The Evolution of IRI's Distraction Tactics


by Onlyiran

Have you noticed how IRI mouthpieces have evolved in the past couple of years?  Have you seen all the talk about the MEK on IC?  From Trita Parsi to the average IRI supporter on IC is talking about the MEK today.  Blogs, reports, etc.  And how about talk of war, the old, reliable scare tactic?  Here’s one of their people predicting an imminent attack by April 1, 2008.  There’s one inescapable conclusion: distraction!

A couple of years ago, the Gaza flotilla incident was all the rage.  Blog after blog, crying for the eight Turks who died on the stunt ship to Gaza.  It had nothing to do with Iran.  But these so-called patriots, who are tearing themselves apart today warning us of the imminent “starvation” of Iranians and decrying sanctions, all of a sudden became the Gaza News Network, reporting minute by minute details of what was happening on the Gaza bound ship(s), crying for Palestine, etc., as if Israel ‘pedar va madareshoon ro koshteh bood’ as we say in Farsi. 

But now that things have quieted down in Palestine a bit, they’re trying to find another way of distracting from the oppression in Iran.  It’s all about distraction, distraction and more distraction.  It’s also about creating an imaginary enemy that the great IRI could “fight” in order to keep the desperate and vulnerable Iranian population safe.  Think about it, have you ever known of a period in the past 33 years where the IRI didn’t claim to be in danger of imminent attack and / or conspiracy by someone?

But the talk of war is getting kind of cliché, and they know that the U.S. is not going to attack anytime soon.  And after all the sky is falling, 'we’ll be attacked tomorrow' nonsense has lost its lure because of all the crying wolf type hysteria.  So, what is left in IRI’s scare tactic arsenal?  The good ol’ MEK.  A bunch of homeless geriatric patients who are confined to some camp in Iraq.  Yes, folks.  These are the most imminent threat against Iran now.  They will attack Iran, defeat hundreds of thousands of well armed IRGC and Basij goons (not to mention Iran’s regular armed forces), establish a Marxist state and put Israel in charge!  How ridiculous!  Have you people even thought about how stupid and ridiculous you sound? 

Give us a break already with the propaganda and the scare tactics!       


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good one

by MRX1 on

I notcied it too. if it's not joooos and palesrine, its MKO! Apparently couple of thousend mid aged men in some camp in Iraq are a match for 100000 sepahi and basiji goons!


Only Iran

by Simorgh5555 on

Very good blod. The IR is running out of bogeymen by which it can distract its attention from the years of mass murder, rape, imprisonment and destruction of Iran's national heritage.
When all esle fails, its good to know that the MEK are still around to fill the shoes of its arch enemy Israel. This is a sheer act of desperation and unfortunately many of what use to be sensible members of the opposition have also swallowed thr bait.
The most dangerous of all the IR's mouthpiece has to be Trita Parsi and his organisation of phoney discredited Iranians. NIAC has for years tried to give the IR the gloss of respectability but thanks to people like Hasan Dai these fools have been exposed. Not even NIAC would be stupid enough to openly declare its support for IR but it is evident in its advocacy for appeasement, or 'peace' without any preconditions. Human Rights is only an afterthought for NIAC. It has never intended to even embrace human rights but were forced into it as part of another thin veneer to disguise their unquestionable loyalty to the IR.


Great Truth in your Blog

by Azarbanoo on

Thanks for writing.