like it. I do not see how you would act differently if you were trying to defend him. Go do some research!



Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on



Allow me to summarized what you've been saying so far:

- Iranians are not civilized yet
- Most Iranians still live in the Middle Ages
- Iranians are sheep and are in need of a singular shepherd
- Most of those Iranians who are educated are irresponsible
- Most of those Iranians who are educated are busy demonizing the uncivilized Iranian people who still live in the Middles Ages

I won’t speak for others, but for myself, where do you see me demonizing the “backward people” in this cartoon?  Or, do you by “backward people” mean the ruling regime?  Are you upset because your Supreme Leader, even though you're not a fan of him, is being made fun of?  After all, according to you, the poor guy is really a nice man and he tortures, maims, rapes, and murders the poor "uncivilized" Iranian people who "still live in the Middle Ages" because he is "pressured" to do so.  He used to play his tar, but now he is pressured to do Mafia work, pressured by Imam Zaman, I suppose.

There are only two characters in this drawing, so which one of them, according to you, is being laughed at or demonized?  Let’s say “uncivilized Iranian” people who “still live in the Middles Ages” and still “support” this regime add up to 10% of Iran’s population, a very low number to help you argue your case, so according to you to make this cartoon “realistic”, I should draw, let's say, 7,000,000 characters?  Is that correct? 

Do you see any people in here that are being made fun of, other than the Supreme Leader?  Other than you, who is making a point that the majority of Iranian inside, or outside Iran are "uncivilized" and "still live in the Middle Ages"?

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

...the viewpoint that everything is his fault is too simplistic and invalid.

The simplistic and invalid view that one person holding all the power is a viable method of governance has led to the absurd situation where Kahamenei is accountable for everything. Bizzare as it seems the logic is inescapable. Vali-e-Faghih has all the power, therefore no one else has any power (P-P=0), therefore no one else is accountable for the incompetent exercise of that power.

Admittedly, the above paragraph is a cartoon sketch of the state of affairs, but as with Omid Hast's work it is satisfied to simply point at a reality, not image it in all the complex details.


Harry Truman said it well "The Buck Stops Here"

by MM on

I am surprised to hear that Khamenei is not responsible for things happening all around him.  IRI reeks of nepotism, corruption and crimes against humanity. 

As the leader of the army, foreign policy, internal affairs, sepaah, basij, religious stuff ....etc., I can only quote Harry S. Truman here: "The Buck Stops at Khamenei". Period.


Researcher: I was touched

by maiser on

I was touched by your call for being appreaciative to the hard work of our ancestors and Iranian society, and not being simpleminded about solutions.


that is just not funny/ neither entertaining

by mannya2001 on

Simon Cowell would have you deported from wherever you are for this unfunny piece of whatever....

i can imagine simon looking at omid with that look of his like are you sane???


Omid: And how would that make a difference?

by Researcher on

Iranians have a long way to go to become truly civilized. Don't look at a few in northern Tehran who are somewhat educated and have travelled to other countries. Most Iranians still live in middle ages. Unfortunately those who did get a little education and visited other ocuntries are very irresponsible and instead of giving their people a hand, are very busy demonizing them for being backwards, etc. The fact is that you and and I are ducated and have visited other ocuntries and understand civilization and democracy because those backwards people supported us or our fathers. It was partly their money that we used to get educated. But now all we are willing to do for them is laugh at them.


Ari: I answer your question with another

by Researcher on

Why is Ari not the elected leader of the millions of Iranian living abroad? Iranians abroad are not under the control of Khemenei. So why can't Ari be their leader? Isn't Ari a better leader than Khamenei? I think if you try to answer this question you will start to see that it is not as easy as you think.

I am not here trying to defend Khamenei. I am just saying the viewpoint that everything is his fault is too simplistic and invalid. Khamenei is not even the main problem, if you think about it.

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

Being responsible for everything is precisely what a Velayet-e-Faghih is. If Khamenei can't hack it--which as you state, no one can--then Omid Hast's yaa taar yaa zahr e maar solution is what the doctor ordered.    A democracy is equipped to handle complexities that has overwhelmed this dictator.

Omid Hast


by Omid Hast on

As a solution and a research project, can you tell him to be cool again and resign his position as a dictator, and go back to playing his tar again?  Better yet, just tell him to drink from the chalice of poison and get it over with.

Thank you,


Not funny

by Researcher on

Sorry, but this is not funny because it is way too unrealistic. the idea that one person is the cause of all evil in a country is absurd - especially someone like Khamenei. He doesn't even vaguely fit the profile. Personally, i think he is as desparate as anybody else for a solution. In fact I think he would support any solution that was realistic and did not only take into consideration the minority of people living in northern Tehran. I hear he once used to be "cool" and play "Tar" and be more jolly. But anybody in his position would be pressured into doing things they don't really want to do but they have no choice. Wasn't it Khomeini that "drank the hemlock?" People standing on the side find it easy to offer solutions but the reality is that practically none of these offered solutions would really work - they are usually solutions based on some theoretical ideal state, which is stupid because in an idealistic state there would be no need for s solution - everything would already be fine.

Ari Siletz

Now I know why...

by Ari Siletz on

...there's been no      





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