Death of an Innocent Child on Video

by Onlyiran

A two year old child dies on camera in Syria.  He and his father were hit with shrapnel at the hands of IRI supported Assad thugs. The question is this: where is the outrage of our self proclaimed human rights activitiss who beat their chests for the slightest event in Palestine?  Where are you hypocrites to condemn this human tragedy.  Incidentally, the reporter who was at the hospital when this child arrived, Marie Colvin, herself was killed a few days later during a Syrian army attack on Homs. 

Warning: the images are graphic:


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I should have titled this blog "ya Allah"

by Onlyiran on

which is what the child's wailing grandmother says, as a parody of that clown's "Allaho Akbar" blog.  

The silence of our pretend Palestine chest beaters in the face of this human tragedy is truly shameful.  

Anyone who had the skightest doubt about wwhat these people were about should see them clearly for who, and what, they are: a bunch of inhumane IRI propagandists.   

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

And America has nothing to do with it ?


Anonymous Observer

OI- Regarding the Allaho Akbar lady and her absence

by Anonymous Observer on

I believe that she is at an "occupy AIPAC" rally in Washington.  She has been preparing to tear herself apart in front of AIPAC office for the past six months or so.  That's why she's been absent from IC and that's why we haven't seen that consonant citizen of the world condemn Assad's atrocities.

Seriously, did you for a minute expect honesty and consistency from these fake peace lovers--with their manufactured outrage for everything Palestine?!! 


oh god

by shushtari on

I saw this broke my heart....

all I can say, life is a circle- what goes around WILL DEFINITELY COME AROUND.....I full heartedly believe in this....

a day will soon come when all these vultures will regret they were ever born 


Where is the "Allaho Akbar" lady to write an essay about this?

by Onlyiran on

Where is that Palestine Chest Beater hiding?  Why is she not talking about this crime against humanity?  Even Hamas that controls Gaza that she was crying for has called Assad out for his crimes.  Here, read her chest beating blog:  //