Cartoon: Shahram Amiri goes to psychologist

Cartoon: Shahram Amiri goes to psychologist
by Omid Hast

Caption translation:

Psychologist: What kind of mental pressure they put you through in America?

Shahram Amiri: They were getting me In-N-Out cheeseburgers without french fries.


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Azarin Sadegh

Very funny!

by Azarin Sadegh on

I just discovered this gem..Thank you for the laugh!

Masoud Kazemzadeh

thank you Omid

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

Dear Omid,

excellent.  thanks.



Very funny.... LOL! :D

by Arthimis on

Very funny.... LOL! :D Hamishe va hanooz ham Omid Hast... :-)


ناشناس گفت


The comparisons in your reference site were amazing, but unfortunately, they also brought back unpleasant memories

As anonymouse said in in your reference

ناشناس گفت...

ایشون شدیدا توسط آبجو و کنیاک و بیکن شبانه روز شکنجه می شدند

Omid Hast

One thing is for sure, no one is telling the whole truth

by Omid Hast on

… but regardless of what happened in the beginning and in the middle, at the end Shahram Amiri is collaborating with a ruthless regime.

hamsade ghadimi

i'll have a chocolate shake with that

by hamsade ghadimi on

well done omid.  if you notice in his interview with press tv, when the interviewer asks him what type of psychological or physical torture he was subjected.  amiri evades direct answer and only indicates that there was no physical torture.  his kidnappers may have also cooked bacon next door to his interrogation room and didn't offer him any.  hmmm bacon :)

Omid Hast

خودتان مقایسه کنید

Omid Hast

شهرام امیری در ودیوئی که در صدا و سیمای جمهوری اسلامی پخش شد درباره فشارهای روحی در امریکا صحبت کرد!

خودتان قضاوت کنید:




by divaneh on

Thanks Omid Hast for the good laugh. Poor man is not aware that IRI has made the soft drink ready for him. In bottle, as they think he has been helping the US. 


Perhaps Sargord does not

by Bavafa on

Perhaps Sargord does not find it funny due to the fact that there is no truth in that.

Evidence show that not only they bought him French fries, they even super sized it.



Sargord provide a link or say something you consider to be funny

by Anonymouse on

You never get anything!  Humor or drama or anything in between or far away!  Albeit you yourself are funny like Ahmadi is funny!  I wish you were around when we had a famous contributor, named Hajiagha, was around.   

Unfortunately he was banned, as famous as he was, but earlier this month he wrote a poem.  Anyway, try your hand at humor and enlighten us on what is humorous to you!

Everything is sacred

mitra northcal

Sargord, no art speaks to all people

by mitra northcal on

Sargord, this is a pointer for future. No art ever speaks to all people. So if you don't get the point of a cartoon, story or poem, it is perfectly fine if you stay quiet.

Sargord Pirouz

I don't get the humor.

by Sargord Pirouz on

I don't get the humor. Perhaps it's too blunt. For the same reason, I don't find the humor in Southpark funny, either.



by yolanda on

Hi! Omid,

     Thank you for your timely cartoon.......yesterday I wrote 2 posts about Amiri's inflated face after watching his video.....I could not even concentrate on the more serious stuff.....

Before the "kidnapping"/defection, he looked young and slender with a long neck......after the "kidnapping"/torture, he looks older and fatter like a Japanese Sumo wrestler without a neck......

Lets see if his relatives can recognize him back home!

Thank you for the laugh!

Your cartoon has made my day!!!

Anahid Hojjati

Dear Omid Hast, thanks for a very funny cartoon.

by Anahid Hojjati on

Dear Omid Hast, I had a good laugh after seeing your cartoon. Thanks.

Louie Louie


by Louie Louie on